Welcome Home

Hi Everyone.

I wanted to share some of my trip to Michigan.  We visited the south western part of Michigan.  Little quaint towns along the coast of Lake Michigan.

Terry and I love this area and continue to make trips to this area.  It is about 2 hours from our home here Illinois.

The beach towns have lots of cute shops and wonderful restaurants.

This area is where one of my favorite shops is called the Found Cottage.

Not only is there the Found Cottage but about 6 more wonderful shops in the area.  There are also lots of antique shops along the routes too.

I am going to list a few of the shops and show some pics of the shops for you to see.  Warning this is a long post.

I found lots of treasures to bring home.  Our car was packed with only a few inches to spare lol!

This is the back hatch open of our SUV.  Yep we have three chairs, a coffee table, a couple of large art pieces and many more smaller treasures.  That car was packed.

Here is a side view.  As you can see there is stuff all the way to the ceiling of the car.  I think poor Terry thought if I bought one more thing he would have to be riding on the roof of the car in one of the chairs we purchased like the Beverly Hillbillies!!!!!

Here are some of my favorite shops that I found lots of great treasures.

I will start with my favorite shop.  The Found Cottage.

Look at that great piece of chippy loveliness!

Love these cute mitten pillows.  I grew up in Michigan and loved that my home state was shaped like a mitten.

I love all the beautiful and inspirational signs like this one.  I actually found a great one that came home with me that I will share with you on my reveal of the living room.

The next shop after The Found Cottage was the Artisan Market.  This is a brand new shop that is under renovation.  They are adding a cafe along with a  dozen or so more vendors.  This is going to be a great place in the next few months when all the renovations are done.

Next was Cheryl's Cottage Home Shop.  Cheryl sells a lot of clothing but also has  eclectic home and garden items.

Next up was The Painted Farm Girl.  Don't you love this old vintage truck.  It was parked out front of the shop.

Sorry about the quality of the pics they were all taken from my cell and with the funky lighting in a lot of these shops it was hard to get a picture without a lot of glare.
The Painted Farm Girl's shop has a lot of farm house decor items along with garden items and unique furniture items.

A lot of the furniture in her shop is re loved from other pieces into new pieces of furniture.

Next on the route was the Rustic Corner.  What a great shop.  Full of cottage, farmhouse and shabby chic decor.

The Re Inspired Treasures is another one of those shops that when I walked in I could feel my heart beat just a little bit faster!  So many unique items.  I did a little shopping damage in this store!!!!

I took Terry to this fun place to eat right across the street from Re Inspired Treasures.  It is named The Old Goat.  You can see the goat on the top of the building.  There is a lot of home grown spices and greens up on that roof.

The inside of the cafe is eclectic and just gives off a fun vibe.  The old goat uses only locally grown produce and they have local cultures from the area influence the foods they prepare.  Every day they have different choices on the menu along with the usual favorites.

Terry had one of the best hamburgers he said he has ever had.  The bun was homemade and the burger had pickled onions along with a pepper jelly and several spices and two types of cheese.  He said the flavors all together were so yummy.

I had one of the favorites from the menu.  The pierogi's.  These are made fresh daily from three polish women that live in this area.  I have to say they were soooooo good.

Just a great little place to have lunch.

I like to eat at the local places like this when I go on vacation.  I try to avoid the chain restaurants.

We had the best time this past week.  The weather was beautiful everyday.  It was so nice to come back to the cottage at the end of the day and enjoy the spa hot tub under the stars and trees.

The little cottage called the Quaint Cottage was so charming and romantic.  Such a wonderful place to unwind and relax.

So if you are ever in that area of South Western Michigan you must stop in these cute towns along the coast of Lake Michigan.

Some of the towns we visited were South Haven, Grand Haven, Holland, Hudsonville and Grand Rapids.  All these towns are within a 10 to 20 minute drive from each other.  The beaches were quiet and so pretty.  Their season really starts the first part of May.  So it was nice to not have crowds to deal with.

Thanks for hanging in there with this long post.
My slipcovers are on their way.  Yeah then I can show you the reveal of the living room changes.

Have a great weekend.

I have said this so many times,  some of our hearts that meet in blog land unite in a magical way.
I have found some wonderful friendships during my time of blogging.  I love that you can really come to know someone through written communications and sharing stories of our lives. 

  With this said I received a very special gift from a blogger that has become a great friend and soul sister.  We were born only a few days apart back in April of 1958.  We both are turning the page to a new decade of turning 60 and new adventures.

Anita sent me this very special gift and beautiful card.  It was wrapped in beautiful tulle with sweet flower petals.  The beautiful card was designed from a watercolor painting of Anita by a german artist and blogger friend.

This gift was just  magical to open.

Anita knows my love of angels and she gifted me this one.  Anita also gave me permission to paint her white!!! I will have to keep her for awhile and then I will know if I will paint her or keep her just the way she is.

Her sweet curls and beautiful wings make my me smile.  Thank you sweet friend for sharing your friendship and heart with me always.


