New Beginnings And A Regret

Hello Sweet Blogging Friends.
Happy New Week.


This little garage that was half falling down finally came down yesterday!!!

Within a couple of hours the garage and cement floor were gone.

Now there is nothing. 
Thursday and Friday they will frame out the flooring and pour cement for the new garage! 

Finally we are getting somewhere with getting the new garage.  Only been at this since July!

I added these shutters behind the new corbel lamps.  I think it gives a nice look to the lamps.

Now for the regret!
I found this beautiful piece for a steal. 
Brought it home and wanted to put it in the living room between the recliners. 
The color looked good with the recliners but it felt wrong with all my whites.

 I decided to paint it white.  Big regret. 
I usually am pretty happy painting things white.
Not this time.  I felt after we painted it white it lost its charm.

You can see how the drawers do not fit correctly and painting it white showed those imperfections even more.

I thought I would try to move it into the office space. 

Still did not feel right.
On top of it not feeling right in this room it would not fit on the wall with my desk without taking the entry door off.

What then to do?

 I made the decision to put it up for sale on FB Market Place and it sold in less than 20 minutes.

 After all it is a great piece.
Glad I could recoup what I paid and then some on this piece.

It's gone to a new home so I am happy.

Moral of the story for me is that I loved the piece in its original wood. 
That is what caught my eye. 
When I painted it white it just took the romance away for me.

The lady that bought it loved it white.
 I am happy it has a new home and they love it white.

First for me.  I paint everything white and usually love it. 
This time not so much.

Have a good week.


  1. Oh, Kris, one of those days! Sometimes our eyes just don't match up with our hearts. I guess the moral of the story is just trust your first instinct and it will be OK. It was a beautiful piece and still looked good white but I can see what you mean. If you got rid of it and made a little something on the deal, can't fault that. You are officially considered an entrepaneur! Spell check!! I love your new chairs and the shutters behind the lights are just what was needed. Thanks for your visit, I am so far behind in my time so better get on with it..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  2. I'm glad they finally got the old garage demo'd!!! I'm sorry you fell out of love with the piece after you painted it white. It happens....I know I have been there before. You will find the perfect piece for that spot though.

  3. Sometimes pieces don't work's happened to me many times! At least you could flip it and make some money!

  4. I am happy you were able to sell it to someone who loved it.
    It is a unique piece, I can see why you fell for it.

    I am so happy the garage project is coming together. :-)

  5. That is interesting that it lost favor with the change of color. I have to admit that I do like the look of wood also. Oh well, luckily you found the right person for it.

  6. It is a great piece. I like it natural too, but so happy it found a great new home being white.

  7. Kris, What are you saying. :) I thought maybe it got moved and they had taken the drawers out and put them in different slots.?? maybe.? Glad you did not have to keep it if it made you feel badly. Oh well sweetie, just think of that new garage going up soon. That will be great. Blessings, xoxo,love, Susie

  8. Well the garage is finally gone. You must be happy and I hope the new one goes smoothly.

    At least you made money on the piece. Good luck finding a new one which I am sure you will.


  9. Sometimes we just don't know until we try... how disappointing for you Kris. I know you would have loved all those drawers for storing things. At least it went off to someone who loves it as is and you are not out of pocket. All the best with the new garage.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  10. I'm glad it found a new home. You are right! It did not look as special.

  11. It is a gorgeous piece, Kris, in both wood and white. I get it though, sometimes you have to see something to know what fits. I recently painted a wood chair white. I wanted to do it for years. Initially, I loved it, now I kind of miss the wood as the cold weather settles in...oh well, live and learn. What a bonus for the buyer though! I'm sure you'll find something that was truly meant to be in that space. xo

  12. Good morning my friend! That piece did have a beauty in its natural wood state, but we who love to paint sometimes just have to try out what our instincts say, then learn. At least you got your money back and then some! And now to a new phase for this cottage....the garage! Keep us posted!

