Flexible and Plan B

Happy Sunday Sweet Blogging Friends.

 I am happy to report that my sectional has arrived!!!!

Even with measuring out the dimensions on the floor the sectional has come in bigger than I planned out for this room.  

Having a plan in my mind to make this room work both as a living room and dining area it is not going to play out like I thought.


This is the new sectional.  This was the plan layout for this sectional.  The issue I have is it covering both windows. 
I need that back window to be a focal point in this room and I do not like the sectional covering it.

So plan B is to swing this around to face into the space and it will only block the front window.

This will leave open the focal window and nothing will block it.

The new TV and armoire will have to be moved off of this wall and onto the opposite wall in the living room.
 Where the chair and vent in the wall are open will be the new home for the armoire.  

Terry is feeding the cable up from the basement hook up through the vent duct in the wall.  This way the cable can be hooked up to the TV on this wall.

I will lose my dining area and am trying to make peace with that.  

I really tried hard to make this small space into a comfy living room and also small eating area for us.  Not going to happen!  So I am making peace with that DIY issue.

I do have one more idea to allow us an eating area but will save that idea for now.  I will be back with the whole room put together soon.  

I love the new sectional.  It is really comfy and it has the new performance fabric that is guaranteed to be spill and stain resistant.

Good Thing for Performance Fabric because of this guy loving the new sectional.

He is already positioning himself several different ways on this new sectional for the comfy spot.

We are getting 3 to 4 more inches of snow today.  Ughhhh when will it ever end.  Please Spring come soon!!!!

Have a great new week.


  1. Your new couch is lovely with it's matching dog! Looking forward to seeing how you do the eating area.

  2. I know you are disappointed, but I KNOW that you and Terry will be able to come up with something perfect.

    I like the sectional and I love that it is dog approved - that's the most important test.

  3. The Budster has been experimenting with plan A, plan B positions to make sure this sectional passes HIS inspection! He can tick off the first box for "FABRIC MATCHES MY COAT COLOR!" CHECK!


    Well my dear, it's ALL gorgeous. Your creative mind WILL find the way this is all going to tie together, and we are having fun watching to see how this will play out. Hang in there with the snow. We're almost there toward garden weather! And, thank you for visiting my post.

  4. Kris, Let me chime in on your" Hurry Spring" chant.:) Me too, sick of snow,ice, cold, and windy days. I love that sectional. I envy how clean you can keep things, especially with a pet...er and a man. LOL Ted and I finally ate at our dining room table. I have had his meds stacked on it for over a month.. I just pushed it all aside. I like sitting at the table for our meals. I am wishing you luck on getting your dining area just like you want it. Blessings to you and Terry. xoxo, Susie

  5. I love that you picked your fabric to match Buddy!! Twill all work out for you in the end ~

  6. Buddy is loving the new sectional I see of course with his belly ready for a rub. He's adorable and blends well.

    I know you must be disappointed. You will figure out something. You can't get a break with snow.

    Hang in there


  7. I love your new sectional. I am sorry that the dining part did not work out. We have rain here and cold.

  8. The new sectional is sooooo pretty! How nice that it matches that cute fur baby so perfectly!!! LOL Maybe you can find a nice round coffee table that adjusts in height so you can sit at your sectional and eat too? Whatever you come up with will be fabulous for sure!!!
    Have a great week :o)

  9. Oh, Kris, I'm so sorry! I know how much you were looking forward to having this space be multi-use for you! I hate it and know that it is frustrating! The sofa is gorgeous though and I know you have to be loving it. Looks like Buddy is definitely loving it! I find it so hard to be flexible and move to a different plan when I really had my heart set on something else. I'm glad you are flexible and always seem to have a Plan B in your back pocket! Hope you had a wonderful time yesterday! Love and hugs sweet friend!

  10. Love the sofa. What if you turn the short end up against the wall where you had planned for the table, that looks like it would really open the room up if it would fit.

