New Year New Changes

Hi Everyone.
I hope you all had a great Christmas and now we are moving into the New Year and New Adventures!

Speaking of new adventures,  I had said in my last post that I was thinking of taking a wall down between my living room and kitchen.  

I felt it would give a more open concept and hopefully allow me more space for a dining table and living room area.

This is the wall in question.  After lots of thought on taking this wall down we decided not to do it.

This is a load bearing wall.
 Terry said he could put up a new beam and braces in the ceiling to take this wall down.

  I thought about all the work along with dry walling and plastering to follow!
Even with my great new camera on my new I phone still on a very dark and dreary day my pics look a little grainy.  I apologize!  Hopefully some day soon the sun will come out for better pics!!!

Besides the fact of all the hidden worries inside the wall of this 1940's home,  I also need this French Armoire that is my kitchen pantry. 

This pantry is on that wall that would come down and we would have to swing it up against the long wall after this wall came down. 

It would jet out into the space too much and take up the room  for a dining room table.  

Now it is on to plan B.  I had to think about how I could make this living room work as a living space and also a dining room space.  A big challenge in this small home.

As you can see the plan is underway!! 
Pretty twinkle lights on my Christmas tree is now replaced with a beautiful mess!

Wallpaper is coming down and getting ready for paint.

Buddy is confused on what the heck is happening in this living room!!!!

I found this piece on Offer Up and it got a make over.

The new armoire got some new cabinet paint in white.  This will hold a new TV so I have a TV on the first floor of this house and not just in the Terry's Fireman Cave downstairs.

Santa is bringing us a new Small Space Sectional for our living room. 
After lots of searching!!!!
 Pottery Barn was one of the only places that had a small space sectional that would fit in the space I had to make the living room space and still allow me room for the dining room table.

After looking at several sample swatches we decided on this light cream performance linen.

It is neutral enough to go with any of my decor changes now and in the future. 

This is ordered and can take from 4 to 8 weeks to come in.  I am hoping to get it sooner than later.

  Pottery Barn is having their biggest sale of the year right now and so they get tons of orders.  So that might be a problem to get it sooner than later.  We will see!!

I was gifted this beautiful sign for Christmas.

I hung it above my open shelves in my kitchen.

After taking all my Christmas decor down I decided to keep my winter birds out and not pack them up. 

I love these sweet guys.  They make me smile each morning when I walk into my kitchen. 

Since they are winter birds I feel they can stay out of the Christmas decor boxes for now.
On a thank you note.  I was gifted these handmade soaps from Benita @ Chasing Quaintness.  Thanks Benita the orange clove and peppermint smell so good in my kitchen.

Wishing all of you a grand entry into the New Year!  May we all have wonderful blog adventures in the new year.

Thank you always for following along with my decor changes.  Your friendship's shared bless me in so many ways.

Cheers to a better start in the New Year and may we all enjoy good health, happiness and find joy everyday.

Stay tuned for the stages of the new living room and dining room changes.  I will show you things as they get completed and then hopefully when the new sectional arrives I can show you the whole room put together.

Happy New Year!


  1. That's the problem with walls not just the fact that it's load bearing, but what is standing by the wall. Like your updated armoire.

  2. It's always fun to read your blog and watch your latest home project. I will say nothing ever stays the same in your house! I remember the blog post when you bought that wallpaper! I took a wall down in my house when we first moved in. It was determined to not be load bearing but when our contractor friend took it down he found out that ALL of the electrical was running in that wall. He had to re-run all of the wires. I'm just glad it was a friend of ours and he gave us a good price! I suspect that you will give in at some point and take it down.
    Can't wait to see what is in store for 2019! Happy New Year!

  3. Sounds like you have a plan that will work for your living and dining space. It is so hard to downsize and make everything work. I am still working with the same struggles.

  4. Well, now I can't wait to see how it all comes together. It will be gorgeous no doubt! And I get it about the wall. We removed posts in our basement in our first house to make the room useable and had to put it a steel beam instead. It was an expense and a ton of work...since it weighed a ton. I don't think I would venture down that road again unless it was absolutely necessary. I'm sure that your Plan B will be's to the mess and hope that it's over quickly!! Happy New Year, my friend xoxo

  5. Hi Kris,
    I hear your dilemma with blowing out the wall. I would say blow it out. And move the pantry armoire on the adjacent wall, this would give you this removed wall space to float a kitchen dinning table. I feel you could run a header and a support post down the wall and a corbel cornered with the running wall post and header support adding charm of imaninary divider plus being able to add hooks on the wall post for more decorative pieces like a hook and lighted lantern and baskets and or copper pots. I feel an exposed header support for the wall removal it will fill space for drywall repair.
    You could even bead board your ceiling or main wall adding more cottage charm.
    I also feel it’s a wise move with the wall paper removal, with all the walls painted the same it will open up the space and feel larger. A sectional will give you extra seating that is otherwise wasted floor space. I think your finding your comfort zone in how you use your home and how you want it to live.
    Looking forward to seeing it completed.


