Vintage Window Dressing Valentine's Day DIY Gift

Happy Weekend Everyone.

We are finally coming out of the brutally cold days here in Illinois.  It was unbelievably frigid.

We were 26 below with a wind chill of -50 below for two days and now we are climbing back up and will hit 55 here on Monday.  So crazy here. We go from one extreme to another. Welcome to Midwest Winter!
I wanted to share my old vintage farmhouse window.  Terry got her to fit in side of the regular window in my living room.  Then I thought she needed some pretty bling on her.

Added some faux floral to give her some bling.

Still waiting on good ole' Pottery Barn to finish up my sectional and set up delivery.  Hopefully soon.

  It seems like forever when you are waiting on something like this.  It has only been 4 weeks but feels like more.

We will pick up the banquette I found on Offer Up tomorrow morning.  Then Terry and I can start to work on that piece.  Hoping that the new re loved corner piece will work out great and give me my seating and the look I want in this room.

Valentine's DIY!!!

  I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea for blinging up a Valentine's Day Gift. So I gave it a try.
I got the adult kiddo's their favorite box of chocolates and added a little fun to some of the candy spots.

I used money and lottery tickets in place of some of the chocolates.  Hmmmm where do those chocolates go that were in those spaces?!!!

Tied them off with plastic and a sweet ribbon and there you have a great Valentine's gift with a little added surprise inside.

Have a good weekend.  Hope to get the banquette done to show you next week.


  1. I'm glad things are warming up for you guys!!!! Those little chocolate hearts are so cute with the added goodies you put in there :o) Can't wait to see how you transform the banquette set. Have a great weekend!!!

  2. GREAT idea!! I know a few Valentines that would be thrilled with these hearts. I am doing this for sure. Thanks for the idea, Kris. Have a fun weekend working on that bench! xo

  3. Kris, You have the cutest ideas. I love the chocolate boxes. I am so eager to see your new dining area. Thank goodness that cold snap has moved out. It was horrible. Let's enjoy the warmer days coming. Blessings to you sweet friend. Ted's had a couple really good days. xoxo, love , Susie

  4. GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, the spring bling is looking really promising on that gorgeous window! My décor is still in winter mode, but soon, I'm bringing out the "forever" peonies to add some pink blush in my décor! Yeah, we made it through this horrific winter spell my dear.

    OK, so today is the day you get your banquette! TEXT ME as soon as you get it!

  5. Love the 'bling' you added to your window.

    Great idea for the Valentines

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  6. What a great idea with the clever additions to the boxes. Your window looks pretty dressed and you get some great light. Can't wait to see the banquet.

    When waiting for furniture it feels like an eternity .

    Thank goodness the cold is taking a break. I have felt horrible for everyone in the midwest I couldn't complain about our freezing temperatures. There's freezing and then there's FREEZING



  7. You two could have your own TV show on upcycling vintage pieces! It's gorgeous and that deal you got for the banquette is about the best I've seen.

  8. Kris, the window looks great and I love the surprise chocolates! How fun!!

  9. Very good news on your weather front! No doubt Buddy will be pleased too!
    Your window looks fabulous and what a great idea with the chocolate boxes!
    Looking forward to seeing your next amazing transformation. Hugs x

  10. Great idea for the boxes of chocolates! What adult kiddo wouldn't love it??? Your window looks so pretty as usual.... love the wreath on it and I to am anxiously awaiting your couch! You guys are pretty darned amazing! Oh.. and SO GLAD your weather is warming up finally. Hugs.. Marilyn

  11. Kris,
    We are having a warm up here too!! Love the window!! Beautiful!!

  12. I love this idea for Valentine's! Jamison doesn't eat chocolate (can you imagine?) so I never know what to get him. This will make the perfect surprise! Glad your weather will be improving! That polar vortex thing was incredible! Way too cold! Have a happy Sunday!!

  13. Kris, the icing on the cake! Looks devine and how happy the little Valentines are going to be..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  14. Your window bling is gorgeous, as always! You always know just what to do to give your home the perfect look. And I love your idea of adding a little something to the valentine boxes. Everyone loves cash, candy and the chance to win big!

  15. Sounds like a colder version of Texas weather. We are close to 70 and Wednesday night it will drop back to freezing. I’m so ready for sunshine and no more cold!

  16. Very pretty window - looks spring-like! Cool idea for the box of chocolates. :-)

  17. Hi Kris! I did the money in the chocolate box for my daughter last year. Funny story. She had a morning seminar and brought the box I had mailed to her to have as a snack - because she thought it was full of candy. She was so disappointed to find only money inside, lol! She said she was starving that day! Of course, she had a good laugh and was happy for some $$$. It's a fun idea for sure! Jane

  18. Kris, I love the window! That little bit of bling made a world of difference! I also love your Valentine's DIY! That is absolutely perfect for adults...may be stealing this for the hubster! Can't wait to see the banquette! Love and hugs sweet friend!

  19. Hi Kris, yes it's so great that the weather has gotten warmer since last week was so COLD! It was so cold that Bosco would run out in the yard so fast to do his business and no walks for him last week!! I love the way your window looks and it's so pretty with your floral bling. I can't wait to see how nice the seating will come out. I love Ballard Design and the price of that banquette is just crazy expensive!! I know yours will turn out beautiful. Enjoy the week.
    Julie xo

  20. Hi,
    LOVE the Valentine's idea. Thank you for sharing.
    As always.. your window is lovely.
    Happy February,

  21. Your windows looks fabulous. What a great look for Valentines. You are so clever with your Valentine gift boxes. What's not to love, chocolates, money and lottery tickets. Hugs

  22. The window looks great! That's a cute idea with the candy boxes. I JUST realized that it's next week . . . have to scoot getting things in the mail to my kids lol! You'd think I'd be on top of this since Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays haha!

  23. That window looks fabulous, Kris - it might be winter outside but it sure looks like spring inside your lovely house!! Great idea on the chocolates....and yes, where did the 'extras' go, hmmmm? :)

  24. Hello Dear Kris,
    I know you all have been hit hard with those unreal frigid temperatures. Spring will be here soon and that will indeed be a real joy. We are enjoying the change of season since we moved. (now ask me how I feel about Winter next year...hehehe) anyway I am happy to be catching up with you. Gorgeous window and very clever and fun Valentines!

  25. That is the cutest idea for a non candy filled Valentine heart.

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