  11. Sorry you plan isn't going to work for you. I do love the sofa though, and sure to be a great space for TV watching. I am wondering if you couldn't find a sofa/entry type table for behind your sofa in its current position that could function as a small area for you and Terry to eat. You could potentially have a couple of shorter stools that would fit under the table when not in use. Just trying to think outside your box. I admire your adaptability. It brings to mind a quote I saw today. "Lovely thing to learn from water. Adjust yourself in every situation and in shape. But most importantly, find your own flow"
    Hope you Sunday will be blessed. I do not envy you the snow. I am struggling with our rain (which we need badly and will give us a green spring) and the colder than our normal temps. Stay warm and cuddly on your new sectional.

  12. The sofa is beautiful and I know you will make it work wonderfully, but it's a bummer when things don't go as planned. I totally get it. It's very hard to visual things until they're in the room. Furniture is just so big these days. I can't wait to see how it all plays out, but in the meantime your pup looks awfully happy with the new addition! ;)

  13. Oh boy, I can only imagine your disappointment, BUT ...if anyone can figure it out, you two can. Your little buddy is super cute and seems to think it's just fine. :)
    I am so into purging "stuff" over here, I'd probably just settle for a big ottoman (with storage lid, of course), plop a tray on it, and call it a table and forget the conventional table & chairs. Keep the faith, Kris.

  14. Working with small rooms can be so challenging but I know you'll find the perfect layout! Have a happy week :) xoxox

  15. Number 2 plan looks good. Do you have room for a skinny rectangular table against the back of the long side of the sofa. Good place for lamps, plants, etc?

  16. Yikes! That's frustrating for sure but the Plan B looks really nice and IS pup-approved.

  17. I'm sure you tried this, but did you try putting the long end the other way? I also have a pic I found and pinned yesterday and thought of you and your predicament. I'm emailing it to you.

  18. What a great sectional, Kris, and I have no doubt you will pull this room together in an amazing way!!! What about one of those tables that sits flush against the wall and has all the leaves inside so you can stretch it out as needed? My sister has one that she inherited from a great aunt and despite the fact that she NEVER uses it and I've begged her for it, alas she's refusing to give it up!

  19. I love your new sofa, Kris and I am so sorry it didn't work out the way you had thought it would. But you are so good and rearranging things to work, that I know it will all look wonderful in the end.

  20. Such a pretty sectional! If you have a comfy sofa to sit on and watch TV, that is half the battle! The other half... well.... I like the idea of the coffee table that raises up. I've seen those in furniture stores and they are pretty darned neat. Or if the sofa could flip around and keep the armoire where it was.. and put a long skinny table behind the sofa (would that be on the kitchen side?) like someone said, and have it raise up too... with little stools that tuck under it? That way you could also sit and watch TV while you eat. Or tuck a small higher square table in that corner on the kitchen wall (where you are putting the armoire) and have two chairs there. Like you said, it's hard to get it to come together when the "real" furniture comes in the room! I hope Terry's back is doing OK too.... xoxox Marilyn

  21. Way too much snow for me!!!! I like the sectional but white would never stay clean with my cats and boyfriend around. Would need to go gray or blue! Looks good in your place.

  22. Hi,
    Buddy stole the show here on this post. ;-)
    I am excited to see the project come together.
    xx oo

  23. I'm sure you will come up with a perfect solution

  24. The new sectional is beautiful! Sorry it didn't fit where you wanted it to but plan b looks good too! Too bad about your dining area. Maybe something in the kitchen will work. You'll get it figured out! Hang in there!

  25. Kris, I thought I had already commented on this, but guess not. Love that sectional, as little Buddy seems to also. It will look so good no matter what you do. Just the touches over your windows already look perfect. It will be very comfy and beautiful..xxoJudy

  26. My living room is 14x14 with an extra area to walk through and front door. I know how hard it is to find 'small' scale furniture and still provide seating for a family. As much as I love the armoire for a flat screen tv is chewing up quite a bit of space. Just a thought, Sandi.

  27. I have been so busy I haven't visited blog land much! Love the sectional and will look at the follow up posts to see how you are dealing with it. xo Diana