New Island

Hi Everyone.  

I wanted to show you the new kitchen island that Terry made for me.  Which by the way started a whole thing  for me in my kitchen!

I know how most of you know that one change in decor then leads to more switch a roo's!

This was a picture of my old island that Terry made for me.  I had an old vintage frame and this great french stenciled picture and asked him to build me an island around those two things.
Well he did a great job as you can see above!

Then as the story evolved with this island,  it became too big for my space with the pantry doors always opening into it.  You know small living now!!!

So we (Terry) took off the french picture and added these old tins I had in storage.  He also had some old pieces of moldings to add to the front of this piece too. 

Now she was ready to sell and go to a new home.  She did sell and a lady that lives near me bought her and is using her for a craft table.  So win win!

As the story continues I had this Bombay chest that I had to put into storage with bringing the new "expand O matic" table and cabinet in it's place.

It just bugged me that I had no place for this piece I loved so much. 

This is when I said to Terry can you make this into a new island for me for the kitchen.

He said yes and he got out his handy tools!!!

Here she is.  Brand new re love of this Bombay dresser into a new kitchen island.

Terry added a piece off the back with some small corbels he made to give more length to the island and then the chairs would comfortably fit under the island.  He joined the new piece he made to the existing top of this dresser and then made it match and look like one full piece.  Love this man!!!

It fits this space so much better and I can open up my pantry doors easily.

This sweet cherub is from Whimsy a great shop in Morris, Illinois that I love to shop.  I love how sweet this little cherub is.

Next to him is the sweet cherub crystal bowl that Rita (Panolpy) gifted me a while back.  I love this little guy and all the fun things he holds for me.  Right now he is keeping my yummy summer treat of cuties.

Did you ever buy something that just makes you smile and feel fabulous when you look at it.
This little cherub does it for me.
Another piece from this wall is the old porch post and bird house and angel got moved off this wall and into the kitchen.  Yep see one thing leads to another!!!!

This now has a few new bobbles added to it and is hanging on the kitchen wall.

This piece now has an old french bucket with flowers added and hanging on an old added black door knob.  The garden sign attached onto the birdhouse of this too.

I love the gardening saying.

Now this piece has a new home in my kitchen.

Now!!!! I want you all to be so proud of me!!!! Yep that's right look at my new chandelier I found for a bargain on our Michigan trip.  It stayed in the natural color.  No White Paint Added!!!!  Can I have a high five that I left well enough alone on this piece.  I liked it just the way it is.

Yep I think it is perfect contrast to my whites in this room.  Again with the lighting in this room it is always so hard to capture a good picture.  I invite all of you over to see my house in person.  Just wish I could capture how pretty it is.
Something absolutely wonderful happened.  I was minding my  own business in a cute shop.  Then this pretty chandelier called to me.  Yep! it yelled to me from across the room.  "Come over here and look at me".  I have to admit the gold and shinny bobbles did grab my attention!
Sorry this was the only picture I took of it in the shop before I purchased it.  It was all gold with tons of pretty crystals.  Priced $120!  I loved the price but as I was looking at it the owner of the booth happened to be in there.  Then he said to me do you like it?  I said yep I kinda do!  He said I will tell you what if you take it I will give it to you for half price!!!! OMG SOLD!!!  You know gold would not have worked in my kitchen but for $60 I thought I will make this work with some paint.   This did need paint but not WHITE!!! LOL!!!

Here she is painted in a dark gray patina paint from Rustoleun.  Again I liked the contrast it gives to my kitchen whites.

Then the most beautiful thing happened over night.  After I hung the new chandelier it had a baby.  I know great right?!!!  This cute little baby chandelier appeared over my sink the next morning.  How fun that my mamma chandelier had a baby and surprised me the next morning!!!!

They are side by side.  Pretty mamma chandelier and her new baby chandelier over my sink.

A few more items picked up on my trip was this cute bird feeder soap dish.

I got this beautiful chippy birdhouse.  Love love love it!!!

