Fall Decor? New Kitchen Faucet. Sneak Peek at Entry Way Mirror.

Hello and Happy New Week.

With having the holiday on Monday I am all messed up with my days.

I know a lot of you are getting into fall already and starting to do some fall decor in your homes.

I am still looking at lots of summer going in my garden.  Our weather here in the midwest is still hot and humid and lots of rain. 

This is my flower box under the window. 
The greens have really taken flight in there.

They are the only things liking this hot and humid weather along with hard downfalls of rain.

Even my little Cherub on the birdbath looks mad about all the rain!

The good news is that my hydrangea's I planted this summer are blooming for a second time.  They can do that late summer.  

They are coming in less blue this time around.  More purple and light blue.  Probably less blue this time with the soil ph changing towards the end of summer.

You almost cannot see my chippy white chair on the porch.

I have to say,  if you want a maintenance free flowering plant,  Knock Out Roses are a great choice. 
I dead head these daily and almost overnight I will come out and more blooms have opened in their place.
Knock out roses grow almost anywhere you put them as long as they get some sun. 

They were  tiny twigs when I planted them and now late summer they have tripled in size.   

I will be adding more of these next summer.

Gotta love verbena.  It is like a weed.  It will sustain in almost any climate.  It can take heat, humidity and rain.
Verbena loves summer!

Usually by the end of August my hanging petunia's are just about done. 

With all the rain we have had it did them in early. 
I lost the other one in the opposite arbor but this one is still hanging on. 

These were so full and were touching the ground about a month ago.  Now this is all that is left and the poor thing is really stringy and the roots are pretty much done.

It is still hard for me to think about Fall. 
  I cannot see pumpkins and corn stalks just yet.  Summer is still in bloom at my home.

I did however put out a few pumpkins and sunflowers on my island.

I am sure this will change up as Fall approaches.  Just a little touch of fall for now.

I have always wanted a bridge farmhouse faucet.   I got one on sale this past weekend.

It is hard to see with how the sun filters in but it has the traditional white hot and cold stamped on the handles.

I am pretty happy with this sweet faucet.  I found it on clearance at Home Depot for under $60. 

I changed up my french window a little bit.  Added the birdhouse over it.

Here is a sneak peak at the new Entry Way Mirror made out of the old door and architectural pieces I had. 

 Now the hard part starts I have to figure out how to put decor on it. 

It will have to be easy breezy pieces of decor. 
Maybe a light wreath on the mirror or I have an old cast iron mail box with flower in it for the lower part of the door.   Hmmm...... I will have to play with it for awhile and then when I get it decorated I will show you how it turns out.     

I am not happy with the door plate or key lock with the white paint.  I may have to take the paint off of those and see how the brass looks under the paint.

Stay tuned to see this pretty entry way piece with some decor on it!
Have a lovely rest of the week.


  1. I love your new faucet...and that wreath on your window is beautiful...I'm pretty sure I need one just like it...
    Love the old door with mirror...if I had it, I would hang a killer basket full of flowers (fall or summer) from the door knob and let the door shine on it;s own...whatever you do, it will be gorgeous.

  2. Your new mirror is looking GORGEOUS! And I love the new faucet, too...you got a good deal! Your plants look beautiful...you have a green thumb, to be sure!

  3. First I have to say your flowers still look amazing!

    That mirror is to die for! I knew it would be. ;)

  4. You have done SO great with your new plantings ~ they look awesome! The faucet is perfect for you, and I love the mirrored door. Not sure about a brass handle though ~ I was thinking either black or oil-rubbed bronze. MHO ~

  5. You have such lovely things blooming in your gardens yet! It is not feeling very autumnal here either . . . lots of heat and humidity. I keep telling myself that fall has to be around the corner! I like your little nod to fall on the island. :)

    We are doing a few kitchen updates next week, including a new bridge faucet! I am excited about the changes!

