Living Room Reveal

Hello Sweet Blogging Friends.

I cannot believe it is already Labor Day Weekend.

Yikes where did the summer go?!

Here is the living room reveal finally.

Before Picture of Living Room. Dark greenish blue walls and dark trim and moldings.

Before Picture of Living Room Space
We painted those darker green/blue walls in Pixel White from Behr.   It really brightened up this front room and made it feel bigger.

After Living Room Space.

The back of the front door painted in the Pixel White like the walls.

This corner has my old Farm house window attached to the window of the Living room.

My friend gave this chippy framed saying from Mother Teresa that I love.

We had to find Terry a new recliner since the bigger one did not fit in this space.  Found this Walter E. Smithe recliner on Offer Up.  A little darker than I would have liked but it is very comfy for Terry.
I wish this window area could be open like this.  If I do this then there is no place for Terry's recliner.  :(

This is the old iron bed frame that we hung on the wall for a focal point.  

On my coffee table I have this sweet little vignette.

In this corner I have a cute bird cage on an old porch post.
The beautiful angel is from a very sweet blogging friend.  This is very special angel for me.
My sweet birdhouse found a place over the TV armoire.

Framed it out with some old salvage pieces I had.

My yellow front door looks so pretty and cute for this cottage.

So there you have it.  The new JCC#4 living room area.
Next up is the new kitchen so stay tuned.

Have a great holiday weekend.  Be safe and enjoy the extra long weekend.

We are heading to Michigan on Saturday for the Found Cottage Mercantile Market. 
I cannot wait to go and see what fun treasures I can find.
Terry and Buddy and I will head out early Saturday morning.

Apparently Buddy thinks he would like to drive to Michigan.  Nope! He will be in his doggie seat!
Happy Weekend.
PS: This sweet cottage home needs a white picket fence in the front.  We will be working on that this weekend too.  Hope to show you that soon.

Ok, I am really closing this post now!!!
Create, Bake, Grow & Gather

Master Bedroom Reveal

Happy Sunday Blogging Friends.

Finally have some pictures of my master bedroom to show you.  Still a work in progress.  

I will share with you new things as they are added.

I feel like the house is coming together but there are things in each room that need a few more tweaks.

My Master Bedroom is still my signature serene neutral colors.  
That is my sanctuary at night and I need it soft and neutral.  
Terry just needs a pillow and blanket and he is happy!!!!
I did add some pattern a a little color to this room but not much.

This is the new queen bed and headboard. 

We had to give up our King sleep number bed for this tiny bedroom.  

My daughter was more than happy to take that off our hands!

This is a wonderful new queen bed with the ability to raise up the head or foot of the bed. 

 Also has a soft massaging mechanism in it.

We looked at getting another sleep number bed but this one was very comfy and offered the raising and lowering of the head and foot.

When did mattress's get so darn expensive?!

We have an old iron headboard.
Actually this is the foot board and we used the headboard in our living room which I will be showing you soon.

The new comforter has a light gray background with white and cream.  Brings in some pattern and soft color.

I found this vintage dresser on FB Market Place for $50. 
It was natural wood that had lots of marks and scratches so she got a new coat of white paint.

Found a special place for my sleeping angel.

Added this chandelier where the old ugly ceiling fan use to be.
Keeping it real little Buddy needs his steps to the bed in place.  Easy up and easy down.

This is the only before picture I have of the Master Bedroom.

I wish I could capture better pictures of this room.  My cell camera and pic monkey do not do with room justice.
The walls are painted in Pixel White and the trim in Ultra White from Behr.

I plan on replacing those sheer curtains with the drapes that match the new comforter. 
Waiting on those to come back into stock.

I hope to have the living room to show you soon and also the new kitchen. 
Those will show more color and more cottage like decor than the bedroom.

Happy New Week.

School Bus Time

Hello Blogging Friends.

I am seeing the school bus coming down my street each day.  Ugh!  I know parents are ready for the kids to go back to school.  I am just not ready for summer to end.

Speaking of School Bus's!!!!!!

I know these are all the rage!

You have to see what they did with this school bus!

Love how they replaced a regular front door where the old bus door hung. 
The source for all these bus photo's was found on Facebook.

All I can say is Ahhhhhhh!  Love!!!!

I was kidding Terry with how much we moved in the last 8 years maybe we should get one of these and just drive to  our next place we will live lol!

Clever way to add needed storage.

Love the floors and the shiplap walls in the bathroom.  Super cool!

What a gorgeous shower.

Ok Glamper Fans there's a new Bus in Town!

Even with the bus being so awesome I still love the cute glampers.

If you want to see more glampers you can go to my archived post about glampers here.

Have a great week everyone.

Sneak Peek

Hi Everyone.  Happy Friday and Happy Weekend.

I thought I would show you a little peek into the new living room at JCC#4 by showing you the pretty drapes. 

Let me share with you the lovely and talented lady on Etsy that made my drapery panels.  

Her name is Shana Asmus and 
her Etsy is called Asmus Home Interiors.  

If you click Here  or on her site name above it will take you right to her Etsy Shop.  

I did not receive any compensation for this just like to share wonderful and talented women I meet that have done beautiful work for me.

My walls are in Behr Pixel White.  It is one of the million whites you can choose. 
It is white with a touch of gray. 
We painted all the trim in Ultra White.

I have to admit that this neutral girl is enjoying bringing in pattern and blue to my whites!

This is the pattern of the fabric.
I bought what Shana said she needed to make the panels and had the fabric sent right to her. 
Saved on shipping.
Shana then made these pretty curtain panels.  Shana does a beautiful job.
Seriously if you need drapes, pillows, shower curtain, etc. visit her Etsy site
You can send her your own fabric or pick from the many beautiful fabrics she has in stock.

There is my little peek into the new living room.

I like the cottage feel these drapes give to the living room. 
I am taking baby steps with adding color to my neutral world. 
So far so good!
 I am embracing touches of the blue.

I am still waiting on a few things to finish up this room. 
Then I will have the full reveal.

Don't you hate waiting for things to arrive that you have ordered? 
I tell ya I have no patience for waiting!

Happy Friday and have a wonderful Weekend.