Legend Of The Bird Nest

Happy Black Friday and day after Thanksgiving.
Hope you all ate too much and enjoyed family and friends.

Now onto the downhill slide into Christmas.

I thought I would post today about a sweet legend I try each year to add into my Christmas Decor.

Old German Legend says if you find a Christmas tree with a bird nest in it then you will have good luck and prosperity all year long.
Cute personal story at the end of this post to share if you care to read it!!!
So I make these to give as gifts each year.
I am going to show you how I made them so if you want to pass one of these on to family or friends you can.
They make a great neighbor gift or hostess gift.
This is all the stuff you will need.  Yes Benita I had to get out the dreaded glue gun!!!!

I got these light blue and cream spotted eggs at Hobby Lobby.  The are not expensive especially when you get them for 40% off.

I also bought the nests at Hobby Lobby.  They come 2 on a card for $4.99 with 40% off.
I found these picks at Walmart for 97 cents.

I pushed the pick through the bottom of the nest.  It was easy peasy.

Then I wrote up the legend on the back of a Christmas Card with a Christmas tree and ran them off on my computer printer.

I glued the eggs into the nest and then tied the nests off in a cello bag and added the card/tag to the bag.  Ready for gift giving.
Easy and very cute gift and cost less than $5 to make.

Another cute gift I made up for my granddaughter to give to her teachers and students in her class.
Walmart had these already made up hot cocoa reindeer cones for $1.97 and I bought the red balls to glue for noses.  Easy Peasy and another cute gift idea.

I will use a few of these to add into the nest gifts for my neighbors.

Now that Christmas is on it's way I thought I would share these two gift ideas with you.
I think Homemade Gifts are just a little more special to give than store bought items.

Have a great weekend.  Now on to the baking, gift buying, decorating fun of Christmas.


Cute story about growing up in Michigan and why this nest story means something to me.  When I was in second grade we learned about this legend of finding a Christmas tree with a nest in it would bring you good luck.

Well when you grow up in Michigan we traditionally would go and cut down our own real Christmas tree each year.  So I grew up with three brothers and was the only girl.  My dad and brothers and I headed out to find the perfect Christmas tree that year.  I was insistent on finding one with a bird nest in it for our tree.  My dad being patient said ok then lets try to find one with a nest in it.

It was cold, snowing and knee deep snow we walked through looking for that perfect tree.  My brothers were not real happy about me learning about this legend and convincing my dad we needed to find this perfect tree.  After a few hours and we were really cold we actually did find that perfect tree.  So we cut it down and brought it home.  

Back in the day we did not have those sweet little lights like we have now.  We had 9C bulbs that were the bigger bulbs and pretty common for decorating your tree.  We also had icicles that we would decorate all over the tree made of a thin foil like material.  So up went the tree and I was so excited we had that special tree.

Right before we headed out for Christmas Eve to my grandparents our tree had a short in the lights and the tree branch caught on fire. 

Thankful we were still home and the fire was caught and we had not left yet.  I remember my brothers walking away snickering "so much for your lucky tree".  

I felt so crushed the tree burned and the lights were out on our tree.  My dad looked at me and said this is the luckiest tree ever and it is doing it's job.  

He said the nest gave us good luck to still be home to catch the fire from the faulty lights. This tree was indeed a lucky tree and brought us luck that night.  

After that we looked at the tree as the prettiest and best tree we ever had.  So I love this memory and love to share the nests with family and friends and neighbors each year for their trees.


  1. Kris, I love your ideas and your tree story! I have a complete and total love of nests just for the reasons you mentioned. Never thought of giving them as gifts but since I have two new neighbors, that just might be what we do this year. :)

  2. What a sweet story! You are so thoughtful, making all of those gifts! -Jenn

  3. What a cute idea! Love your background story, too. I remember those light bulbs - they were great at the time but sooo ugly looking back (ps and icicles are still sold today) Have a wonderful weekend! xoxox

  4. Oh my gosh, lucky tree indeed! You Dad sounds like he was a very patient, loving man. I do know this legend and have had a little nest with glass eggs on my tree for years. It's one of my favorite ornaments! Your idea of making Christmas nests is a perfect neighbor gift that I'm sure they will love! Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you from Canada. xo

  5. Your gifts are sweet. What a great story about your lucky tree.

  6. What a beautiful story and your dad was very right. It was a lucky tree for sure. I remember those lights too.

    Such a meaningful story and a great thing to share. Love the reindeer idea and adding the red nose is perfect.

