Peggy's Story

Many of you have asked me why Peggy has not been in any of my posts of late.  I am going to share Peggy's story with all of you.

This is so personal for me and I was not going to share it but now that some time has passed I feel I can share the story of this beautiful girl.

This is Peggy the day we picked her up from the Breeding Farm she was kept.  This is one of the biggest breeders of Basset Hounds in the midwest.  He has a large farm where he has set up breeding kennels for his dogs.  I am not a fan of these places and as I tell you Peggy's story you will see why I say this.

This is a picture of Peggy with my little grand daughter Charlotte when we first brought her home to live with us.  She loves kids.

Peggy made herself right at home with my whites lol!

She loved this white chair of mine.  It's all good since it is a washable slipcover!!! 

 Here is Peggy's story.  
Grab a frosty beverage this is a long story.

  After Cooper died a breeder contacted me through email saying he had a female basset hound he was breeding that he was ready to give up for adoption into a forever home.  

I was not sure I wanted to take on another dog after just losing Cooper and having so much going on in our life.   We were moving into the new house, renovations,  moving my mom up from Florida for her care and babysitting for my two granddaughters.  We had a lot going on!!!

The breeder was one that I contacted before we got Cooper.  I had heard that sometimes when his females are too old to breed anymore he is willing to place them in forever homes.  

 I had contacted him awhile back and at that time he did not have any females ready to go to a forever home.  So I let it go.  

Then Cooper came into our lives.  We loved him and gave him a great home until the cancer took him after only having him a year.  He was a lug of happiness and love for us.  Terry and I were devastated when we lost him.

A few months after we lost Cooper this breeder popped up in my email saying he had a female ready to be placed into a home.  He was inquiring if I was still looking.  

I thought ok maybe this is meant to be since I had contacted this guy over two years prior and nothing happened.  Now that Cooper had passed,   I get this email that this breeder has a female for us to consider.  Hmmmmm. 

  Even with our lives being busy,  I thought maybe this was meant to be too.  

After seeing her sweet face I knew we had to take the plunge again.

 So down we traveled to Indiana where this breeder lived.  The farm was big and clean but all I could see was long fenced kennels with little small dog shelters at the end of each run.  

Inside each run was a female basset hound.  Even with all the kennels being clean I felt a sadness for these beautiful dogs knowing nothing but being outdoors and bred for puppies.  

No human contact except when the breeder fed them or took them to breed.  

They all barked and wagged their tails at us and seemed happy.  I guess a happiness of not being miss treated and knowing nothing else in their lives.

We took Peggy home with us.  She was the smallest of all the females we saw.  

We have had several basset hounds over the years and this one seemed to be very small and skinny.  

The breeder said he was giving her up because he had tried to breed her a few times and each time the babies were still born or he just could not get her to go into heat anymore.  

So after all these problems with breeding Peggy the breeder did not want to care for her anymore.  Once they do not produce good puppies they are of no use to the breeder.   

I felt good about adopting Peggy and giving her a better life with us.

After taking Peggy to our Vet and having her examined we found out that she was under nourished because of having 10 really infected  bad teeth.  

That is why she was underweight.   Poor girl could not eat much.  Can you imagine having 10  really bad tooth aches!  

Made me sick and heart broken to hear this from our Vet.  We started with getting Peggy fixed.   Then the bigger and more extensive second surgery was to have the teeth removed and antibiotics given.  Peggy began to come around and gain some weight and feel better.  

The Vet said she probably was having still born liters because of being in such poor health with the teeth.  

I was outraged that this breeder with such a wonderful reputation did not know this about one of his females.  

It was obvious he did not pay attention to the health of his dogs.  

If he would have payed more attention to her health she probably would have given healthy puppies.  

I wrote him and told him all of this and what I thought of how careless and irresponsible he was to not pay more attention to the health of his dogs.

 After fixing Peggy up and getting her healthy again she became such a sweet and loving dog.  

The problem with Peggy as we would come to find out is that she needed a "Pack".  Peggy only knew living with other dogs and now she was just with Terry and I.  

