Cottage Kitchen

Hello sweet blogging friends.
Another week almost over.  
Time is really going by quickly.  Fall is beginning to show it is on its way.
I am sad to see summer leave.

 Ugly tree to the left.  Almost all the way dead.  Long branches with long annoying needles. 

This poor cottage home was a rental before we bought it.  She needed someone to buy her and make her pretty again.

This tree needed to come down. 
I am not one that likes to cut down anything in nature especially a tree that has been there a long time. 
Since it was almost all the way gone it needed to come down.
All it did was left branches and long dead needles everywhere when the wind blew or we had a rain storm.

I almost became a day drinker when I saw them climbing this tree to cut huge branches to come tumbling to the ground!!!! 
They were very careful and did not hit my new picket fence thank you very much!!!

It is all down and into the chipper. 
We want to replace the old tree with something new. 
I am thinking something that flowers.
The grass needs some help.
Again with this being a rental nothing was well cared for.

Ok now onto the kitchen.

I found this lovely french bench on FB Market Place for a steal.  Guess what I am keeping it in the pretty wood.  No white paint on this pretty.

It looks sweet with my old french window.

We added a new dishwasher.

This kitchen is a work in progress.  As soon as that window is replaced with a new one,
 and I find a new farmhouse sink and possibly new counter top I will share that with you.

Terry put in new flooring to cover the old cracked ceramic tiles that were pinky beige from the 70's!
Love these new floating floors that look like real wood.  They go right over your existing flooring so you do not have to be making a huge project mess removing the old floor.

I was going to do open shelves and I still might do that but for now I need these cabinets for storage.

I made a little coffee area on the other side of the kitchen near the refrigerator.

The pantry that Terry built for me gives me more storage and a coat closet and place for our shoes and boots.  Ugh! a necessary evil with living in the midwest!

This is my first indoor plant that has not died on me.  I am good with outdoor plants but indoor not so much.

When I got this it was in a tiny pot and very little.  Look at her now.  I transplanted it into a bigger pot and she is growing like crazy.

Well that is my kitchen progress so far.  I have more I want to do in this space but I need to give it some more time with all the other projects in the works.

I hope to do more in the winter months when I  am shut in the house.

Right now we are working on the outside as much as we can before winter sets in.

Hard to believe we have been here only a couple of months.  We really have accomplished quite a bit.

Working on the office area next.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Kris,
    I would have had a heart attack watching them take down that Tree... I am sure your yard will look lovely come the Spring and Summer...Love that picket fence!! That is such a beautiful settee!! Glad to hear you are keeping it stained and not painting it. Your Kitchen floor looks lovely! You have really accomplished a lot!! Looking forward to seeing more of your projects!

  2. Hi Kris,
    Oh, I am so glad that the tree removal was a success. Your kitchen looks so bright and pretty. I love your curtains and the floor looks great! Have a nice day and weekend.
    Julie xo

  3. You have done a lot in such a short time! Your kitchen is lovely.

  4. Nasty old trees shedding stuff everywhere and looking half dead. I got rid of one in my back yard last summer and have been so happy ever since! Your kitchen is so pretty. Is the floor a laminate then? It looks fabulous! Have a happy weekend! xoxoxox

  5. This home is so pretty and I love your kitchen. It looks great and looks like you have so much more counter space and storage.

  6. Kris, The tree guys did a fantastic job. I love how they cleaned it all up and removed the stump. Our tree guy says every tree has a life span..then they start looking bad. Our tree are all trash trees, well I call them that, needles and cones from the pine, puff balls from the three leaves from this tree and you need to rake. LOL.,whirly gigs from the maples, bean pods from the catalpa, flower petals from the tulip poplars.
    Your kitchen is so cute and you have done a wonderful job with it. Cute little valance. Great floors. Oh yes, I love a coffee spot. Your house plant looks good. :) I do not do well with them either. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  7. Wow! What a huge task that must have been. I definitely couldn't have watched them doing that! It has made a big difference and your neighbours must be very pleased too Kris - it must have been blocking such a lot of light from their property too. You do right to concentrate on the work outside - before the bad weather comes in.
    I love what you have done so far, and your french bench goes perfectly in it's new home. I had to laugh about you and house plants! I am just the same - yet I am good with the outdoor variety too. Neill is taking good care of my sister's house plants whilst they are on holiday. Look forward to seeing your next reveal - you really have achieved such a lot, in a very short time. Hugs, Gilly x

  8. I love your place, Kris, and the kitchen is bright, happy and extremely functional! Love the little button trimmed valance. I think I'd keep those cabinets for the storage. I always wonder about those open shelves....who wants to dust in the kitchen???
    Tree guys did a great job with grinding the stump and removing the tree. A smallish tree would be pretty.
    Can't believe the amount of work you guys have covered, plus all the other family obligations you handle, in these few months. I'd be a day drinker for sure.
    Have a great weekend.

  9. Everything looks absolutely beautiful!! I love the touches of blue and that bench is perfection!! I have followed your blog for a long time but have never commented. We downsized into a precious cottage too!

  10. What an adorable place. Love the fence, love the kitchen, love the bench....its perfect.

  11. So glad the ugly tree is gone, what a difference it makes. Your cottage kitchen is darling. I am sure your future touches will make it even more special. The floors look great. Love your sweet little bench. Happy weekend. Xoxo

  12. Wow!! you can't even tell a tree was in your yard!!! what a difference!! you must love it, Kris. Your wee kitchen is darling. The more I see your cottage, the more I like the sweetness of it's size. I am in awe of how fast the two of you work! When do you sleep? xxoo

  13. Those tree guys are marvels! I was amazed watching the ones we had take down our very healthy, but scary-big sweet gum in our front yard. They did it like it was nothing. They have it down to a science!

