Master Bedroom Reveal

Happy Sunday Blogging Friends.

Finally have some pictures of my master bedroom to show you.  Still a work in progress.  

I will share with you new things as they are added.

I feel like the house is coming together but there are things in each room that need a few more tweaks.

My Master Bedroom is still my signature serene neutral colors.  
That is my sanctuary at night and I need it soft and neutral.  
Terry just needs a pillow and blanket and he is happy!!!!
I did add some pattern a a little color to this room but not much.

This is the new queen bed and headboard. 

We had to give up our King sleep number bed for this tiny bedroom.  

My daughter was more than happy to take that off our hands!

This is a wonderful new queen bed with the ability to raise up the head or foot of the bed. 

 Also has a soft massaging mechanism in it.

We looked at getting another sleep number bed but this one was very comfy and offered the raising and lowering of the head and foot.

When did mattress's get so darn expensive?!

We have an old iron headboard.
Actually this is the foot board and we used the headboard in our living room which I will be showing you soon.

The new comforter has a light gray background with white and cream.  Brings in some pattern and soft color.

I found this vintage dresser on FB Market Place for $50. 
It was natural wood that had lots of marks and scratches so she got a new coat of white paint.

Found a special place for my sleeping angel.

Added this chandelier where the old ugly ceiling fan use to be.
Keeping it real little Buddy needs his steps to the bed in place.  Easy up and easy down.

This is the only before picture I have of the Master Bedroom.

I wish I could capture better pictures of this room.  My cell camera and pic monkey do not do with room justice.
The walls are painted in Pixel White and the trim in Ultra White from Behr.

I plan on replacing those sheer curtains with the drapes that match the new comforter. 
Waiting on those to come back into stock.

I hope to have the living room to show you soon and also the new kitchen. 
Those will show more color and more cottage like decor than the bedroom.

Happy New Week.


  1. Gorgeous Kris!! What a soft and restful space you've created. I love it. And yes, mattresses are out of control! I would love to get a sleep number bed. Maybe for our next anniversary!! xo

  2. It looks so cool and inviting. Definitely looks like you, very pretty.

  3. HELLO KRIS! Your before picture looks how my old front room still looks, with the orangy wood. The after picture here is SO strikingly beautiful and you always transform a spot, no matter how small, into a haven. Everything looks great and to use the footboard as the headboard is brilliant. WELL DONE!

  4. So beautiful!!!! Your new bedding is so pretty...and I love your headboard.

  5. Beautiful as usual Kris! Looks like a perfect place to relax and so serene. Have a great week!

  6. Kris, I really like the bedroom. Was if difficult to switch back to queen after the king ? I love the cornice over the windows, Terry is the master of that . The long airy curtains along with the cornice makes those windows looks much better. That is the perfect spot for the sleeping angel. You have so many clever ideas. Blessings for wonderful sleep filled nights in your new room. xoxo, love,Susie

  7. Have I spied some of hubby's handiwork over the windows?? Very nice indeed!!!

  8. Very nice and serene, Kris!!!!

  9. Really pretty and ethereal. Love that patterned quilt. Have a wonderful day Kris! xoxo

  10. Amazing transformation, Kris! Shopping for bedding for our daughter who's about to move out, and it was all I could do to find a normal mattress set! Bedding gone wild! lol Have a great Monday!

  11. Ah Kris! It is so very beautiful and calming. I love everything about it and adore Buddy's steps - he is one very lucky dog. You must be so pleased with it all.
    Sorry for not commenting on your last post - the dreaded M.E. returned with a vengeance. Hugs Gilly x

  12. Everything looks lovely Kris! That must be some high headboard if that’s the footboard to your bed. Looking forward to seeing how you used it. I like that you added a little pattern and the drapes will look wonderful once they are available! We got a new bed a little while back and it adjusts too. It’s a nice option and helps when the body is aching! Your angel looks wonderful attached to the window frame. Little by little you a tweaking your new home to be just what you want!

  13. Gorgeous sanctuary my friend. Love the headboard and comforter, so pretty. Buddy is adorable as always.

    Love your sleeping angel too.