Looks fabulous on my shelf in the kitchen.

I also hung this pretty blessing plater with the old silverware spoons for handles on the shiplap above the shelf of dishes.

So there you have it.  A new smaller island made out of a favorite Bombay dresser I had.

That started the switch a roo of a few decor pieces.
I loved adding the new pieces I got on my trip to this kitchen too.

Have a great rest of the week.

May I request from all you prayer warriors to say a prayer for my mom.  My mom had hip surgery yesterday and is not doing quite as well as we had hoped.  Hoping as each day passes she will find strength and be able to walk again on her new hip. 

My mom is also fighting breast cancer that has moved to her bones.  So that has added some complication to this outcome too.
So good thoughts or prayers are so appreciated.
I am off to the hospital now and then to go over and take care of my mom's new kitty.  He is really missing my mom.  Poor little guy.

Have a great rest of this week.

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  1. Oh Kris, sending prayers and hugs for both you and your mom!! Love all your new beautiful additions....and you are very lucky to have that handy hubby of yours! xoxo

  2. Love all the changes, so fabulous. You and Terry are quite the team to make anything work so beautifully. Definitely sending prayers for your mom. God Bless.

  3. Oh Kris, I am so sorry about your mom. I will be praying for her.

    I'm drooling over here looking at all these amazing changes. Love having a handyman on staff.

    I don't what I love the most. There are too many to choose.

    Amazing how the chandelier had a baby overnight. She did good and such a gorgeous child

    Again, prayers for your mom.


  4. First of all, I'm sending many prayers up for your sweet mom (and Hunter too) I hope she recovers nicely. She's so lucky to have you! And congrats on the mama chandy and baby chandy! High fives all around! :) I love your new island. That hubby of yours sure is handy!

  5. Kris, I love your beautiful kitchen and the island. It's so pretty and perfect for your home. I'm sending prayers and well wishes for your Mom. God Bless you and your family and the sweet little kitty.

  6. Kris, I am praying for your mother and for you. I pray she has new found strength to get her well and thru her cancer fight.
    I love your new make over. Terry is a wood working wizard !! So good your got to use the good bones of the Bombay chest. Love all the new chandeliers. What a bargain on the momma. :) Blessings, xoxo,love, Susie

  7. I love the changes. Praying for your mom.

  8. Kris, your new island is amazing! I love her curves and her Frenchy artwork! Again I bow to you and Terry as a great team. All the other little things you've done are wonderful too. You've given me some ideas for things I have stashed from my red era...I still love them but not the red anymore. Might just pull out my paint too!

    I think you should organize a bloggers get together in your town! Wouldn't that be fun? You seem to have so many fun places to shop.

    I will say some prayers for your mom. ♥

  9. You and Terry always amaze me with your creativity! Love the new chandies and Bombay island. So cool that you can use it as a bar too! Sending prayers for your dear mom. Xo Deb

  10. Oh Kris, I am thinking about you and your mom and sending prayers to you both. Please keep us posted...and try to take a few moments for yourself in that beautiful bra kitchen. Kudos to another job well done. ❤️

  11. Terry is a gem. He always seems to know what you want and he nails it! I love the island--I could use something smaller as well.

    I pray your mom improves soon. I know how it is to be spread thin. At least you have this gorgeous home to come back to!


  12. OH Kris, what can I say....I'll be back in email for all the details, but YOU HAD ME LAUGHING - your chandy had A BABY! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love, absolutely love that chandelier over your new ISLAND! And yes, sometimes it's best to leave things as is. The little Fleur-de-lys on it are gorgeous, showing such an authenticity. No white needed here. But for $60, the gold chandelier was worth EVERY EFFORT to paint it. At that price, the baubles alone are worth it! Bravo my friend. Prayers for you mom.

  13. Wow, I love all of the beauty that you and Terry come up with. It is all so pretty and I get inspired with every visit.

    May your Mom feel God's loving, healing presence flowing through and surrounding her.