Peggy would have major anxiety when I would leave her for even a short time.  I would come home and she would be a mess with how much stress and anxiety she would go through while I was away.  Made my heart break each time.

I talked to the Vet and she gave us some retraining things to do with Peggy to get her to not have as much anxiety when we had to leave her alone.  

We worked with her for months with nothing seeming to work.  The only other option was to  drug her with anti anxiety medications. 

 The side effects of these meds would not give her a good quality of life and she would be in a foggy  state of mind on these meds.  

I just could not bring myself to do this with her. I felt this fur angel had been through so much already.

I could take her with me when I would go down to babysit and go to most places,  but she did have to be home alone a lot during most days.  When I would go over to care for my mom I could not take her with.  Dogs were not allowed at the senior place my mom lived.  So we still had a big problem.

Our Vet is a wonderful caring vet and she said she felt that Peggy was a Pack dog.  She needed a pack and Terry and I were not enough of a pack for her.  

We had to make a big and hard decision.  We needed to find Peggy a new home with a pack of her own.  I have never ever had to give up a dog from our family.  Never Ever!!! So this was the hardest thing we were going to have to do.

I was talking about this with a good friend and she said her daughter and SIL and their three kids were looking to adopt a dog.  

After giving it some thought.    I felt maybe the kids would hopefully become her pack and she would have a better life free of anxiety and fear.  

We decided to adopt her out to this wonderful family.  I knew they were dog people and would give Peggy a loving home.  

That was not the hard part.  The hard part was giving her away.  Even when your head says this is the perfect solution for everyone,  my heart was breaking into a million pieces.  

So when the day came for them to come and pick up Peggy I could hardly keep it together knowing this was goodbye.  

I felt like I was giving up one of my children.  Peggy immediately  bonded with the kids and they were so excited to have Peggy going home with them.  

As they drove down the street I watched the car drive away.  I felt like I was in a dream.  I wanted to run down the street yelling wait give her back I made a big mistake!!!

  My heart was breaking into a million pieces.  Terry and I both cried as we saw the car drive away.

Later that day I got this picture with one of the boys and Peggy already bonding.  It was a good thing for my broken heart to see.
Peggy was bonding with her new family and pack.

Then a few days after the picture came through they sent me this video of her playing and adjusting to her new pack.  My heart began to feel less broken and I could see we did the right thing for Peggy.  She now has her pack and is loving her life.

Peggy has not had any anxiety with her new family like she had with us.   She is adjusting well.  She is happy and loving her new home.

I learned from this life lesson that our purpose was to save her from starvation and poor health and to get her ready for her forever home. 

Peggy was not meant to be our forever pup she needed a bigger forever pack to spend her life.

I can finally share this with all of you.  It took some time for me to be able to share this. 

While it is a heartwarming end for Peggy it was a heartbreaking journey for Terry and I. 

I now know that we did the right thing for everyone.

Our purpose in Peggy's life while short gave us love and taught us that sometimes the right thing to do is not the easy thing.

Peggy is in a great home and is so loved.  I get updates on her and I can actually laugh and smile now and not cry from missing her so much as her new family shares her life with us.

Terry and I miss having a dog.  We have always had a dog or two in our home.  So this has been a major adjustment for us. 

We have so many outside responsibilities in our life right now and hope someday when things calm down to be able to adopt another beautiful fur angel into our hearts and home.

That is the story of Peggy.  She is thriving in her new home.



  1. Oh this made me cry. I'm glad you were able to save Miss Peggy and get her to her forever home.

  2. Thank you for writing this. How hard this must have been for you and your husband. I am so glad that Peggy has a wonderful new home with the children.

  3. Oh you so Blessed Peggy in so many way with your unselfish love.

  4. oh dear peggy and what an inspiration you are!

