A New Angel In My Life

I love to be surrounded by angels in my home decor.  I have been collecting angels for years and have been gifted some very beautiful ones.

Today I want to share with you one of my newest and some of the ones I have had and cherished for years.

I would like to introduce you to my newest angel Grace. 
Terry gifted Grace to me for my birthday. 

Cathy from Cheswick Company makes these beautiful angels. 

I have been collecting them for years.

I love her sweet basket with a baby chick, egg and violets. 
I have her hanging on my office door.

Buddy wanted to photo bomb and point out the detail on the bottom of this beautiful gown Grace is wearing. 
Thank you Buddy you are a great assistant.

This is one of my angels Hope that adorned my Christmas tree.

Hope has also been know to hang out in the Christmas Wreath.

This sweet angel is hanging out in the office lamp.

This my autumn angel with her sweet vintage coat.  She was hanging out on my kitchen shelf with one of my little birdies this past winter.

Here is my Original Grace Angel that I gave up for Adoption when I did the fund raiser for the Dog Rescue I support. 
She has a new home and her proceeds went to help other dogs and cats in need.

I am so lucky to have another sweet friend that can sew and create beautiful angels too. 

Cil is a great friend I met through blogging and she gifted me this Belle angel last Christmas. 

I treasure her because she is beautiful and because Cil made her special for me. 

Thanks sweet friend.

This is another sweet angel that Cil gifted me along with this beautiful sign.
Here are three sweet angels. 
The one on the left was also made by Cil and donated when I did the fund raiser for the Rescue. 
She got a brand new home. 
The witch angel Cil made me as a gift and the Wren angel on the right is one I had in my collection for the fund raiser too.

 So happy they raised money and have new homes.

My most favorite part of my witch angel is her red locks of hair and her beautiful face.  Her sweet face just draws you in and makes you smile.
This picture of my beautiful Grace hung on the old chippy farm door in the old house.

Here is my little Harvest angel in an autumn vignette from the past.

 Hope a few years back hanging out in our Christmas tree.

Here she is in our last house at Christmas.

One of my little angels hanging out on the old bird house.

Here is my original grace many years back at Christmas. 
It was hard to let this Grace be adopted since she was my first angel in my collection but it was all worth it to help out the rescue agency that we got our sweet Cooper. 

They gifted us such a special rescue with Cooper so it felt good to raise some money to give back.

  I know she has a great new home and will watch over her new person like she did for me.

It was so sweet when Terry gifted me this new Grace for my up coming birthday. 

He said it was time I had another Grace to watch over me.

Do you believe in Angels?  I feel Angels are all around us in our everyday life.

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.
I am working on a few DIY's around the house to hope to show soon.


  1. Hi Kris, oh that was so sweet of Terry to gift you with the beautiful angel. I enjoyed looking at the photos of all of your angels decorated on your Christmas trees.
    Yes, I do believe in living angels and have them looking after us. :)
    Have a Happy Friday and weekend.
    Hugs, Julie

  2. What a beautiful collections of angels you have, Kris. And I love your photobombing Buddy! He's adorable. Happy Friday!!

  3. She is so cute and so are the other ones.

  4. Hi Kris love your new angle Terry gave you. Thank Buddy for pointing out the details on the bottom of Grace's dress. Love all the details with her basket.

    Enjoy your weekend


  5. She’s a real precious Angel! Love her face and how she made her nose!

  6. Oh my word,she is precious. I love all of your angels, but this one really is special.

  7. You have a wonderful collection of precious angels watching over you, Kris - Grace is gorgeous, Terry's a wonderful man who really knows how to make you happy!

  8. I enjoyed looking at your collection. This is very special. Terry is a fantastic man. I am happy he is a role model for other men with his work in the fire department.

  9. Thank you for sharing such beauty Kris. Hugs. Sweet Terry.

  10. Kris, I love all your pretty angels. That basket is adorable too. yes, I believe in angels . I think it's good to get gifts and love them a while and then maybe give them to others, or as you did , use them to raise funds for needy pets. Blessings to you sweet girl, xoxo, Susie

  11. I know you must cherish these sweet little personalities. The Birthday Angel is so precious with that basket filled with the chick and violets. Of course, Buddy is the sweetest little angel of all! xo

  12. Kris, I love your new angel! She is beautiful, as are all the other angels. I don't know how you could ever pick a favorite...they are all so unique! Sweet Buddy is adorable...love how he helps you with your photos! :-) Such talented and kind friends to make these beautiful angels for your home! Love and hugs! Happy weekend!

  13. Your angels are so beautiful!!! Your newest one Grace is wonderful....what a sweet husband you have :o)

  14. Oh, I believe.I believe in angels unseen AND seen. Maybe it's my artistic imagination, my child-like belief but I think that God brings angels to us in the form of people and even ANIMALS! Tongue and cheek, I even imagine angels having to "zip up" into dog suits for their assignments here on earth! Oh Kris, your collection is superb and Cil is so talented! I love "Grace" - she is well made, that dress, OH MY! And, Grace was my mom's name. A name so full of intangible and wondrous promise, but at the same time, full of hope for every day lives. Grace. Hmmm.....a name I took for granted for so long, but now pray for every day.

    HUGS to you my friend!

  15. Grace is adorable as are tall the others. You can't help falling in love with them. A precious gift to enjoy for years. Buddy is always welcome in your photos. xo

  16. Oh my Kris,
    so many beautiful angels! No wonder you love them.
    Many hugs,
    Karen B.

  17. Thank you for sharing your angel collection, Kris. They're all so beautiful. Yes, I believe in angels, and my given middle name is Angela. Terry was so sweet to gift you another Grace. Her dress looks as though it's made from a vintage slip or even Christening gown, so pretty!
    I'm wshing you the light and protection of all the angels for your birthday. Have a great weekend.

  18. Kris, these are all so sweet! You are so spot on about the cute ways you display them too. :)

  19. Grace is so beautiful! I love seeing all of your angels as well as snippets from past decor! Angels are very important to me. I too feel that they protect us day and night and are such a comfort to see! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous collection! Have a wonderful weekend! Love and hugs!:

  20. I have loved seeing your beautiful angels over the years. You have quite the collection!

  21. She's beautiful! Love the little chick in the basket. They are all adorable - I bought some of those little birds with the hats and scarves from Target last year. I put them in my bedroom during the winter months. Have you seen the cute spring ones they have? They had cute ones for fall but I missed out on those.

  22. Oh the new Grace is so sweet. How wonderful of Terry to give you another "Grace" in your life. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of all of your other sweet angels... all watching over you or others I'm sure! I do believe in angels.... I don't have many around my home, but I believe they are there in many forms (and even in our fur babies). Love when Buddy is right there with you during your photo shoots! Have a nice weekend and it sounds like Terry is doing well after his surgery.. and you are too! Glad to hear it! xoxo Marilyn

  23. Kris, I just love all your angels and the good deeds they always do. So pretty and the newest Grace is beautiful. Such sweet and kind faces..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  24. Oh, she's adorable. I love your whole collection...so sweet!

  25. Kris!!
    O MY!! These sweet angels are adorable!! Love them!! What a wonderful gift!!

  26. Aww!! all the angels are so cute!

  27. You have some gorgeous angels...each as pretty as the last...
    and I ABSOLUTELY DO believe in angels....xo

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  29. Your a lucky girl to have so many angels to keep you safe and secure. Thanks for sharing them with us.

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