  14. So sorry about your poor mom! Prayers on the way and big hugs too. Your home is looking so beautiful and what a great find, looks absolutely fabulous in the grey - really compliments the chalkboard-like sign on the island. Enjoy your weekend xoxoxoxo

  15. Good Morning Kris
    Will be saying extra prayers for your Mom. I have included her in my prayers for quite a while now* I don't know what to comment on with all of your new goodies. I love them all. The island is just amazing. Terry really does such an incredible job. Love the new chandeliers and all the other goodies. Your sweet cottage is really starting to look so loved and cozy. Love how you decorate it
    have the best day Kris

  16. Kris, I'm so sorry to hear that your mother is not recovering as quickly as hoped but pray that in a week or two that may improve. Please tell her we're all pulling for her.

    Did you get your creative gene from your mother, Kris?

    I wish chandeliers would have babies in my house! And you were so smart to "see" that the new kitchen chandeliers would be perfect with a finish different from your beloved white. They're all perfect! So beautiful and I can imagine how magical it must be at night with them turned on.

    And your new Bombay island is absolutely you. Those lines! I can see that you may have started a new trend, everyone looking for Bombay chests now, and for someone with the skills of your husband although that may be harder to find than the chests!

    Your kitchen is amazing,

  17. Okay, Kris, I'm so green. That Terry is the very best! I kept looking at that new island and could not see at all where he joined the top, and how in the world he managed to get the edge so perfect! Really, really nice. Your new styling is perfect in the space. Those chandeliers. Good grief, woman, talk about perfect timing, that dealer just wanted rid of a diamond in the rough! Your color choice is so perfect! Wow, all of those light shapes, love them all. Good job, now sit down, please! You two are making me tired, lol.

    Prayers for your mom's recovery in this surgery. I know it raises the stress level all around while you work through nursing her back to her best health. Praying for you too, Kris.

  18. All the prayers for your Mom. You are so sweet. (I am Misty. I started trying to get Google to make some changes for me, and they gave me my husband's Google+.) I want you to know that I love the fountain I won. I am so sorry you are going through this.

  19. Prayers for mom - interspersed with my usual dash of envy - coming your way. Maybe some day I will venture south to see all this in person.

  20. Just so beautiful Kris.......I love the new Bombay chest looks just perfect for the space......and all your changed decorations look wonderful too, the little birdhouse is so wonderful. The chandeliers look perfect for the space and what good purchases, especially in view of the baby that appeared. I will certainly pray for your sweet mom and her recovery from the surgery as well as her cancer battle.....these are difficult times for sure. Thank you for sharing your beautiful kitchen to brighten all our days! Blessings, Linda

  21. I just love how you tackle a space and in a short space of time---solve all your issues. Your home is lovely and Terry is amazing at what he can do. Great post, as always, Sandi

  22. Your Terry is so talented. What a lovely transformation on the new kitchen island. Love the chandys and the baby...LOL Sending healing thoughts and prayers for your sweet mom. xo

  23. Kris, I am so sorry to hear what your mom is going through. Sending prayers and hugs for you all. Love all the new changes you've made! xoxo

  24. Sorry about your mom. Is the armoire a pantry? What happened to the extendable table? Everything looks fantastic. Isn't it fun decorating a small space home?

  25. So very to hear about your mom, Kris...sending prayers and good thought her way!
    I'm always inspired by your projects, the re-uses of pieces! The island turned out beautifully, and I love the gray color on the chandelier!

  26. Kris,
    Prayers for you and your Mom. She is fortunate to have a daughter and granddaughter that are nurses. Your home is looking gorgeous!

  27. Sending your family love and prayers. I love that $60 chandelier. So beautiful. When you have time, could you tell me where you purchased the plate with the spoon handles. It is amazing also. We make great gifts for friend. Thank you and take care.

    1. Hi Tracy,

      The platter I bought at a craft show with the vintage spoons then a friend gave me the other plate about friendship that I glued to the platter.  The plate is one from Mud Pie brand.  If you got a white platter you could bend spoons and make a platter like mine and then google mud pie and see if you can find this friendship plate.  Hope that helps.



