New Project Reveal

Remember these two treasures found.  I said I had a vision for both of these lovelies! My vision was to incorporate these pieces into a new kitchen island.

My vision originally was to use this frame for the top of the island.  That did not work so instead we framed out the french pastry sign for the front of the island.

I think it looks pretty good on the front of the island framing out the french sign.

Terry used wood he had and we bought a six panel in stock door from Home Depot for the sides of the island.  Used left over molding from the remodel of the basement.
Found these stools on a resale site.

I would have loved to have found an old vintage door for the sides but no luck. So the in stock door was the solution.  Terry used moldings for the top and bottom to frame the island.

Here we go.  Here is the new Island painted pretty.

I love this old french stenciled sign for the front of the island framed out with the old vintage frame.  It is hard to see in the picture but the detail to the old frame is still there even with painting it white.

The backside of the island is open so the ladder back chairs can fit under there.  Plenty of leg room for us to sit comfortably at the island.

Great story about these Ballard chairs.  I went to 5 yes 5 different Home Goods stores, Pier One and a few furniture stores looking for the perfect stools for this island.  Could not find what I wanted.  They were too dark or too big etc.

Then I found these stools on Ballards and put them in my cart.  They were on sale for $125 each plus a $20 dollar surcharge for shipping.  We had to leave for a family outing so I left them in the cart to finish my transaction later that evening when I would return home. 

In the meantime I was fooling around on my phone at a resale place and OMG found these exact two stools from Ballards being sold on this site for $50 for the set.  I emailed the girl selling them and found out she only lived 15 minutes from me and she also said she would take my offer of $20 each. 

What a score and I saved myself so much money.  Terry could not believe that they were the same chairs from Ballards.  When we picked them up sure enough they had the Ballard tags still on the legs of the chairs.  SCORE!!!! 

They were in the dark wood as you could see above in the before picks and a little too high but some paint and Terry and his mighty tools to shorten them we had a win win on these stools.

Now the new island ties into the butcher block counters in the kitchen.  Makes the two rooms feel as one now.

Taking a crusty old frame and a pretty stenciled french pastry shop sign along with some left over wood and trims and you can imagine and create a beautiful island.

I have to give a big thank you to my hubby Terry and his amazing tools.  He took my vision and made it come to life.

Now we can sit and have coffee in the morning at this sweet island.

Wishing all of you a wonderful start to the new week.
Yeah!  for February.
Love that it is a short month and then we can slide on into March and hopefully an early spring!


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  1. Kris, that is ingenious! You two are home decor wizards!

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  2. Oh my GOSH, Kris - that is amazing on so many levels I don't know what to say first!!!

    OK - first - wow, it looks amazing, and so perfectly you and so cohesive to the rest of the spaces - AAA+++

    Second - the deal you got?!!? Is that serendipity or WHAT? I couldn't be happier for you both, and it couldn't have happened to a sweeter gal. Good things come back to us. It was your turn. ♥

    Well done, love this post - it's inspiring and unique and just plain awesome sauce.

    Sorry I have been so MIA - it seems that's the way of it for me these days. Glad to have done a post though, and a reminder of how much I care about my blogging pals. Hugs and smiles. ♥♥

  3. Oh my you two totally amaze me at what you can dream up and Terry can build. I love it. So pretty.

  4. It looks beautiful! You and your husband are two of the most creative people! I would love to go shopping with you. You're a "great find" magnet. Have a good week.

  5. WOW Kris!! You guys are amazing. That turned out so wonderful and what a bargain for the stools!

  6. Kris!!!! That turned out fantastic! What a treasure. I loved the chairs you had in there and the setup but I like this better because it make it look a whole lot bigger in there. A perfect spot to sit with a cup of coffee or a Diet Coke and enjoy the day. Love it- You two make an amazing team. xo Diana

  7. Seriously, this is just gorgeous!!

  8. What a wonderful idea, Kris, it's perfect! those chairs are Heaven Sent, and I love your new cottage kitchen!

  9. This is so pretty Kris. Your husband is an amazing artist. The two of you create the best stuff! Love everything about your kitchen.


  10. Kris, Your new island is awesome. I love the way it's made and the chairs can fit under. Plus what a great find on those chairs. Crazy good. Terry is a great wood worker. Oh yes, I am ready for Spring to be show us some signs. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  11. Oh my goodness, Kris, I just don't have sufficient words for your new island. We've wandered through a few local furniture stores lately and I haven't seen anything this pretty or creative. What a team you two are! The island and your kitchen together are ready for a magazine shoot right now. I think it's time for you to write your own design book.

