What I Am Working On

Hi Everyone.  Happy Monday.

Thought I would show you what is in the works over at Junk Chic Cottage.

I found these custom plantation shutters on Offer Up.  Offer Up is a site here where people post up all kinds of things they want to sell.  I have been very lucky and found some great things at great prices.

These shutters while hard to see with the lighting are all white and fit my front window perfectly.  I scored them for $75 and when I had a company come out to give me an estimate on doing these kind of shutters on my windows they told me this window alone would be $500 to make similar shutters.

So I think I got a pretty good bargain.  The lady that sold them to me said she had them custom made for her living room window and then decided she did not like them.  Win for me!!

Ok you know how one things lead to another.  It is a domino effect when you change up something in your decor RIGHT?!!!  Well I loved how these shutters opened up my front window with still giving me privacy.

As you can see in this picture the cornice is pretty and so are my check drapes.  Under the drapes are wood 2 inch blinds that are so hard to keep clean.  That all came down.

Now the window has opened up the room.  It feels so much bigger. 
Ok here is the part that one thing leads to another!!!
After Terry hung the shutters for me I started to look at the white walls!!!  Hmmmm I think I need to add a little color!!! What color from me!!!! Yep I felt like it was too stark now and I needed to give the walls some color to make all my chippy whites pop.

This is the other long wall across the living room.  This wall needs some color too. My big farmhouse window and shutters came down so this wall could get some paint too.

So now my old farmhouse window and shutters pop on the gray wall.

I like the white shutters and trim with the gray walls.

My little house looks like a bomb went off everywhere.  I hope to have this room back together and I will show you some new decor pieces I have for the newly painted walls.
I am loving the light gray walls with all my white trim and decor pieces. 

The gray walls also compliment my wallpaper.  It looks like decor hoarder lives here right now!!!

 I will get this room together soon to show you the new pieces along with how the paint and new shutters made a big difference in this room.

I got this new piece from Julie Norkus a wonderful artist that I buy different pretties from at the markets I visit. 
Julie had a great frame on this but when I got it home I discovered one of my vintage frames fit.
This piece is going to be in my kitchen with some new change ups in there.  Hope to show you those soon too.

Fall was beginning to appear last week.  Nice daytime temps and cool evenings.  Now this week we are back with high 80's and humid summer weather.  I guess Mother Nature does not know what she wants to do here in Illinois for fall just yet.  So my watering and carrying for what flowers I have left continues.

Have a great new week.
Hope to be back soon with some of the changes going on around here.

Terry finished building the Murphy Bed in the guest room.  Now we just have to figure out the front of the cabinet for the bed.  Hope to find something cool to do there and then I can show you that piece. 

I am so excited I can have a queen bed in my little bedroom that acts as the three in one room.

Happy Week.
Kris :)


  1. Love the new color. Looking forward to seeing it all put together.

  2. Such an amazing price for the shutters. Love the gray and the first thing I said to myself was, look at the wallpaper pop.

    The weather is crazy. Getting to not only me but John.

    Can't wait to see the changes.

    I finally took a picture of a cabinet I repainted for our great room.

    Been so cloudy, I haven't taken a picture in a month.

    So much to post. Cloudiness horrible for pictures and we have tons of windows

    Enjoy your week


  3. Love the gray and I adore the shutters. I have left all my windows plain, no drapes, I think shutters are the perfect window treatment. Can't wait to see how everything else is coming togethr.

  4. I love your new gray walls...the white really pops now! The shutters were a great find! Looking forward to seeing that Murphy bed!

  5. Love the gray walls but you know me, I am a color girl!!! What a great deal on those shutters!! I call it the Snowball effect...like a snow ball rolling down a hill getting bigger and bigger. Or the "Might as Well's". I might as well do this since i just did that...You know what I mean??? LOL!!

  6. Love the soft gray on the walls and what a deal on the shutters. Yes, we have paid dearly for our custom shutters and way more than $500. I thought that was a deal compared to what I paid here.

  7. What a deal and what a crazy lady you are! It's a good thing that man of yours doesn't mind playing with his tools. Wait.....that's it. You two are just playing house every night, aren't you??? What will you think of next??

  8. What a great deal you got on those shutters! I can't believe you found ones that fit your window perfectly. I know what you mean about blinds getting dirty. We have (real) wooden blinds in the living room and our bedroom and then faux wood blinds in the kitchen, master bath, and the other two bedrooms. They are a huge pain to keep clean! Which means umm...most of the time, they're dusty. ;-)

  9. Kris, I am imagining the sounds of hammering and sawing coming from your house. LOL. Dang girl, you and Terry are decorating machines !! Oh I will tell you those are my all time favorite shutters. I had bought some for my house in town and left them when we moved here. I kick myself every time I think of that. Can't wait to see all your make overs. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  10. You go girl!!! The grey walls look gorgeous with all the white and I am SO ENVIOUS of your shutters! Awesome find. Glad you're keeping busy ;) xoxox

  11. too beautiful.. you have true designer eye..

