Best Nursery Flowers

A lot of you have emailed me asking me where I get my beautiful annuals each year.  

I have been using the same nursery for almost 25 years.  

The nursery I use is close to our first home where we lived for over 20 years and raise our daughters.  That is where my love of flowers began and this nursery never disappoints with the quality of their very own grown plants and flowers.

As you can see the selection is great and the colors are stunning.

As we moved further north with the next few homes,  I would still make the drive down each Spring to get my flowers.  So worth the ride.
There selection of beautiful annuals and perennials is amazing.

The gift shop inside is pretty amazing too.  Lots of unique garden decor.

I wish I had a sweet space in my garden for this pretty flower cart. 

In the back ground you can see how small the hanging baskets are in the Spring right when they open up the nursery.  With lots of love and good flower food they will grow.  They get such a great start with this nursery.

This is about the size they are in May when I start to purchase them for my garden.  Once you get them home and love on them and feed them they will triple in size.

Sunshine and lots of sweet love these beautiful hanging baskets will fill in quickly.

Who doesn't need a Cinderella Coach in their secret garden?!!

Or perhaps a statue for your garden.

Every Girl needs a sweet purse with flowers in it for the garden.

The colors are so vibrant.

In the fall they have a sweet little petty zoo and pumpkin farm for the kids.  It starts in September.  I take my two grand girls and they love it.
I am so happy with the Hydrangea's I planted.  This is the first time I have planted them.  I have always loved seeing the pretty bushes in other peeps yards.  So this is so exciting for me to finally have some of my own.

I love the pretty blue color.

This is my first clippings.  Don't you love to go out into your garden and clip flowers to bring inside.
My flower boxes out front are doing very well.  Everything if filling is so full already.

With all the rain we have had my poor hanging petunia's have taken a beating.  I have been dead heading and trying to dry them out.  I am hoping with the hot temps and sunshine expected this weekend it will help.

The flowers I put in my chippy planter on the deck are thriving.  The vines are growing like crazy.  They love all this rain we have had.

 I am getting really vibrant colors this year with my flowers.  I am trying a new Miracle Grow bloom and color booster feed and it seems to be working.

When I took the girls to Morris the town with cute shops the other day,  I found this cute Bloom pillow for my lounger.

Every summer girl needs a sweet lounger to read and soak up the sun. 
Lisa Harmon (Fabric 8 Slipcovers)  that sews my white indoor slipcovers has a sweet mom that sewed this lounge chair cover for me. I tell you those two are sewing diva's.  Both are sweet angels and I am so happy they are willing to sew pretty slipcovers for me.  I wish I could sew but that is not in my DNA!!!! 

Karen did the best job on making this slipcover for my favorite lounge chair. Thank you sweet Karen.

I hoped to have pictures of the "Dungeon" Re Love for you but with the rain this past week Terry and I did not get too much done on that space. 

He put on two coats of the paint and the rain moved in and washed most of it off.  He is repairing some cracks and will attempt to paint again this week end.  I have some ideas on what I will do to decorate the "Dungeon" space.  Hope to show you this after the weekend.

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.


  1. What a wonderful nursery....even the gift shop is incredible!!! You certainly have a green thumb, your blooms always look so beautiful!!! I absolutely LOVE your sweet lounge chair too :o)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. That looks like an amazing nursery! Your flowers look so beautiful.

  3. Beautiful flowers and a fabulous nursery! I just visited one of my faves this morning, and their huge baskets were but one get one. Super deal! Looking forward to seeing the dungeon all beautified. Jane

  4. My kind of place! Your favorite garden center reminds me a lot of the one I go to down where I grew up (3 1/2 hrs away) but sadly I didn't make it there this year. I’m thankful for the many places locally that I can go to, but there’s always that string pulling at me to get to the one downstate. Have a great weekend and best wishes to your hubby for Father’s Day!