  5. Dang ~ you made my 'allergies' flare up all of a sudden! Truly, you and Terry are angels ~ doing what was best for sweet Peggy so selflessly.
    Hugs to you both ~

  6. Oh Kris! I am sorry to hear how your heart broke, but glad to hear that Peggy is loving her new family. Sending hugs.

  7. Oh Kris, I have always known you to be a kind,compassionate person and Penny's story confirms it even more. I think there is saying about giving love wings to fly and Peggy got her wings! Thinking of you and your broken, but joyful heart. What a blessing you are to Peggy and her pack. Jane

  8. Kris, I am so sorry you had to give up your precious Peggy. I can only imagine how heart breaking that must have been?!?!? I am so glad to hear she is adjusting to her new pack quickly and is so happy now.

  9. I totally understand your pain about giving her up, but so glad it had a good ending. I was told years ago when we got our Mandy that all dogs are different. Some like to be alone with just a couple of people around and there are other dogs that like a lot more people and a lot of attention. When we got our Mandy the kids were little and boy did they give her a lot of attention. As much as it hurts you did the right thing and you gave her a better life than she had with the breeder and you have her a great life with the family she has now.

  10. Oh my goodness... you were a stepping stone to Peggys's forever home and that probably saved her life. You made some hard decisions and I agree what a blessing you were for taking the time to get her healthy. What a sweet looking family she has now. Hugs, Sherry

  11. You are so right, you were brought into Peggy's life to save her and even though you couldn't give her a forever home with you, you gave her a forever home with another loving family. There is a special place in heaven for people who love dogs like you do! I am so glad to hear that Peggy is happy and that your heart is healing. You are an angel!


  12. Kris, I am crying for you. I can imagine what this did to you but you put Peggy's interest and wellbeing first and let her go where she'll be happiest. God used you and Terry to rescue her, to get her out of that place. Can you imagine how impatient some other person who adopted her might have been when she didn't do well being left alone? But she came to you and you saw her through medical care that she needed. And now she is not only with a good family, you will be able to know how she is doing in the future. Peggy is fine but it will take time for your heart to heal from missing that beautiful girl.

    As you know, we got BreeBree and James Mason from a breeder. Even though they were raised in a kennel attached to their house and the adults got quite a bit of attention and weren't caged up, still, adopting them at 5 and 7 years old was a huge challenge for them. They had never been part of the house and adapting to a house at that age was overwhelming for them for a long time. I'm torn two ways, I'm so glad we rescued them and yet I hate the thought of the years they were used just for breeding, even by kind people. We try to make it up to them now and they are so loving but there are times I just wish a stop could be put to breeding.

    It was the right time for you to rescue Peggy, just as it was for darling Cooper. But I hurt for the hole in your heart they left behind.

  13. Oh Kris, in some ways I do understand how you felt. We brought a sweet pup home (a rescue) and within a week had to take him back as he was sick and showing some signs of aggression we could not have around our girls nor our other dog at the time. I cried the entire way there and back! I am glad she was able to go to such a loving home, and only because you and Terry rescued her first.

  14. Sad for you, but happy for Peggy. What you did for her was wonderful. xo Laura

  15. I think it's wonderful that you took the time and money and emotion into this dog to bring her to where she is now. I must say I am not a fan of those breeders. You have a big heart.

  16. Kris, you know I think what you decided took great courage.

    I have been thinking about her often and you know you made the better choice for her.

    Posting this story also took courage. You have a heart of gold


  17. As hard as it was to give her up you did the right thing. I'm glad she found her pack. As for the breeder he's running a puppy mill and they don't care about the dog's health. They just want puppies they can sell. Puppy mills make me sick. A real breeder has the dogs in their homes and they love on the dogs. Bailey was basically from a mill and I fill like we rescued her.

  18. Oh Kris I am teary eyed just reading this. My heart hurts for you but what a true blessing you were for Peggy! You were her angels!

  19. Bless your sweet heart, Kris. You and Terry were a part of God's good plan for Peggy AND this precious family. What an amazing thing you all did, recognizing she needed a different situation in family life. I know God has the perfect pup for you two when the time is right. big hugs coming your way.