  6. It will be fun following along and seeing it develop! Love the fabric choice.

  7. Isn't funny, how in an old house you gain nothing by removing the wall! We did that in our kitchen, and it was only a partial, because the plumbing and electrical ran through, but far enough over to allow a larger opening to the little kitchen, but not a bigger kitchen as hoped. I also use my giant armoire for dishes and kitchen. I like it, because it is sort of old fashioned. I can't wait to see what you do and how it comes together. You have such an ambitious start! The wallpaper was pretty, but it doesn't look like it would have worked with the new plan and linen shade. Happy New Year. xo Su

  8. Sorry you can't tackle taking the wall down. That would be one big project and one big mess. Mess drives me nuts when a project is going on. The sectional sounds perfect.
    Happy New Year!!

  9. I hope you don't have to wait too long for your new sectional to arrive. The linen swatch looks great. I have the feeling the wall will come down at some point or you'll be moving again. ;) Buddy is so cute!
    Happy New Year, Kris! I wish you and Terry health, happiness and lots of fun with future projects.
    xo Julia

  10. I just love the adventures you take us on. No matter what you've experimented with in this sweet little cottage, it's always been beautiful, well-appointed and carefully planned out. Regardless of sunless days, you always manage to give us a glimpse of the dreams and progress that you and Terry tackle, making the such a sweet reality! I just know that we are in for a BIG surprise once it's all done! Oh Kris, I think your new sectional is going to be GORGEOUS!

  11. You inspire me with all of the projects that you two accomplish.

    Have a fantastic 2019 ~ FlowerLady

  12. Wow you are a busy lady! Taking down the wallpaper? One problem with removing walls is then you have fewer places to put furniture. Our kids took out half of a wall. Because of electrical issues they couldn’t take out the whole wall. As it turns out the half wall works well since they can still place furniture next to it. That was a lovely cabinet find. The new sectional should be a nice addition! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  13. Problems with moving walls in an old home is it opens other issues. That can be costly with electrical and who knows what.

    I'll be excited to see what you come up with and it will be great.

    Love your new sign and your winter birds are perfect to keep around.

    Hang in there Buddy. Happy New Year!



  14. Love the fabric you chose for the sectional. Trying to fit the necessities, let alone the extras, into a smaller home is not always easy. You and Terry are a good team and you will suss out just how to make it work. Wishing you a blessed New Year! xoxo

  15. First, Buddy is SO photogenic! Should be in TV commercials. It is scary when dealing with a load bearing wall for sure.

  16. Hi Kris, oh I understand about redoing things in the house. It is a challenge when you have a small house. I am sure with the changes you and Terry make it will look great. I can't wait to see what you both do.
    When I did my kitchen over 19 years ago we were going to do the same thing with taking down walls and decided against it and I am glad we did not take it down. :) Good luck with it all. Have a Happy New Year.
    Hugs, Julie

  17. Living in a smaller home is certainly a challenge but you do so well! Have a great New Year! Nancy

  18. Kris, If anything you are a go think things out and get right on the job. :):) I love seeing all the make-overs and re-do's you and Terry envision. I too want to wish you both and your children the best New Year, filled with love, good health and adventures. Blessings to you my sweet friend, xoxo,love, Susie

    Te escribo para desearte feliz año nuevo.

  20. Kris,you are so sweet! I do hope you enjoy the soaps as well as the other little "surprise"...:-D I was hoping you would get a kick out of it! :-) I cannot wait to see how everything falls into place, I know it will be beautiful!! Love the fabric on the new sofa...just gorgeous! I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year celebration! Looking forward to 2019! Love and hugs to you sweet friend!