  28. Blessings to your Mom, Kris. I hope she does better soon. Your place is the cheeriest on the planet! Love your new changes. Especially the new chandy paint and that adorable birdhouse. Your new kitchen island is just magic!

  29. Oh Kris... I'm praying for your mom big time.. and that the cancer will be contained somehow. I'm so sorry. Your new changes are awesome and beautiful and your hubby is awesome too... wow... how he made that little "counter" on your island look like it belongs there, is amazing! Wow and double wow. Love all of your chandeliers, the mama, baby and the one over the island.. love your post and garden sign and the gray painted one looks so neat with the chalkboard. That chalkboard painting on the side of the island is stunning. Did it come that way or did you stencil it on?? Glad another lady got the other lovely island.. how neat to have it for a craft table! You two are just amazing with all of your handiness and visions that come to fruition. We moved to this older home 3 years ago and there is an ugly store bought cheap light over our dining table. .and I bought a neat different light to go there, but do you think hubby has replaced it yet??? nope.... I'm sure he doesn't even know how and I don't either. The fix-it TV shows make it all look so easy! Take care.. Marilyn

  30. Stunning, just stunning. Prayers for your mother!

  31. Oh, Kris, sending prayers and all good thoughts to your Mom. So sorry that she is having to go through all this. So sorry that you all are having to go through it. When you think you can't add one more thing of beauty to your sweet little cottage, there it is. That Terry of yours is certainly special and wasn't it great that your beautiful new chandy felt so good to be hanging around your kitchen, she let her little one hang around too. Both look so pretty as everything else does too. I'm not putting any bets down about no white paint on the chandys. Sure would look beautiful either way..xxoJudy

  32. Your place is always so lovely! I think it is wonderful that you have such a handy and willing husband. I pray your mother will be home soon with her kitty and feeling better.

  33. Oh wow, what a man! I love both islands. The smaller one is just perfect Kris! And those chandeliers are gorgeous, and what great bargains. Prayers going out for your mother. I hope she starts feeling better very soon!

  34. Sorry- I didn't get around to visiting sooner. Too many things going on and not enough hours in the day.
    That Bombay chest transitioned perfectly. I can just picture you guys sitting there and having coffee or a bite to eat. I am guessing you can still use the drawers for storage on the side with the overhang?
    Your chandeliers are gorgeous!!! ALLLLLL of them...mama, baby and cousin! I can't BELIEVE you didn't paint them white though. You are feeling okay, right? LOL
    Can't wait to see your changes, Kris....AND....if you decide to get rid of that table someday (the one that opens out) call ME FIRST!!! This downsizing is daunting, isn't it? Not sure what I am going to do with all of my stuff here and know I will need pieces that function in more ways than one.
    Have a great Saturday! Love ya- Diana

  35. I meant see your changes IN PERSON come

  36. Finally got a chance to really read your post! Saying a prayer for your mom - hope she is getting stronger and healing .
    Next, I would love to come see your home in person! Love the new island (did you keep the drawers?) and the chandeliers are perfect! The color is a good contrast with the whites. Love that chippy birdhouse and your sweet cherubs! Everything is coming together nicely. Tell Terry he did good too! Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Cecilia

  37. Sorry to hear about your mom, she is in my thoughts and prayers. The changes in your kitchen are stunning and once again Terry and his tools did an amazing job transforming your bombay cabinet!

  38. First an foremost, prayers for your mom for a full recovery. That Terry is one talented guy - the island is AMAZING! And the chandelier transformation of yours is just perfect. Love all the changes!

  39. Hello,
    First, prayers and hugs. How is your mom today?
    I LOVE all that has gone into your kitchen. WOW! It is beautiful.

  40. Oh Kris, so sorry to hear about your mom. It's hard. I've already walked this journey. I love the island. I also love the white chippy before. Prayers for your mom and family as you go through this.