  12. OMG, I LOVE this island. It's amazing. I just ordered a very similar stencil for my shop. My plans are to make it similar to what you did, how weird. Gorgeous job


  13. OMGoodness, Kris! This might be my very favorite of all your projects. It's cute, functional, and fits your space perfectly!!!! I think you're an evil genius!!!!

  14. Wow!! This looks amazing, Kris! It looks like the perfect use of space and what a beautiful piece. You and Terry truly inspire me like no other. Hope your week is off to a great start.

  15. Great eye Kris, this looks amazing!!

  16. This is gorgeous and what a great find on the stools. Love when that happens. xo Laura

  17. What a great job you both did! I love the French sign and the white painted frame. Just perfect.

  18. As always, I'm very impressed! I never would have thought to use a panel door for the sides! It sure turned out beautifully! And what luck you had on the barstools!!! That was fate at work. :) Oh, and I really love the basket holding the flowers on your door. So pretty!

  19. I absolutely love your new island. Perfect use of your project pieces. The use of the paneled door for the sides reminds me of a hope chest my father and I built years ago. We used scrap pieces of walnut flooring I found at the HH ReStore store for the front and a taller solid wood cabinet door cut in half for the sides. Some scrapped solid wood trim also found at HH and I have a keepsake build and tons of memories of working on it with my daddy. Using left overs and repurposing things is so fun. You two are the gurus of this type of project. Your vision and Terry's skills.

  20. WOW! That island is everything!!!! And you are so lucky to have such a talented "handyman". What a score on the stools too! xo

  21. YOU DID IT. I KNEW IT! I knew you would. Kris, that space is perfect for this. This is not only beautiful but more functional. You have mastered the art of getting the maximum effect and functionality out of the minimal amount of space. YAHOOO! Everything worked out so well!

  22. OH MY. What a beautiful job you two did on this piece. It came together beautifully and looks wonderful in the space! Great work!

  23. Oh my oh my! K-r-I-s! It's perfection! I've been waiting for this post and it didn't disappoint! Great job, Terry! And to find the stools for such a great price! So jealous! I love the French sign framed out on front. I think this is probably better than what you first had in mind. Love it!!!

  24. Good Morning Kris
    Wow, I am amazed at your creativity. You and Terry are quite the team on redoing things. This is just gorgeous. Love love love it. Love the opening in the back, love the frame, I just love it. You are simply the queen at redoing something***

  25. So beautiful Kris. You have outdone yourself. Love your creative thinking. The project island is gorgeous. Hugs, Linda

  26. Kris, I knew it would be fantastic, as only you and your tool man could make it, but it is + gorgeous. What a great spot for it and so much more creative than a plain old table and chairs. I love that sign. Everything is falling into place and looking just right..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  27. That is pure genius! I never would have envisioned the frame and chalkboard sign as an island. In fact, I was convinced you were making a coffee table. ha ha Great story about the chairs too, Kris! Your island is perfect for this space and what a conversation piece with the framed French chalkboard sign on the front!

  28. DANG! You two are incredible, Kris! What a deal, what a deal, and how great it all looks in the space where you had the chairs before! That is a really great before and after. Really!

  29. You are without a doubt an interior design wizard, Kris!!! That island is spectacular....and oh my gosh what a deal on the stools!! Love your home, it's completely charming - you have a fabulous style!

  30. I LOVE the look!!! Great mix of items!

  31. Wow Kris!! What a gorgeous transformation!! I want to be like you when I grow up! Lol 💕

  32. Love the look!!! What a deal on the stools.

  33. Your projects never cease to amaze me. Keep it up!

  34. This is amazing Kris. I posted to share with my husband. I absolutely love it! Three Cheers for Kris and Terry!!!

  35. Home run with this one Kris! It's so unique and functional and looks perfect. I think you're having a blast decorating your space, but probably not as much as your readers are having!


  36. Wow what a thrifter you are to find the 2 bar stools...Its really looks great. Now if only Terry gave carpenter classes I'd sign Chaz right up for them!

  37. Wow, you guys are incredible! This island is beautiful. You are so lucky your husband is handy with tools and can make beautiful things. And great job on finding those Ballard stools online for such a great price!

  38. I love the way this piece turned out with the framed art on the front. Maybe a happy accident that the frame didn't work on the top. Yet another stunning piece from the talented Junk Chic Duo.

  39. Good morning Kris,
    Our streets look like a slush drink, freezing rain! Hope you have sunshine today. Fantastic score on the Ballard stools and I cracked up that you still got her to drop the price!!!! The island looks pretty and although I looked carefully I could not tell if Terry put on wheels with brakes for the availability of cozying it up to provide additional counter when you are preparing a special meal. Lovely repurposing mon amie.