  20. Kris. I really have no words. I am so, so sorry for all of you. That poor pup suffered for so long and then you and Terry having to say goodbye to your little furry love. My heart just breaks. And yet, what a sweet and wonderful ending to the story. She truly needed you. I know that you must have a Peggy sized hole in your heart, but what a truly selfless and kind thing you have done for your pup and that family. Of course, knowing you, I am not surprised in the least. Big, big hugs to you both and I know when the time is right, the proper pup with find you. xoxo

  21. Kris - Well, you know I know this story inside out and I can tell you that the blessing on the other end of it has been a huge one. Peggy is SO loved and she sleeps with one of The Pack every night. She is such a big part of the kids' lives that it is like she was always there. Her new "mom" loves her just as much as you did and those two make great "napping companions" when the kids are gone. lol
    God bless you and Terry for taking care of that sweet, sweet girl and bless you even more for making the really hard decision to re-home her. Much love to you- xo Diana

  22. Kris,
    OMG!!! My heart broke for you when I read this story. I can only imagine how hard it was for you and Terry to give up this dog but you did do the right thing. You were there when she needed you to be there and now she has a wonderful life with her pack. I am sure you made that family so happy! But I can only imagine what you went through to get to this point to tell us this wonderful story. After we has to put our sweet Savanna down, we were so devastated that we have not gotten another dog. That will be 9 years now.... Maybe once I retire and have my knee surgery and am a bit more steady on my feet, we will consider getting another dog but a small dog...a really small dog....
    Hats off to you for doing the right thing even though it darn near killed you!!
    Sending huge hugs to both you and Terry!!!

  23. Dearest Kris, I agree with you that there is a purpose for everything. She was in your life for a while, and you were there for her to prepare her for another family. Having a pet neighbor recently lost her dog of 12 years and she shared her grief with me. She told me what her husband had said to her, that I found so wise and true: "You signed up for heartbreak 12 years ago when you got her." - Love is a heartbreaker, but its greatest attribute is to heal, to uplift and to cause us to grow. Peggy left something in you that no one can take away! Hugs to you dear friend.

  24. Kris, you are such a good person so I know you felt guilty and terribly sad when Peggy moved away. You did the right thing though, friend! You knew what she needed and you gave her that very thing. I hope your heart is feeling better.

    Now because I have both a dog and a cat, let me encourage you to consider a sweet cat. They are so much easier to care for.

  25. Although I love your posts I rarely comment but this required it. You both were such a blessing to Peggy.

  26. Oh, I'm so sorry that you and Terry had to go through this with Peggy. I hope too that you can find a furry friend to love on and enjoy. I'm glad Peggy has a new pack to run with.

  27. What a hard post this must have been for you to write. We sometimes don't know why we were put into a certain situation. This time you were an angel in Peggy's life ...just to care for her a little while until she could go to her forever family. I bet when the time is right there will be another furbaby.

  28. Dear Kris ~ What a sad story that turned happy in the end. You and Terry gave sweet Peggy the love & help she needed, then you let her go to a 'family pack' where she is no longer anxious. Your hearts are being healed as you see the happiness she is living in each and every day.

    Maybe there is another pooch to find their forever home with you two.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  29. You should contact the state rep for that area and report the "breeder". Include a statement from your vet on his conclusions about Peggys' condition. That is a puppy mill , not a responsible breeder. Don't be that kind of person to shirk your responsibility. I applaud you for wanting to help Peggy . What about the others? jd

  30. I know how hard this has been, but I also have a glimpse into all the responsibilities you have shouldered through the past couple of years. You & Terry have hearts of gold. Looking back, it was much like fosterting. I have a good friend who fosters continuously, being blessed, happy & sad over and over. It definitely takes special people, and you all have that in common. You're so very special!

  31. Oh Kris! I'm so sorry. I know how hard that decision was even if it was the right one. It warms my heart though to know you were able to get her healthy and then find the perfect home for her. You're right, doing the best thing isn't always the easiest. Sending you a big hug. You are a wonderful, caring person.