  5. Kris, I love all of the would be so hard to chose the colors. I do not blame you going back to the nursery that you love. Oh the hydrangeas are beautiful. I love the blue color. Blessings to all, happy father's day to Terry. xoxo, Susie

  6. OH MY. This is beautiful, Kris! You have a wonderful nursery...but your green thumb keeps them going. I am getting some of that Miracle Gro today.

  7. Your flowers are always amazing. Loved the metal flower cart and how cute were the purses.

    Have a super weekend


  8. Just today as I was watering my hanging plants I thought, "I must ask Kris, what if any, plant food she uses". We used to have a great Nursery to buy plants, now the only thing around for blooms is either Lowe's or Home Depot. We have a decent nursery for fruit trees and shrubs, but not the hanging annuals. As always, such an inspiration.

  9. Good morning sweet Kris! Don't these blooms just make your heart burst with happiness????? WOWSWERS, those hanging baskets are ready to BLOW OUT with color and they do already! My funny and sweet neighbor across the street knocked on the door one year when my inpatiens in the window boxes were taking over the planet; he knocks on the door, I open it, and he says, "Mornin', Ma'am. I'm from the city of Minneapolis and we understand you're using steroids on your flowers." He had me rolling because I knew what he meant....those flowers meant business!

    Your choices are lush. Those blue hydrangeas.....MERCY! I tried growing them once but I failed at feeding them to retain the blue. This year however, I'm being more diligent about feeding my rose climbers! Live, garden, and learn!

    Missing you. Let me know how you are!

  10. Beautiful! Even after pounding rain, your flowers are still gorgeous! I swear by Miracle Grow! My plants do much better with it! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the dungeon! Why can't basement stairways be cheerful too?😁 Have a great weekend, sweetie! Hugs!

  11. A good nursery is important! I can see why you make the drive each year. Spectacular...I'd love to go wander through it myself!
    All your flowers are looking so pretty! I need to try out the Miracle Grow bloom and color too. It's been hot and dry here so watering is frequent but so far so good! Thanks for sharing. I know you are as happy as can be getting to finally plant at your sweet cottage!
    Hugs, Cecilia

  12. Your flowers have been stunning each year, Kris. No wonder you go back to that nursery, even if it's a bit of a drive. You still must have a pretty green thumb to achieve such a gorgeous sea of blossom year after year.
    The slip cover is lovely and you've created such a wonderful outdoor space to read and relax.
    Have a happy weekend!
    xo Julia

  13. Wow Kris, your flowers are gorgeous. I can see why you drive to this lovely nursery. Not only flowers and plants, but very cute garden accessories. I would love to shop there too. xo

  14. Oh, Kris, your flowers are magnificent! When we find a good nursery we don't switch, right? When I lived in Columbus, OH I found one that is so much like yours, and every spring it was such a treat when they opened. I love to walk around nurseries for inspiration. A good nursery will do that -- inspire, I mean -- and yours certainly does. The hydrangeas look great, as do all your flowers. The lounger is so pretty, and I love your new pillow. Perfection! Have a great weekend, my friend. Hugs.

  15. Your flowers are looking so lush and lovely! The nursery I go to has a big gift shop too.

  16. What a garden center! I'd be in big trouble there. Your plants are gorgeous. We just moved into a small bungalow but I have good yard space. I just planted a new variety of hydrangea that changes color from light pink to a deep burgundy. It's suppose to have a longer blooming season. I'm anxious to see it in bloom but it may take a few years. Thank you for the posting, it brightened an already glorious day.

  17. We have a wonderful local nursery, Milaegers, here in Racine that looks much like yours. They also have a fabulous store featuring hundreds of gorgeous items plus a nice corner with delish sandwiches, homemade soups, salads, etc. You must stop by for a visit the next time you are traveling north. Give me a call and I will meet you there!

  18. Wow, Kris! That's some nursery. We have one that's *close* but not really. I think I could spend a lot of time and money at that shop. I don't have a green thumb at all, but with a start like that, I might be able to keep them alive all summer. Ha! Enjoy them in your beautiful backyard. So peaceful and pretty....xoxo

  19. Hi Kris,
    I would love to visit the nursery with you. What a great place! I can see they care about the plants and want to give customer's the best.
    We are having a round of storms today, Sunday and Monday. It is the chance of winds and hail that make me nervous. We already had hail three times, thankfully not a lot and just pea size.
    Have a great weekend,

  20. What a great nursery. Please share with your Illinois friend!

    Everything looks lovely as always, Kris!