  1. Magic, magic, pure magic. Lakeside shoppes filled with treasures, a darling restaurant, THE OLD GOAT! LOL!!!!!! That is way too darling....I feel like putting a goat on our roof now! LOL! And your trunk. I love it. This is how our old Honda Element (which I drive now) has been treated. Over the years, treasures, trees, trash, you name it, we've hauled it, and you have brought back Michigan to Illinois!!!!!!!!! Girl, you are gonna have fun. You are going to lift the veil and reveal some good design vibes to us!

    I am so happy that you enjoy little Angélique the angel. Paint her, leave her gold, put a spray of flowers behind her head, do as you wish. Remember me, and let the good times of blogging friendships always fill your soul, as they do mine.

    Happy 60th....look out world, here we are, Kris and ME!

  2. Kris, You need a bigger car !!! :):) I love the way you shop. All the shops had so many nice things....I am coming back and looking at this post again. I am so happy that you and Terry had a fun time away on your mini vacation. You deserve it. You are both such hard workers. I would love to eat at that place, The Old Goat. Sounds so good to me. So nice to get gifts, Love the angel.I don't think anyone who knows how you love white would be offended if you painted a gift. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I would have went crazy at all those stores. Hubby would have wanted to take that old truck home. HA! HA!

  4. This sounds like a fun trip!! I never get to shop on little trips because my husband doesn't like to. Well sometimes he'll give me 20 minutes but he doesn't get that isn't long enough!! :) You found some wonderful treasures and shops.

  5. What fun! I love those shops!!! Glad you had such a good time and managed to bring Terry home safely to boot ;) xoxox

  6. I just love South Haven. I'm glad you had a good time and picked up lots of treasures. What a nice trip you had. Kris, have you ever gone to the Elkhorn Antiques Flea Market in Elkhorn, Wisconsin? It will be coming up this May and isn't too far from home. I bet you'll find lots of treasures. We go every summer.

    1. LOL I love Elkhorn. It is only about an hour from our home here in Illinois. We go when it fall on a Sunday we do not have anything else going. I love that flea market the best of any I have been too.

      Happy Saturday.



  7. What wonderful shops. I grew up in Michigan too. I lived in Hell, Mi about 35 miles from Ann Arbor. What a sweet gift you received.

  8. OMG Kris, The shops are amazing! You must have had the best time. There are so many treasures and it's wonderful that you brought some of them home. Cute, small sea side towns are my favorites. Lovely small restaurants and shops are so much better than chains.
    How sweet of Anita to send you that angel for your collection.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Brian and I like taking weekend trips a few hours away from home, especially for our anniversary (Sept). We've been to St Joseph, but not any further than that. I looked on Google maps and the area you went to is about 3-1/2 hours from our house. Not too bad - I will keep this area in mind. The shopping looks absolutely fantastic! I'm afraid I'd do do some damage in Re-inspired Treasures, too. :-)

  10. OMG what amazing shops! I can see why your car was so full....I would have been riding on the top in a chair for sure!!! LOL I'm so glad you guys had a great time and had a chance to relax and get away from the every day hectic rush. You have such a sweet friend to gift you with such a pretty angel :o)

  11. Oh MY! I saw so many things I would love! Beautiful shops and jam packed with white loveliness!!! The angel is darling! I'm sure you will enjoy her!xx

  12. What a great trip! I love all the stores you shared. Did you have a favorite? So happy you enjoyed your birthday. I know it's pretty in Chicago today because I just watched the Cubbies trounce the Brewers although it looks cold the way everyone's dressed! ;P

    Ricki Jill

  13. Kris, what a fun trip you had! I can see why that first shop is your favorite. :) I have that round chippy disc on the chair. Love that chalkware chicken. I am pinning, in case I ever get in this area. What a sweet gift from Anita!

  14. Kris those look like some fabulous places to treasure hunt!!

  15. Judging by the treasures you had in your vehicle I can see you had a great time! I’m amazed of all the stores you have found! Was there any tulips/daffodils blooming in Holland? I want to get down there and visit again. Looking forward to the reveal of your living room!

  16. Atta girl - load that truck up and pack it to the gills! Love that your trip was so much fun, and that Terry shared that fun with you. The shops looked terrific. We are now home from our trip too, and I am decompressing today.

  17. Kris, you found some wonderful treasures! I can't wait until you show us what you bought and how you use them in your home. The angel that Anita sent you is just precious. You will always remember your friendship when you see her. xoxo

  18. You scored big time Kris! I could practically feel your excitement in this post...the discoveries of those fabulous shops, the great food, and reveling in the beautiful weather. Sooooo glad Mother Nature cooperated!