  32. Miss Peggy is a very lucky dog! You and Terry improved her overall health and gave her a loving home. You recognized her need for being in a "pack" and found her a good home with lots of people to love her. Puppy mills need to be shut down along with backyard breeders who don't take good care of their animals. That is how we got Riley and Jacob.

    1. Hi Donna,

      It is so sad that even the "good" breeders do not take care of their dogs like they should.  Just because you give them a clean kennel and good food does not mean you are caring for these animals the way you should.  Peggy is our case in point.  She was suffering with her bad teeth and he did not even know it.  All he cared about was his dogs producing good puppies.  If he would have been more attentive to Peggy and helped her she probably would have given wonderful puppies.  Just glad we could save her and fix her up so she now has a great new home.  I wish I could save them all.



  33. Thank you for sharing this sweet story of your Peggy and your love for her! What an unselfish, loving act you did for her to rescue her and then give her the home that is best for her! How hard on your heart though. Bless you for being a blessing.

  34. Oh Kris, I am crying as I read this. I was going to email you this week and ask how Peggy was, I was thinking about her. Wow what a beautiful thing you did for sweet Peggy. Your right though, sometimes we are not meant in life for the things we thought we were meant for. You and Terry rescued her, saved her and got her healthy for her forever family. That is the most wonderful, selfless thing anyone can do. You both are amazing. Love this story so much***

  35. You made the right decision, tho it was difficult on you, but the best for Peggy. It was not giving up but lifting up. I had to do that with one dog as well. It was a Wired Fox Terrier and she needed to have lots of attention from humans, but my husband and I worked and son was in school so she was alone all day. She was constantly escaping the yard and we were worried for her safety. We gave her to an elderly couple who were home with her all the time and had recently had their dog of many years pass. they adored her and she was so happy. You were an angel for her.

  36. Oh sweet Kris. You absolutely DID do the right thing. You have a very wise vet and I am glad things worked out for everyone. You have a great attitude.
    We miss out mini Aussie shepherd, but we both know in our hearts that at our stage in life, we could not care for a dog. Maybe again some day.

  37. Kris,
    You and Terry are amazing! Rescuing Peggy, nursing her back to health and then releasing her to her new something no one should have to go through. Your selfless act has guaranteed Peggy as life of happiness, one that she deserves. Thank you for sharing your bittersweet story with us.

  38. Wow such a hard decision. My heart breaks for y'all. But I do understand your decision. I'm glad her new family shares Peggy's status with you. I adopted our sheltie (who was a show dog then used to breed 3 litters) from a wonderful breeder who decided it was time for Lilley to be free. But as I drove away with Lilley I could see her first furless Mom crying. Lilley thankfully adjusted well into our home. I hope you find the time to get another fur baby or two.

  39. Such a beautiful and sad story.. at the same time. You guys are the best... you are so kind hearted... and I am sad that you had to give Peggy up.. but as one reader said, you lifted her up. It takes big hearts to do that.. put the sweet puppy ahead of your own feelings and love. But your love for her is what led you to find the best home for her. I'm so happy she is in her new pack and a happy girl. I couldn't watch the video as the P for "Pinterest" button was right there, and if you tried to click on the video, it would instead take you to Pinterest! Oh well.. I can imagine her romping around and playing and having a good time. Some animals, whether cats or dogs, NEED people around them alot and don't like or are afraid of, being alone. You did the right thing, though it must have been very very hard. I've had (and have) both cats and dogs.. and a reader telling you that cats are easier than dogs... well that's not always true! We rescued two cats since we moved here. The first one we had to bottle feed as her mama abandoned her.. and now she is kind of a problem as she is very jealous, doesn't want her space invaded (by people or any new "stuff") and chooses to pee anywhere something new has come in the house.. she also can be mean to our other two kitties. The 2nd rescue kitty is better, but craves attention and can be over the top sometimes with wanting to be in your face! Each pet is such an individual.. and it's hard to know what their traits are when adopted from a shelter, etc. All we can do is love them and try to do our best for them... which you and Terry did! But it's hard.. very hard. Take care and I hope someday you will be able to bring another lovebug into your home...hugs.. Marilyn

  40. OMG I'm all welled up. You did such a wonderful thing for her by rescuing her and bringing her back to good health. I'm so glad you were able to find her a home and that she's adjusting so well. I can certainly understand how traumatic this was for you. She's going to be allright. God bless you Terry, Peggy and her new family!