    Happy decorating. Love doing all the fussing at Christmas


  7. What a great story about your lucky tree! And thank you for your comment on my blog ~ the oldest patient I ever took care of was 102!

  8. Well you've been a busy little crafting bee!

  9. What a super sweet story, Kris. I knew the legend of the bird's nest, but hadn't heard your little story. Those nests you've crafted are awesome.

  10. What a great story....I love it! The little gifts are so sweet but then you always make up the perfect little gift baskets!!! Have a great weekend!

  11. Oh my, what a story Kris. I am so happy you shared the story and the legend. Thank you for the tutorials as well.

    I am going to share your story with the boys.
    xx oo

  12. What a sweet story, Kris and I have put nests and birds in my trees without knowing this legend. :)

  13. These are such cute ideas! I love the story about the birds nests. Your gifts are thoughtful and anyone receiving them will love them!

  14. That's a wonderful story, Kris. The bird nests are cute they make such lovely gifts. It makes me smile to see how much you enjoy spreading a little Christmas love. You have such a big heart. ♥

  15. WHOAHA......that is one heck of a true Christmas story! KRIS! Well, these days, I use battery lights but I do have one set of electric twinkle lights on our little tree in the great room...goodness, that is scary! And I love all of your ideas for the tree. I think the bird's nest is a great idea and beautiful gift! Now that I think of it, we've had many birds make nests in our garden over the last 15 years. No wonder our home is a happy place.

  16. That is a lovely story from your childhood.

  17. Such a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing! I, too, have a love of nests...I keep them up all year and love to place them in my Christmas tree along with birds. Love your bird nest gift idea! Many thanks for your inspiration. Christmas Blessings.

  18. Oh what a great story! And what a wonderful, patient dad to see how much this meant to his little girl. Thanks for sharing the craft and the story. Batten down the hatches . . . lol the 'big one' is coming! I love how the weather people get all freaked out when we get this first measurable snow.

  19. That was a lucky tree, indeed! Such a sweet story. You always make the best gifts and your neighbors are lucky to have you and Terry! Happy holidays!

  20. Love the story Kris! I always add a bird branch to my tree with a nest each year.

  21. If I can't get around to making these adorable nests for my friends, I WILL make one for my girl and for my son and one for me. Just the cutest things ever and I love a bird nest...especially when they bring good luck....
    I love your story at the end...so so sweet..

  22. Wonderful story for sharing. I did the craft show circuit here in Chicagoland for over 35 years. I must have sold thousands of these bird's nest ornaments over the years. I always hoped they did bring good luck to all who purchased them for their trees. I'm glad to see the tradition still goes on.

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  24. Kris, bless your heart on that dreaded glue gun!! LOL I have a wonderful love/hate relationship with those things. Your story made me teary...what a wonderful memory and what wonderful gifts those bird nests make! I will have to track them down but I don't think I've ever seen them in Hobby Lobby. Where are they in the store? LOVE those hot cocoa Rudolph gifts also. You are so clever! These are awesome gifts! Love and hugs sweet friend!!

  25. The bird nest is cute idea. One time we bought a tree for Christmas and there were 2 little birds nests in it!!

  26. I enjoyed your post very, very much! I am a new follower.

  27. Kris, you are such a sweet and dear person and your bird nests are such a special gift and story. I always put a birds nest on our tree. The reindeer cones are too cute and I saw some in Target that were $3.47 and not as cute as yours. xxoJudy

  28. Hi Kris, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I love the story of the Christmas tree! You all were lucky. I love the cute reindeer cones with the red nose. Enjoy the week.

  29. Great story. I have nests in all my trees this year. What a cute gift idea.

  30. Such adorable ideas Kris and that blessing bag is truly one of the best ideas I’ve seen. You’ve inspired me!

    There aren’t too many homeless here but every once in a while I see a few. ‘There but for the grace of God go I’.


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