  6. WOW. WOW. WOW.

    OK, this is amazing. Kris, YOU and Terry ROCK! Your vision and skills to make the vision happen are fascinating! This door/mirror is perfect for that space and you will find so many ways to decorate this! The arch is perfect for this to transform the door into an entirely different piece! BRAVO!

  7. Love that faucet and your plants look so great.

  8. Hi Kris! I hear you on fall - it has been very steamy here, and not at all fall like. My flowers are looking tired though, so it will transition time here soon. What an incredible bargain on your faucet! It's absolutely perfect for your kitchen. I'm also in awe of your door. It really turned out great! I just love old doors. They have so much character and so many stories to tell. Jane

  9. Kris, I love seeing all your beautiful flowers. Your little hydrangea is doing so well. My knock-out rose did not even bloom this year. What a sweet fall vignette on your island. Great buy on the faucet. :) I love the window , you always have it looking so stylish, with a bag and hat. That new door looks like it was always there. Your tool wizard Terry and you came up with some great surrounds. Making the door a mirror makes it useful too. Love that ! Blessings for the rest of this week and this coming weekend, xoxo,love, Susie

  10. What a wonderful post, filled with beauty, inside and out.


  11. Your plants still look happy. Too bad about the hanging baskets but I have had the same experience. This continual rain and downpours have been hard on things. Your new mirror door looks great. You have such a creative mind!

  12. Love the new faucet, Kris. And I am with you regarding summer still being in full, full swing here. We've had our hottest days yet this summer - Tues & Wed (temp 96, real feel 104) - other than the 4th of July. So terribly hot, we are walking at 6:30 am and still sweating! Your flowers still look amazing. The entry mirror is a vision realized - it's great. That mirror will help keep light bouncing around so things appear larger in your small cottage. Good choice!

  13. Gorgeous faucet! I'm jealous!!! Love the door and the other pretties. Hasn't the weather been stupid this year? You've had nothing but rain and in my area, we haven't seen rain since July 1st! Have a happy weekend Kris xoxo

  14. I hear you! Summer is still going full blast although we finally got much needed rain! I'll take whatever you don't want; just send it down here, 'k?
    No Fall decorating here - I am preparing for a festival on Saturday. Hope to sell some artwork. Then Sunday, we will go help my niece with her house (texturing walls, cleaning, etc). Maybe I'll put out some decor next week.
    Oh my goodness! The mirror door is fantastic! Really, stunning, Kris. Wow! Terry did good.

    1. Oh! I forgot to say how much I love your faucet! I put a bridge faucet in the farm kitchen. It just adds so much character!

  15. I hear you Kris, still very hot and humid here too. Been a tough summer. Everyday hot, humid and torrential rains.

    Hoping fall comes with cooler and much drier air.

    This piece is amazing. My two cents, I think the old hardware showing with no paint would add more charm

    Love it

    Enjoy your day


  16. Good Morning Kris
    Loving all your pretty garden flowers, you really have a green thumb. I have not decorated for Fall yet either
    Your new door/mirror is absolutely amazing, never saw anything like it. Terry did such an awesome job. Love love love it
    have the best day Kris

  17. Oh my goodness, I love the door mirror!!! Wow, Terry did a wonderful job putting that together. Your faucet is amazing too - Home Depot huh, I'm surprised. Totally jealous of your weather - would you believe we already got our first frost!

  18. It is still summer here too and I am not ready to fall into fall. My one hydrangea I planted in June is finally getting buds! Love the door mirror!

  19. LOVE that faucet! What a find. Can't wait to see what you do with the door/mirror.

  20. The faucet is a great find and it looks lovely. So many pretty looks in your cute house. You two are always working on something. Sounds familiar. Your flowers look wonderful. I love flowers with little maintenance. I must say your door mirror is stunning! Love your inspiration. Very cute little pumpkins. Hugs

  21. Hi,
    I love the faucet. We also have an old farmhouse sink and faucet, one of my favorite features in our kitchen.
    Good luck with your project. Looking forward to seeing it. :-)
    I am waiting on decorating for Autumn as well. Still SUMMER!!

