Merry Christmas Chicago

Merry Christmas Everyone.
We celebrate our Christmas on Christmas Eve.

I wanted to share a special place in Chicago where we went to have our Christmas Eve dinner.
It is Lawry's Prime Rib House in Chicago on Ontario just off Michigan Avenue.
We went early for a late afternoon early dinner.
Born in Beverly Hills, 1938 – A Chicago Classic Since 1974. Dine in our Historic 1890’s McCormick Mansion on Lawry’s famous Roasted Prime Ribs of Beef, carved tableside from silver carts, with Lawry’s “spinning bowl” salad, Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, creamed corn and buttered peas. Fresh fish nightly.
The inside of this beautiful mansion is even more gorgeous.
The architecture and spiral staircase is spectacular.
We take our picture by the Christmas tree each year.

The pictures do not do the rooms justice.They are just gorgeous.
My mom and my youngest daughter Kimmie.
Me and my oldest daughter Jen.
Terry and me.

You have a Master Carver that comes right to your table and carves your Prime Rib right at your table.  
Mmmmm so good.

A little Christmas Charm while you eat.

You have your choice of cream spinach or cream corn for your veggie.  Both are so delish.  
You can have both if you would like.
A traditional Yorkshire pudding is served to soak up all the au jus!

My sweet granddaughter Charlotte in her Doc Martins she got for Christmas.  She cracks me up every time I tried to take her picture she would act shy.  Believe me she is not shy!!!!!
My daughter Kimmie and other grand girl Abby.

A must after dinner is to walk up the street to Garrett's Popcorn Shop.  The lines to get in can be long but oh so worth the wait.
They have so many fabulous flavors.  My fave is the Chicago Mix of caramel corn and cheese corn.  It melts in your mouth.
Always served hot and fresh.

Then for the car ride home or a nice stop after dinner right around the corner is the world's largest Starbucks.  

It takes up the corner on Michigan Avenue and half way down the block.  

Four levels of drinks and tables looking out over the Magnificent Mile.  Garden roof top tables too.

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful holiday.
May you all enjoy today and the rest of the week with family and friends.

If you ever visit Chicago you must try out Lawry's and Garretts and call me and I will join you lol!

I for one will be detoxing from sugar and rich foods for the new year!!!!


  1. How wonderful, I miss home SO MUCH. Fabulous pictures. I've never been to Lawry's but maybe next visit, I will. Now, Garrett's popcorn, I have to order that online. It's the BEST popcorn ever. Oh Kris, thank you for the smile, this is why I love Chicago so much. Merry Christmas to you & your family. xxxxx

  2. Kris, I love Chicago. It was so good to see your beautiful family. OMG Abby is growing up. Tell Charlotte I love those shoes. That is truly a beautiful place to enjoy your Christmas dinner. Blessings to all, xoxo,love Susie

  3. Merry Christmas !! Never been to Lawry's but have sampled many .Morton's of Chicago, it looks like a similar venue. And they had the best spinach I've ever tasted !!!

  4. KRIS!!!!!!!!!!

    First of all, here we are in Minneapolis and I've never been to Chicago. Ruben has on business but I really need to get over there since it has a big city feel like New York but probably more manageable! WHAT A STEAK HOUSE! Then la pièce de resistance: YOU! You and your family, you guys are gorgeous! Those eyes of yours and Terry.....YOWSERS! What a great tradition....I love your necklace, woman! God bless you my friend. May every day be Christmas in your world.

  5. What a happy post, filled with much goodness, food, family, love. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful 2020 ~ FlowerLady

  6. Ooo, that looks so good. What a great tradition to have - great food, time with family, fun after dinner places to visit. My mouth is still hanging open over that Starbucks. Wow!

  7. How fabulous, Kris! That's a major treat for Christmas Eve. I love your tradition! The pictures are terrific. Love your necklace, and you & Terry look simply great, as do the rest of the family. Merry Christmas to all of you!

  8. You make that dinner sound wonderful! The sights of Chicago are so pretty this time of year. Hoping to get to the large Starbucks when we go to Midway airport to pickup a daughter on New Years day.

  9. Looks like the places to go in Chicago for Christmas! Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year, Kris! You have a beautiful family!

  10. Kim,
    Loved seeing your family and sharing your Christmas Tradition!
    Merry Christmas!

  11. Lived in Chicago for 27 years and this was so nostalgic. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Happy New Year!

  12. Abby is so tall now! How old is she? I've never been to Chicago, but if I was ever to be in the mood for travel, which I probably won't be, that is one of the places I would visit. I've heard so much about it. So nice to have a yearly photo of the family.

  13. What a wonderful Christmas tradition. You have a lovely family.

  14. Hola Kris, es la primera vez que te escribo, pero hace tiempo que me paseo por tu blog, preciosas las fotos de Navidad y preciosa toda u familia. Me encanta tu casita y como l has decorado, ¡¡¡aaahhh!!! y también me encanta la nueva decoración de tu salón, ha quedado muy acogedor. Bueno aprovecho para desde aquí (Barcelona) desearte lo mejor para ti y tu familia en estos días y en el próximo año. Si un día voy a Chicago recordaré el Lawry's, simplemente fantástico. Un beso

  15. What a wonderful way for the family to get together and celebrate Christmas. The restaurant is beautiful and the food looked great. Hope you have a a happy new year Kris.
    Hugs Julie

  16. What a great looking restaurant! I am still trying to get to RL Grill there. How far do you live from Chicago?
    Merry! Merry!

  17. What a wonderful family way to celebrate Christmas! It looks like you had a great time and was so neat to see the pictures of you and Terry and your mom and kids and grands. That motel looks just glorious! And the popcorn place... yum. When I lived in Portland, OR, the first ever shopping mall to go in there, way back in the 60's, had a popcorn place similar to the one you went to. I loved it! Here's hoping for a fantastic 2020 for everyone! Marilyn

  18. What a fabulous place! That is a wonderful Christmas Eve family tradition, Kris. I enjoyed seeing the pictures so much. Your family is beautiful, your daughters as lovely as their mother. And it looks as if you had mild Christmas weather. We had a tender Tennessee Christmas ourselves. As beautiful as snow for Christmas is, I loved having this mild one.

  19. Wow. Yall really did it up right. That Mansion is gorgeous and I'll definitely go there if I ever get up that way. Loved the costumes too. And that Starbucks is amazing. I didn't know about it either. What a wonderful time for the family.

  20. Ooh that’s a pretty posh address to dine at! Looks like a lovely place and I love how they served you. The bell ringers must have been a fun touch too! I believe that Starbucks building used to be the Crate and Barrel location back when I lived there. That’s pretty big for a coffee house! Looks like you had a real fun day. Way to go!

  21. What a lovely restaurant to spend Christmas Eve. I love your tradition. The family photo is precious. Serving table side sounds fabulous.n The Starbucks is amazing. Looks like a wonderful way to spend Christmas together. Xo

  22. I have never been to Lawry's but looks like a beautiful place! Can you believe that neither Brian or I like prime rib?!

    Your family is beautiful!

    Did you go into that new Starbucks?

  23. Fun! I remember standing in line for some good ol' popcorn. ;-) I will have to put Lawry's on our list of eats the next Chicago visit.

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