  21. Love the new armoire (esp. with the paint). I've never heard of Offer Up, I'll have to look into it! I broke down and got a sectional a few years ago and it was the best thing we ever did, at least for our family room space. Can;t wait to see yours! Happy New Year:) xo Kathleen

  22. I didn't realize that wall that you were thinking of tearing down was a load-bearing wall. Yikes! Amazing to me that Terry could've put a beam, etc in the ceiling by himself to compensate - even my contractor has told me what a huge job that is. But I can definitely see your reasons for not wanting to do so! I can't wait to see the changes that you're doing in your home now. If you are getting a sectional, what is going to happen to the seating area with the white chairs?

    I didn't know Pottery Barn had small sectionals. I'm going online right now to look. We have a small living room and desperately need a new couch but it's so overwhelming to find just the right one. We've discussed getting a sectional but like you, have limited room for one. Maybe we'll strike it lucky at PB! Happy New Year to you and Terry. {{hugs}}

  23. You’re a doer and a thinker kris, and I’m confident whatever you and terry do will be beyond amazing.

    That armoire was quite a find and will be perfect for a tv.

    Did you put that wallpaper up shortly after you moved in, or am I confusing it with another space?

    Happy New Year!


  24. Wow, so much going on over at your house!!!!! Love new armoire and can't wait to see the transformation of your living/dining space. Your new sectional is going to be soooooo pretty. Fingers crossed you get it SOON!!! Your little birdies are so adorable and of course the sweet pooch is too. :o)
    Happy New Year!!!

  25. I know everything will turn out beautifully!

    In the spring of 2017 we began shrinking the size and amount of the furniture in our house and it really made a difference. We don't bump into things!

  26. Wow, Kris, I can't wait to see it all come together....although I have to say I'm a little sad seeing that awesome wallpaper go!! Yeah, I have a wall I'd like to take down some day also, to open up the space between the kitchen and living room....but I'm not sure it will ever happen because it's the wall with my stove/upper cabinets. I'd have to lose the upper cabinets and do a pass through type thing, perhaps with bar stools on the other side....maybe some day far in the future, after I hit the lottery!! Happy New Year sweet friend!

  27. Wow! Your plans sound great! I hope that your sectional comes in soon too. What a beautiful fabric! Looking forward to seeing it all come together! Enjoy the transformation and Happy New Year!

  28. Kris, you are starting the new year off right with another new project. Sorry you can't take out the wall, I know when you plan something and then you can't do it, what a let down it is. It will be gorgeous anyway, I have no doubt. Love your new sign and the cupboard. Kai and someone special says Happy New Year to sweet Buddy..xxoJudy

  29. Hello Kris,
    Thank you for sharing Buddy with us today. :-)
    I love the new sign, I like the sweet little bit of green. :-)
    Happy New Year,

  30. I hope your new year is wonderful and filled with joy, peace, beauty and happiness. So enjoy your blog posts!

  31. Wise choice - you don't want to mess with a load bearing wall (ask me how I know). I have to admit, I'm sad to see that pretty wallpaper coming down but I know whatever your plans are for the space it'll be amazing because you are the Dynamic DIY Duo!!! Happy New Year and let the 2019 projects begin. xo

  32. So exciting to read of the updates to your space. The armoire looks fabulous, and I know you'll love your small space sectional. Last Christmas, my teenage daughter got a wing chair from that same line at Pottery Barn. It's a beautiful piece and perfect for her small bedroom!

    I'll be popping back in soon to check on your progress. I do love a good remodeling project! :)

  33. I'm sure everything you two do will end up being just wonderful! It always is. Sad not to take down the wall, but you do need it for that gorgeous "pantry"!!! And your new armoir is stunning with the white paint. We have a similar one that is brown and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have it be white, but this lady doesn't do painting like that. I just don't have the patience for it, nor does hubby. I too am a little sad to see that lovely pale yellow wallpaper coming down... I loved that little bit of color in your living room, but I'm sure your new vision will look just as stunning. I love the little birdies that are still in your kitchen, and the pretty sign with the black and white plaid ribbon. It really adds a little pop to that area. Here's hoping for a fun and fruitful and healthy New Year for everyone in your family! xoxoxo Marilyn

  34. I wondered what would happen to that armoire that you use for a pantry if you took the wall down. I think you made a smart choice. With all you have done to that house you have certainly increased the value of it. No one would believe how really great it is unless they actually go inside. My girls love your house and think of it as a fairy tale cottage.
    Happy New Year to you- already looking forward to the year end girlfriend party. LOL..Sad--obviously I have no life. lol xo Diana