  41. Oh Kris, prayers for you, your mom and your family. Sorry to hear things are so rough with that. You made me laugh out loud about the baby chandelier. And Terry outdid himself with that new island. So many great ideas.

  42. Praying your mom has a complete recovery from all her health problems.
    Love your new island...and all the new things you added to your gorgeous kitchen....

  43. I love your new kitchen island! I can definitely tell what a better fit this is for your smaller kitchen. What a great deal you got on that chandelier! And she was pregnant, too - what a surprise! ha ha

    Most importantly, I'm very sorry to hear about your mom's health. I will keep her in my prayers. xoxo

  44. Wow there is so much to talk about here! Love all the changes! The island is the cutest and I’m loving all three new light fixtures! I’m in love with how you did the birdhouse florals. I have something in mind of mine to use that kind of look with now!
    I’m sorry your mom is struggling after surgery which has to be especially difficult dealing with cancer too. Saying a prayer for her comfort and healing. God bless, Liz

  45. Prayers and thoughts of love, comfort and healing to your mom!❤
    Absolutely love everything in this post! I can't believe you got that stunning chandelier for $60! What a steal! The little baby one is so cute and the one above the new island is perfect! Pardon my state but I'm mesmerized!😀

  46. I am so sorry I missed this post Kris. I really love all of your purchases on your trip to Michigan. I love love the chandeliers. So pretty.
    I am really so sorry to hear about your moms health. I am sending prayers her way.

  47. That Terry is an absolute marvel. Totally love what he has done with the dresser make-over and love all the new 'pretties' in your kitchen too. Sorry to hear your mum's recovery is not going as well as it should. Sending her healing hugs.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful kitchen project at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I'm delighted to be featuring it at tomorrow's party and pinning too.

  48. Now where did I put all those antique door knobs I got in KY? Been while (few years)2004, since we moved from KY and have stored so much in our shed and old 89 Suburban.
    Since it doesn't run (Suburban) it sits down in our lower back yard storing a few precious items in it.We have 1/2 acre here in little town few miles west of Grand Junction,CO.out in rural area. We have a single wide mfg.home which came with the land. Not our first choice but it's certainly liveable and we've lived in it since end of July 2006 when we bought this place, was all we could afford here,is quite expensive for real estate and we like living in quiet rural areas.

    Sorry to hear about your Mom, hope her hip will recover well and quickly and her breast cancer will be cured. My best friend in Tucson had breast cancer for 2nd.time and is recovering,having treatments,got thru chemo, is now having radiation,doing well, Sure hope will be for same for your Mom. My prayers for her are on the way.
    Cracked me up about your chandy having a baby, wouldn't that be great if it could? The baby is sure pretty. Was never a chandy person but after subscribing to blogs for several years have changed my mind, would love to have a chandy. Would be so sparkly and pretty. Love colored glass and sparkly things.
    Your island turned out so nicely, your Terry is good at rehab.That French picture on back of island is wonderful, great job. Envy you your big pantry.Your kitchen/dining area is sure pretty. Will be pinning few features myself.
    Our single wide doesn't have dining area at all so we eat in living room. We sold our dining set after we moved into this place. Had a nice buffet/hutch also but it also sold. Just no room for it. Had a great Hoosier we got in KY but sold it which was hard for me as I loved it. Our home in KY was bit bigger had nice size dining room. Still miss that house,loved it.Had 1 1/2 acres and oldest son built big front porch onto it, that was really great, sure miss that wonderful big porch and lot.Son bought our place there than redid house in and out,put new roof on and few other improvements. I had a pantry in that house.

    Hugs to your Mom,hope she''ll do well recovering from hip and breast cancer. Not an easy time for her, hard to deal with so much at once. Very tiring for her. I have been thru 3 joint replacements so know how tiring it can be.Have great rest of weekend

  49. So sorry about your mom Kris. That’s a lot to handle. Hope she’s doing better now

    Once again, you rocked the vintage finds. So beautiful and creative!


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