  22. First time commenter, but I often visit. I love your blog. And I absolutely love how your use of trim & moldings turn a glimmer of beauty into something down right gorgeous. In doing a close-up while admiring your new faucet, I spied your kitchen window in the background. Did you guys add that molding & trim around your window? Just stunning. I am now looking around my house wondering if I could do the same thing here.

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for leaving your comment and coming to my blog. Your sweet comments made my day. Glad you love to visit and get my style. Yep that is old pieces of vintage frames boxing out the window over my sink. I had one big frame and then Terry took another frame and cut out pieces to fit in to make it work around the window. I get more compliments on that window. I hope you can do this in your house. It does make a WOW statement on windows. If you have any other questions when you do this just pop me a line and I would be glad to answer or help in any way I can. Happy Thursday.

  23. You find the best deals! I'm loving all your plants. I live in Pennsylvania and my plants are looking worse by the day. If it wasn't for my Creeping Jenny ground cover it would look pretty dull here.

  24. We have hardly had any rain so far this year and my gardens are so lovely! I have to water them tho! Yours is doign as well as mine!

  25. Kris, I pity the poor soul that comes into your cottage a little tipsy and tries to open that pretty door. It turned out wonderfully and is so beautiful. It looks like it was just made for that spot. I love the sound of the mailbox but I'm sure anything you add to it will just be wonderful. Your new faucet is so classy looking...xxoJudy

  26. Amazing flowers, it's so hot here but our petunias made it through the summer heat.
    Love Love Love your entry way mirror, too!

  27. Oh your home is just so lovely, Kris, both inside and out!!!! My garden is a jungle with all the rain we had....my Lobelia gave up the fight about a month ago, although one pot of it is still looking amazing (weird!) The Petunias are doing well, but the geraniums are not doing as well as they should be. I love, love, love everything about your kitchen sink! The sink, the faucet, the window, the valance.....just perfection!! xo

  28. I don't blame your for hanging onto summer. I'm the same way! I ease into fall reluctantly. I love your pretty bridge faucet. Your home is cute, just like you!!!!


  29. Stunning!

    I’m with you on the roses Kris. Best investment I ever made in our previous home in NY.


  30. The new sink is beautiful! The garden is amazing! I wish my hydrengas would have bloomed again. They bloomed so early and than wilted away. I probaby should have cut all the blooms off to encourage a second blooming. Have a great weekend.

  31. On our plants, same here, petunias croaked with the last rain, but the potato vines are crazy. On your door, ever girl deserves a little bling....maybe just a bit of stain on the brass---? The door, is glorious!

  32. I am still hanging on to summer as long as I can too, Kris! Most of my annuals are pretty much gone. I have emptied out so many pots already. It always makes me sad to have to do this.

    Love your new kitchen faucet. The entryway mirror is incredible!

  33. I love the pop of the sunflowers and yellow on your island! I'm NOT ready for Fall yet.... although that old saying "Fall is in the air" is happening here, even though we haven't had a drop of rain for 10 weeks! It's so DRY here and the leaves are definitely crackly under my feet.. but it's still HOT and seems like summer to me! Your flowers in your yard look really beautiful still. Your door and mirror are also gorgeous and I'm looking forward to how your decorate it up. I had to go back and look at your kitchen window and yes.. now I see that frame around it. How neat is that? Also LOVE the black checked curtains.. the black just sets off all the white so well. Just love it all! Hugs.. Marilyn

  34. Now that's a faucet! I love it and the door/ mirror. I can't wait to see how you dress it up! xoxo

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  36. Oh wow Kris, I love your new faucet and such a great price from HD. I can't wait to see how you fix up the door and mirror. You are always changing things up and I know it will turn out beautiful.
    P.S. So sorry I missed this post.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  37. Summer is still going strong here too. I always enjoy seeing your sweet flowers. You have a green thumb, for sure! I adore that faucet. I think it goes perfectly in your kitchen!

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