    Jane x

  21. Kris*** I just love that garden center you get your gorgeous flowers from* we don't have garden centers here like that. You are surely lucky. I love all of your choices, everything is so pretty. Love your new pillow and can't wait to see your redo
    enjoy your weekend Kris

  22. Kris, I want to rent you to come and do some baskets for me. I have never seen anything like what you have. That nursery is spectacular. I would drive miles to see something like that. Have yet to find something that pretty in my area. Ten green thumbs up, dear friend..xxoJudy

  23. where is the nursery? I'm making a road trip

    1. LOL it is in Bolingbrook Illinois  Come next Spring as they are already sold out and picked over on so many pretties.

      Happy New Week.


  24. That nursery reminds me SO much of one we left behind in Massachusetts. People would drive from miles around to purchase their spring flowers, and they are only open for about six weeks a year. Their prices are amazing too. I think that’s one place I will miss.

    We’ve had rain too. We’ve decided we’re moving to Alaska lol.


  25. I’m green with envy, I have to walk on egg shells that I don’t kill what florals I plant, I stick to hardier shrubs, trees, Olive, cypress, boxwoods, lavender. It’s safer this way, Roses I’ve managed to care for them right. Kris you have always had the best patio decking planting’s and oh so beautiful.
    Enjoy your week ahead of you surrounded in garden beauty.

  26. I would want to spend a whole day in this nursery! Seriously, I would rather see it than a hit Broadway play. Everything is gorgeous but still I'm sure that the reason they are so beautiful in your garden is because you take such good care of them and they reward you with so many blossoms. I've sworn never to buy another basket of petunias. I deadhead them faithfully but they never droop over so gracefully as yours do. They just grow straight up, the stems getting uglier and uglier. What am I doing wrong, Kris?

    That slipcover! One would feel like a flower princess reclining on it. I bet you look ever so fetching relaxing on it with a good book.

    This was a treat!

  27. Is this by chance, the nursery on Old McHenry Rd and Quentin? If you could email me, I'd really appreciate it! :-)

  28. Wowza, Kris! The nursery looks like a place I could spend hours in. Your flowers are spectacular - you surely have two green thumbs!

  29. Good Morning Kris,
    Just like you I have been working in the gardens too, but your gardens have the refreshing blossoms which my heart craves. You know the sporadic weather, intense heat and challenging soil which we have in our region of Texas really pushes the nerves of a gardener.
    This garden center is exploding with flower love, creativity and talent! I certainly can see why you return time after time.
    These petunia baskets and window boxes are positively glorious as is your lounge and patio. Enjoy it all and I know you will!

  30. Hi Kris, what a nice nursery to get your flowers from and no wonder why yours looks so gorgeous. I love your garden and flowers and the slip cover is nice on your lounge chair. I know you will enjoy relaxing there for the summer.

  31. Kris, your pots are always gorgeous! Love your new pillow and that lounger is to die for! Beautiful Hydrangea! The gorgeous pink and blue ones do not do well here. I have to settle for others, not quite as gorgeous, but still pretty.

  32. Oh my... my hanging baskets have NEVER EVER EVER gotten that big and round and beautiful! They do well for awhile, and then they seem to start dying and drying out, even though I water them twice a day. I feed them too. I just don't understand it.. no matter what I put in them, they don't do well. That nursery you go to looks absolutely stunning and fun! I think you need that Cinderella carriage in your yard somewhere! Your colors are so vibrant and luxurious. All I can say is "wow"!!! hugs.. Marilyn

  33. You do have the best flowers. I love petunias but it gets too hot in Texas for summer blooms. I'm going to try the dead heading idea though to see if that helps. I bet the petting zoo is fun for your grands.


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