  19. I know Lisa is working on your slipcovers! I am currently preparing my templates for yet another slipcover from her, for another Queen Anne Wing Back chair and she told me she was almost finished with yours! Thanks for introducing her creativity to me (us!):-)
    One day I, too, hope to get to The Found Cottage (and the other lovely places you mentioned) and meet in person LizMarie and Abby. I just missed meeting Abby & Otto (and Joe) (@adventuresinabbyland on IG) at the Nashville Country Living Fair:-/

    1. Mary how great Lisa is making you another slipcover. I love her work. Slipcovers are becoming so expensive but so worth it since you can wash them and I love the feel they give to a chair or couch etc. You will have to send me a pic after you get your slipcover from Lisa. I am happy she is getting business from seeing my slips on my blog. I love to support small business peeps especially women. Lisa is a sweetheart and so kind to and caring. Love her.

      Have a great Sunday Mary.



  20. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! Those shops are fantastic! I could get lost in all the cool junk forever! Can't wait to see what you had packed in your car and your living room reveal! Sweet angel from Anita! How thoughtful! Have a happy Sunday! Hugs!��

  21. Good Morning Kris
    What a fun post* I loved seeing all those sweet shops. I wish we had shops like that around here. Looks like your vacation was magical. Your friend Anita really knows how to wrap a gift. How fun to have tulle and rose petals in the wrapping. Fun* have a great day today Kris

  22. I'm so happy you had a relaxing and super treasure hunting trip. I saw a few items I would have loved.

    The haul is large but it seems Terry had a crack to through the back.☺

    I'm with you, when we used to go away we always hit local places for meals that used in house and local produce.

    What a sweet gift to receive, such a keeper. Painted or not it's perfect

    Enjoy your Sunday


  23. Thanks for sharing with US these beautiful and stunning shops. I love all the items

  24. Kris, it appears that you had a beautiful birthday - so well deserved by such a beautiful lady. About 7 or 8 years ago I took a similar trip from Racine to SW Michigan and also came home with many treasures. (I've since put my shopping days behind me and am now in a phase of minimizing purchases and clearing out. Because my daughters are out-of-state I hate to think of their having to handle everything after the Grim Reaper comes calling. Not that I'm that old or that dark and somber. I have no fear of "the end" since I've led a beautifully fulfilled life. It's just want to take my time and get 'er done without driving myself to total exhaustion.) Now why did I get off on this tangent? I simply want to let you know, once again, how much I look forward to your posts and admire your decor taste. Keep 'em coming.

  25. Kris, you have just been on my idea of a great vacation. Small, quaint towns, great shopping and a car full of bounty to come home with. You know how to do it right. Those are the kinds of shops that I love, full of inspiration and so many choices. What a beautiful gift from your friend. It is funny how we get to know other people without ever meeting in person. It is a gift in itself. I know your birthday was wonderful and I'm so glad. I have to laugh to see your date of birth. I was just a baby then too, even though I had been out of highschool for one year!! Here's to many more years for both of us..xxoJudy

  26. What a perfect angel gift! Love sweet surprises like that. I'm glad your trip was a success. How fun to go to all those shops and Terry's hamburger sounds amazing! Now I'm hungry. :)

  27. What a fun trip. I really want to get up to The Found Cottage but it's hike for me.

  28. Your time there sounds wonderful! Thank you for sharing the wonderful shops and their treasures inside... hum.m.m..m. I wonder which ones came home with you???? Anita was sweet to give you the angel and painting. The cottage you stayed in sounds magical! Hugs.. Marilyn

  29. I saw so many wonderful items in those pictures! I am glad I was not there!! I would be broke!

  30. Oh my gosh I would have had a field day at all those great shops! My husband works in St. Joseph, MI so we've explored South Haven, Saugatuck, Grand Haven and Holland a bit. But with three kids in tow the shopping was not what it could have been lol....Saugatuck Brewing Company is a nice place to visit for lunch or dinner and it's right next door to a huge vintage/junk emporium! glad you had such a good time:) xo Kathleen

  31. Kris,
    What a lovely trip. I have been to Holland and my great uncle lived in Grand Rapids, but this was long, long ago that I have visited. I do remember Holland, it was lovely.
    The gift is beautiful, blog friends are so very special. I am thankful for each one!
    Have a great week,

  32. Kris,
    WOW!! What great shops you shared here with us today!! Your gift is lovely and I can't wait to see what you do with the treasures that your scored on your trip!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to comment. I also have to tell you that I chuckled when I read the part about the Beverly Hillbillies!! LOL!!

  33. Thanks for taking us along on your fun vacation, Kris! Great shops! I love that restaurant y'all ate at, too. So much better than the chains! And what a lovely package your friend, Anita gave you! That angel is adorable and the card is lovely and so unique!

    And thanks for using a bit of self-control so Terry could stay in the car! lol

  34. What a fabulous trip!! Those shops are wonderful. Maybe I will get my hubby to go there with me. You will have such fun decorating with your treasures!

  35. Oh Kris, I’m playing catch up here, yes Liz Marie and here partners Found cottage I’m sure was quite the shop to find some found pieces.
    It looks like you had the best time.
    Enjoy your treasures.