  12. Love your new shutters and the wall color is AMAZING!!!!

  13. So don't keep us in suspense, woman ~ what is the name and maker of that gorgeous grey paint?!?!?!

  14. Good morning dearest Kris!!!! I LOVE IT! Doesn't it truly open up your space when you deal with the window treatments? I know. I took down the curtains from my living room and it's so open now. HEY! I got my settee!

    I love your room. So, the cornices are gone? And the curtains? It sure looks wonderful.

  15. Shutters are the best! You are right - they give you all the privacy you want but they are so much easier to live with. It's easy to dust them any time you need to...I did some of ours yesterday.

    I am in love with your art work and I'm going to Google the artist! That's gorgeous.

    Love your light gray walls too.

  16. Gasp! You added color! Lol, I'm teasing. It looks beautiful with the white and wallpaper. I love it. And those shutters - what a score! Can't wait to see it all pulled together. Pretty sweet painting too. Fall is a great time for change!
    Hugs, Cecilia

  17. Wow!! Big changes for you and I love them all! Those shutters were a perfect find for the room and obviously totally meant to be...and you know how I feel about color. I think it makes everything pop! Fabulous. Can't wait to see it all done. xo

  18. Hi Kris, everything looks welcoming. I love that you added some gray. It definitely makes your prized possessions pop. You obtained a great bargain for those awesome shutters. You are a true shopper. One project after the other...lol. My husband says our pool cabana is our last big project. It is finally making more progress. Have a happy week dear Kris. Xo

  19. I think the gray wall was a great choice. I always feel like I can't decipher where one thing ends and another begins with white on white. Now each piece of furniture is highlighted. How amazing that those shutters fit perfectly!

  20. I love all your projects and envy your energy. Keep on, keeping on.

  21. Kris, don't you just love those shutters. So easy to let light in and then change for privacy. I love them. The new painting is really pretty and I can't wait to see it in place. The new paint is just the right touch and really shows off all your pretties. You always give us so much to look forward to..xxoJudy

  22. the gray color on the walls looks fantastic with white :)

  23. The shutters look great and can't beat that price! I love the subtleness of the light grey - just enough to make your whites pop. What is the name of the paint color? Looking forward to seeing the room once it's finished and the murphy bed you've been working on.

  24. It looks great,Kris,and I can't believe the price on those plantation shutters. They are so expensive when they have to be custom made! I have never heard of Offer Up but will look it up -not sure if it is in this area.

    Love the gray walls-it really does make all your white pop and look fresh and new! Happy putzing and playing with decor. xo Diana

  25. I love shutters. I just do not have any as finances are very tight. Your home is lovely!

  26. You are always such a busy lady, Kris! I love the grey walls with that gorgeous wallpaper - so pretty, and the white trim/shutters pop so nicely against the grey!!

  27. I LOVE your living room gray walls. It makes the white really stand out! My master bath is a light gray and I love it! I was never a "gray" sort of person, but decided I needed something soothing in contrast to our bedroom with the pink walls... and the gray is just right.. I have white and aqua in there which I just love too. Your new shutters are so pretty.... the room looks lighter and brighter already.. though who needs "bright" when you already have so much white! I did like that cornice you had up though.. I'm sure you'll find somewhere else for it! We are having some perfect Fall weather... is sunny, blue sky, light breeze and about 73 out. Many flowers still blooming here so we keep watering.. only every other day now. I hope it stays this way for awhile.. very cold nights.. down in the 30's now and one of these nights, it'll hit freezing and all my flowers will say bye bye for another year. I'm kind of glad to be done with all the yard work! Hugs.. Marilyn

  28. Kris, I can't believe I'm saying this since I have stark white (Benjamin Moore's Super White, to be precise) walls, but I love the gray. It does look better with your trim and wallpaper!

  29. I like it! Well done and great eye for the color to stand out like you did.
    Looking forward to more :-)

    I recently saw a grey kitchen. I never thought I would like a grey kitchen, but WOW! This was really lovely.. it has me thinking.

  30. I love how one things leads to another! The new gray walls look great and I like your new Hello Fall picture. I’m sure you are having fun putting this all together again!

  31. That's a great deal on those shutters! My mom had them installed in her old house and they were very expensive. I'm loving the light grey on the walls too! A great compromise to add a little color. Looks fabulous!

  32. It is amazing the difference the gray walls make in the room. They allow the whites to pop.

    We had custom shutters made for a bay window in our first home and they were quite expensive. We just met a woman who bought our house from the people we sold it to and she said the shutters were still there when she moved in. She also sold the house, but said she thinks they are still there.

  33. Let's see how long this wall color/these shutters/4 chairs instead of a loveseat last!

  34. Those are expensive items! Great bargain, someone was watching out for you! Actually, I'm not kidding as I always think those things are not coincidences but rather are little gifts, little miracles.

    The Hello Fall picture is very pretty!

  35. What a fantastic deal you got on those beautiful shutters, Kris! You were so lucky that they fit perfectly. The gray wall looks great!
    Have a wonderful week!
    xo Julia

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