  41. Bless you, dear Kris and Terry. Dry your tears and never lose your compassion.

  42. Kris,
    You and Terry are angels! We nurses feel for people and animals in a deeper way than some folks! Firemen too, we are in the caring business! You both did the right thing, you saved her life, gave her love, medical care, and made her life so much better. I know you are heartbroken, but you know she is well cared for and is enjoying all the attention from the children. I pray it goes well for her! You are truly a blessing Kris, a true blessing!

  43. You were the right people for Peggy at the time, but I can't imagine how it must have felt to have to let her go.

    Thanks for the comment on my post. I am still not receiving comments in my email so this is the only way I know how to reply. I could just see you with that tote.

  44. Hello Kris,
    You were the right people for Peggy, you knew what was best for her, even if it hurt so much. I pray all will go well with Peggy and her new family. I love the photo of her hug!
    Sending extra prayers and hugs as you continue to adjust.
    Love, Carla

  45. Oh Kris, this made me cry right along with you. But you know what? You did do the right thing and that's not always the easy thing. Sweet Peggy sure looks like she's adjusting wonderfully with her new pack. And you know she's getting a constant supply of love. Sending you and Terry hugs and prayers while you adjust. I'm sure another dog is in your future and you definitely have that to look forward to. xoxo

  46. Kris, what a wonderful story and even though I know it must have been so hard for you to give her up, it sounds like she is where she belongs. The pic of the little boy and Peggy is just the best..Happy Thursday, my friend..xxoJudy

  47. OMG I can't believe what I am reading right now!!! I am sooo sorry for what happened to your sweet Peggy. I can't believe the breeder. I feel like you save Peggy from that breeder!!! I know it is painful and it hurts right now but I am so happy that Peggy is so happy with her new family!!!
    Sending hugs to you and Terry. I hope when the time is right you will find the perfect dog for your family.
    Hugs Julie

  48. Kris, I missed this post and came back to read it. It is wonderful that Peggy has kids to hug her . She can run and play with them. Glad you are feeling better about her being gone. Blessings to all of you, xoxo, Susie

  49. Oh my goodness Kris! I can’t believe all that’s been going on and you’ve kept quiet about it all this time! I’m so sorry your heart was broken, but I do believe you’re right. You were meant to care for and rescue her. You were a huge blessing in her life and more than likely saved her.


  50. Sometimes the hardest thing about loving someone is doing what's best for them and NOT us! You showed you dept of love for Peggy by giving her what she needs. You've rescued her twice...and that takes a lot of love and a good parent is knowing when to let them go!

  51. Oh Kris, this made me cry. How much you must love Peggy to do this for were preparing her for what she needed. I know this must have broken your hearts, but you cared for her so unselfishly. Sending love and a big hug your way..xoxo

  52. Tears are rolling down my cheeks as I read Peggy's story. But alas, it truly is a happy ending. You are an angel in so many ways. A blessing to many both fur angels and blogging friends. Hugs for you. When the time is right, you will find another fur baby to love on.

  53. So glad Peggy is happy! I know that's all that truly mattered to you. You're a good fur mom and someday you'll get to mother another lucky dog. This is just not the season for you. You did the right thing by her!

  54. I'm late to read this post and I'm so sorry to learn that Peggy isn't living with you anymore, but so glad that she's now happy and doesn't suffer from anxiety anymore. I'm sure it was a hard decision to make for you, but the fact that you made it proves how much you placed her happiness before yours. Hats off! I hope that as time brings you peace about this, you'll consider making an other dog's happiness. Thinking of you.

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