  14. This look so very restful. Enjoy your new space.

  15. It's a perfect place for rest, and your white calm in its various hues & slight patterns look very calming.
    I was surprised at how little we actually used our MBR when we had the huge floor plan of our former home. I feel like less space is so much more sensible, especially when it comes to cleaning!
    Hvae a great new week, Kris.

  16. Your bedroom looks so serene and pretty. The angel is adorable. Love the new comforter. We have a bed that can be raised and lowered and also the massage. I love it ❤️. Buddy looks so cute. Looking forward to see your other rooms. Have a lovely week. Xoxo

  17. Beautiful, love this room and loving that bedding top to bottom.

  18. Of course Buddy needs his steps! I proudly show my doggy steps. It keeps things real. Your bedroom is beautiful. Signature you!

  19. You know I'm always amazed how quickly you guys get things done and rooms finished and this is no exception! Your bedroom looks great. I was about to ask you where you got those lovely sheers, but then I read you are changing them. But I guess I can ask anyway! ;-)

  20. Kris, your bedroom is gorgeous!! I love it and WOW, what a transformation!! I wouldn't have been able to sleep one wink in that room with all of that dark wood! You guys have done a great job on making this room perfect! I can't wait to see the rest! Love and hugs!

  21. Looks lovely! Your angel looks contemplative to me. I have the same steops
    buddy has for my rotund cat, Kala.

  22. Hi Kris, it seems as though you and Terry are working very fast and hard at making your new home looks so nice. I love how beautiful your room looks and the comforter and the pillow pattern is just perfect. I can't wait to see everything else. Buddy is so adorable!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Julie xo

  23. Everything looks beautiful as usual! Since I haven't been on for a while I wanted to Congratulate you and Terry on your new home! Have fun decorating!!

  24. It looks so soft and serene..... very pretty and love the comforter. Matching curtains will look awesome.. maybe keep the sheers behind them? Love your sleeping angel and looks like Buddy is happy that he can be a part of it all! You have been working VERY hard at making JCC#4 a home and you are succeeding so well! Hugs... Marilyn

  25. As always, very lovely and serene. Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  26. So pretty, Kris. So peaceful and restful. Love the comforter. Just enough soft color to make a little statement.. I love the sign over the pretty headboard, and Buddy makes it look good too..Happy Week to you..xxoJudy

  27. Kris, give you a brush and a little paint and you create magic! :) The room looks very serene and inviting. Love the bedspread and it looks like puppy does too!

  28. so pretty. I really like the comforter. I am sure you will enjoy the new mattress with the ability to adjust the head and feet.

  29. It is beautiful, Kris and so serene. xo Laura

  30. It is amazing to see the before picture and then see what you have done with the room.

    I guess I need to look at Facebook Marketplace because I am looking for a dresser.

  31. Kris,
    Very lovely. The mattress sounds wonderful.
    Have a blessed weekend.
    P.S. It made me smile to see Buddy in this post. Such a cutie!!

  32. Like that design on the comforter

  33. Wow...what a transformation! Thank you SO MUCH for visiting me, Kris!!! I'm tippy-toeing my way BACK and I'm pretty excited. I love your new "room". Romantic and truly lovely! Thank you for sharing AND for stopping by! <3 Rebecca

  34. Your room looks so calm and peaceful, Kris. I love the soft colors. xo

  35. so pretty Kris, Love the comforter fabric. that little dresser is wonderful, and Buddy is so adorable. sometimes I feel like I need little stairs too! haha xoxo

  36. What a cozy room!! That comforter fabric is lovely, and look at little Buddy on the bed, what a cutie pie he is!!

  37. It looks so calm, serene, and pretty, Kris! Love the soft floral comforter. Whatever happened to that amazing wood door headboard you use to have?

  38. Somehow I missed this post earlier. I think there is a second bedroom, right? Are y9u going to put another murphy bed in there like you had at your old house?

    I LOVE your comforter and what a difference a coat of paint makes. Love it! xoDiana

  39. I love it. A mattress that raises and lowers is amazing. I love the new comforter set. So pretty.

  40. Your Master looks beautiful. Did you paint the room yourself, or did you hire someone to come in and paint for you?

    1. Hi Jill,
      We painted it ourselves. Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great week.