  40. I LOVE your island, Kris! It's so gorgeous! Terry did such an amazing job again. He's such a talented cabinet maker. Wow, what a great deal you got on those pretty stools. They look wonderful after the paint job and the height adjustment. Enjoy your beautiful new kitchen pieces!

  41. What a fantastic idea! You and Terry need your own home improvement show.

  42. Brilliant Kris - love seeing how Terry made your dream come true building your Island, frame, chalkboard and your great find painted/height change for the two chairs. Hugs.

  43. The room is a wow and so is your island. You guys are so creative...and thrifty! What a deal on those chairs! I have no doubt that I will soon see your pretty kitchen in a magazine. I'm on the lookout now! xo

  44. Love your new island, Kris!! Great job to you and Terry!
    Hugs, Jody

  45. It is gorgeous! What a beautiful idea!

  46. Super renovating on your kitchen .... I love the french stenciled sign that you used for the front of your island...SO CREATIVE. Isn’t it amazing what you can do with a little imagination. Your kitchen is absolutely charming.

  47. What a handy island/table. I see it looks like it is on wheels, making it even more versatile. Such a beautiful solution for a small kitchen. I'm sure you are going to love this...forever!

  48. You two are totally amazing!!!....I was wondering what you will be doing with that sign...I LOVE it!...and congrats on those stools...good thing the others stayed in your "cart"....Bravo....amazing job!!!

  49. This is what we call team work! You two really know how to transform, create and execute your visions. Love it all and I agree with Kim, this is a magazine photo shoot!

  50. Ok, you two should do this for a living, seriously! What an incredible vision come to life. Now I'm wanting me some butcher block countertops! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home (hunkering down for the storm!)

  51. Hi Kris! Your island - oh my gosh, so fsntastic! I don't know how you & Terry do what you do, but you two hit the wow button every time. Incredible deal on the stools too. Jane

  52. You and Terry amaze me - your vision and his skills.

    Maybe you and Terry should start a tv show like Chip and Jo

  53. Oh my gosh I love how this turned out! What a great vision you had for this. I like those seats you found too- they-re perfect!

  54. You definitely created a one of a kind piece! I love how it turned out for you. Very inspiring project. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

  55. Kris, your island is so fabulous! It is all pretty and white and blends in well with your pretty kitchen. Great vision you have. The bar stools are such a win! Imagine that and the lady living so close to you. You handy hubby is awesome as well. What a great team you make. xo

  56. Hi, Kris. your new creation looks so cute in your kitchen! I also like what you did with the built-in at the end with the added moldings to make it look like an armoire or maybe it is your white armoire. Any way, it looks great! I have ours in our breakfast area, and that type of cabinet is so handy for a small house with no eat-in kitchen or designated dining room. xoxo Su

  57. Oh Kris, I love it! You and Terry really did an outstanding job on your island. What a great deal on your chairs. Enjoy them.


  58. Beautiful work! Love the vintage sign and lucky you, finding those chairs!

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  60. Oh my Kris you and hubby have worked your magic yet again! Love that island and the find of those stools is wonderful! I agree with the others.. you and hubby should have your own TV show... Kris's Junk Chic Cottage of course.... take an old drab place with dark colors and old dated stuff, and turn it into a wonderful white enchanting cottage. I would love to have you come work your magic on my 70's kitchen with dark brown cupboards (ugly) and old yellow formica (cracked) counter tops and ugly old brown tile floor! My dream is to have white cupboards and light counters and some sort of wood look flooring.... sigh.... I have the vision but not the resources or energy! It all looks so gorgeous. Hugs.. Marilyn

  61. You guys should be making the big bucks with some big design company! But you are probably having way too much fun for that. So clever and original!

  62. It is darling and so creative Kris! So very you!!

  63. I LOVE everything about this kitchen..the butcher block and the stools..exquisite! The decor..beautiful!!!!

  64. Kris, you and Terry are the ultimate team. I truly love everything you create together.
    Thank you for sharing at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I'm delighted to be featuring you at tonight's party on Shabby Art Boutique and pinning too!
    Hugs xxx

  65. Oh, my goodness, Kris, this is beyond gorgeous! What vision you had for the sign and frame, and of course with your precious hubby to make it all come true it had to be a winner. Wow! Perfection with those stools. I just love how you're transforming this sweet cottage. Well done! Hugs.

  66. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much and good idea on site.


  67. What a great piece. Your husband is so talented. I love the front. Perfect.

  68. Oh, my, what a great vision you had with the frame and stenciled board! And your husband is amazing... It's sometimes difficult to explain to someone what our vision is...

  69. Love how your island turned out Kris! Hubby's are the best!

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