  13. So glad you at least got your money out of it. It surely is a beautiful piece. I know how you feel about things like this though. Been there too. Girl, I bet the garage is going to be decorated too! LOL! I can you now putting some pretty white curtains in there. Trying to catch up a little this morning and wanted to say hello and visit with you. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. Yay on the demo! I know you’ve been waiting a long time! It’ll be up in no time and then you’ll enjoy the benefits! Too bad about that chest of drawers but at least you were able to turn it back around! On to the next idea!

  15. Best of luck with the garage build. Glad you were able to sell the piece.

  16. I guess I'm alone because I loved it painted white. I thought the drawers not being perfect added charm. How I wish I lived near you! I would have loved it for my craft room.

  17. I think it was beautiful white, and I was going to suggest stenciling some of it before I read you sold it. At least you got your money back. So no regrets there!

  18. A wonderful piece indeed. sometimes we take a gamble and it pays off. One never knows. I am glad you got your money back. There is always someone out there who loves it. Something for everyone. I know you will find the perfect piece. Exciting news about the new garage. xo

  19. Well at least the darling cabinet found a new home!

  20. Glad to hear the cabinet found a new home so quickly and that you got your money back. We've all been there. A really cute cabinet though. Wonder if a whitewash might of been the answer. You get your white and still see the wood underneath.

  21. You can even turn a regret into something good, you're THAT good.

  22. Glad to hear your contractors finally got moving on your garage! It's too bad that piece of furniture didn't work out the way you had hoped, but you were certainly able to turn lemons into lemonade in this case!

  23. I know that was a lot of work for yall..but glad it worked out in the end..and you probably brought a lot of joy to the new owner. I liked it both ways but have done that sort of thing before...and if you keep things you don't love..then usually for me..the love never really shows up.. I know you will find another perfect selection soon.. can't wait to see your next decor dream. :0)

  24. What a gorgeous piece, and you're so right, it was more gorgeous in its natural state!

  25. I'm sure the new owner will enjoy that piece immensely. It really is beautiful, painted or not. Maybe this was just her lucky day, and you made it so! Can't wait to see your new garage, how exciting!

  26. Can see why you loved the cabinet. I thought it looked good white too but did like the natural wood the best. Love the French bench you have in the natural wood as well. No doubt the person who bought the cabinet is very happy to have it & at least you made a little bit on the sale. Bet you find another piece you will love even more !

  27. I liked it natural and white- but if it wasn't working for you, you made the right decision...I tend to hold onto stuff way too long. Lately I find myself drawn to natural woods and rich colors, which can work well with the whites we all have now. Funny coincidence, I finally found a thrift store bench I love. When I cleaned it up to paint, I realized I loved the wood just as it was.

  28. Awwww.. I am sorry. I knew you loved it wood colored but I think you would have still been yearning to paint it white anyway. Live and learn and sometimes the best laid plans don't come out the way we think they will.
    I am glad they are finally going to get at that darned garage project! xo Diana

  29. I hope the garage project is starting to come out ok and good luck with it. Sorry to hear about the furniture problem. I hope you find a piece you will love! Thanks for the visit to my blog and your sweet comment. Enjoy the weekend.

  30. Lucky for the new owners!
    Your shutters are so lovely,
    Nice sunday to you,

    Hugs, Ida

  31. As far as that cabinet... I'm rubbing off on you ;) Sorry to see the garage go, but I get it. Glad to see you're still loving your little cottage.


  32. Good morning, girlfriend! Thanks for coming to my blog. Nothing new, just using Instagram photos to share there but thanks anyway for hoping over. I hope this week starts off great for you my dear friend!

  33. Well, you've got a pretty good track record of things turning out beautifully, but I'm sorry that you weren't happy with the end result. At least you recouped it and more, and made someone else happy!

  34. Well that worked out nicely Kris! It was a great piece.

  35. Kris,
    The shutters look great and at least you were able to recoup your money...Unfortunately, lesson learned....