    Everything looks great, Kris! Y'all are really booking it on this new house!

  14. You truly have accomplished so much in so little time! Pat yourselves on the back. That pantry looks like it was always there. That house will need get all the love it needs with you two living there.

  15. Ha Ha, day drinking comment made me laugh. You are so funny. Love your new home, cottages are my favorite. You always put the most beautiful touches in your home.
    Sending much love xxxxx

  16. You really have accomplished a lot in just a few short months. We had to remove a large tree this summer as well. It was our favorite but like your spruce, it was also dying and causing moss build up on our neighbor's garage. Sadly, it had to go. Your front yard looks so much better without it! I bet your neighbor's are thrilled to see it gone.

  17. Yes, towering dead trees are a hazard. We stair at the neighbors' half-dead 100+ foot elm and wonder when will it take out the house, the garage and both our cars. Love the wood bench...wood tones bring warmth to a cottage!

  18. I can't believe how much you two have gotten done in just a few months! Love the picket fence and the plantings you have started near it; your new bench is adorable ~
    Can't wait to see more of your projects!!

  19. Such a big difference with the tree gone. Looks better and no one wants a dead tree in the yard. A flowering tree would be pretty.

    The armoire Terry put in still amazes me looks built in.

    Have a great weekend


  20. We bought a new house in a new area that has no internet! I've been dying to see what you've done to your cottage. Love the new settee. Have to stop by Starbucks again soon so I can see your back posts.

  21. Call me weird but I enjoy watching them take down a tree! We’ve had a few taken down and I find it fascinating how they carefully cut away. I was thinking of a peony or two where the tree was. Your kitchen is looking great! That is amazing how they can apply the flooring right over the other. Love the curtains you have up. You have gotten a lot done! I hope the garage will go up soon!

  22. I looked out my window the other day and saw a man suspended was up in the tree cutting branches. My vertigo kicked right in. You are right, that was one ugly tree. Love how your kitchen is coming along. The new flooring looks great. xo Laura

  23. You're turning your new home into a sweet cottage! I am feeling a bit like a slacker! I moved into our home 2-1/2 years ago and I've yet to paint some of the rooms! You're such an inspiration!

  24. Totally amazing. I need to get off my backside and do a little cuteness over here too. Great work.

  25. I like the floor. Where did you buy the flooring? Was it fairly easy to put down? We need to do our kitchen floor, but still have not decided on what to do. I like what you did here.
    Thank you so much for sharing, you always inspire me.
    Great job on keeping that house plant alive. ;-)

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    1. sorry, my comment published in the middle of a thought. So many wonderful things going on over there. LOVE it all. the Frenchy bench, that amazing floor, all the work you've done outside. It's all adorable Kris, you're really lovin' on that house, it's just so pretty and sweet!

  27. I *love* your kitchen! My kitchen is sooo outdated. As you know, I still have oak cabinets. I love your white cabinets. I love your countertop and sink, too even though you don't, lol. Certainly looks a lot better than mine (faux butcher block with burn holes and a ugly SS sink) and we've been here almost 30 years! Love your flooring choice, too. You guys are so amazing. And that bench - wow! You find the best stuff on FB Marketplace, etc.

    I don't blame you for having that tree cut down. It definitely needed to go. I think your lawn looks just fine. We basically just leave ours as is, don't do anything to it because we won't use chemicals. So really, it's just a lawn of weeds. Oh well!

  28. I love the kitchen just the way it is! I love those dark/black? countertops with the white cabinets.. and the curtains are darling. They sure did a good job on that tree removal.. can't even tell it was ever there. Now that's professionals for you. They are pretty amazing the way they climb and selectively cut the branches off. Your kitchen floor is so pretty too.. we want to do that to our old 70's linoleum floor one of these days! Have a great weekend! Marilyn

  29. KRIS!!!!!! Well done. Absolutely perfect. The crew that cut down and removed the tree did a fabulous job. You could almost say that there was nothing there, it looks so seamless! Now for fall and planning for the next year. You are going to make this amazing. The kitchen already looks ready to transform with a farmhouse sink and other touches. That French bench...OH MY. Good call to keep it natural wood. YOU ARE TALENTED!

  30. Your kitchen is great. Wow..great find with the pretty. Love the sign on your coffee bar. Have a blessed weekend.

  31. I love seeing what you are up to, Kris! The new bench is beautiful! Happy weekend!

  32. What a difference taking that dead tree down makes!! I love your new little Frenchy bench and the old window hung above it. Your kitchen looks really nice but I know you need to make it more your style and add your special touches.Have a great weekend!!|

  33. That turned out just great, kris! I love the kitchen so far! It really looks quite finished and lovely. paint on that piece? hmmmmm...I will bide my time to see how long before you paint it. lol
    Hope you had a great weekend...and glad that ugly old tree is gone! xo xo xo

  34. Kris, everythiing is looking so good. I know what a pest those big trees with all the prickly branches can be. We have a very huge one in the back driveway and stuff is all in the carpet, on the dog's tail, everywhere. Only problem ours isn't dead so we wouldn't even be allowed to take it down. I bet you are glad to see it go. Love the bench and the perfect place you found for it. Am going to try and talk Jerry into that floor in our kitchen. Looking good and anxiously await each new addition..xxoJudy

  35. We had FIVE HUGE TREES taken out about 6 weeks ago from our backyard. A crew of five guys for three days. I had to stay away! The thought of one of them falling made me sick! :( I love your kitchen...heart of the home! <3

  36. Kris, you cracked me up with “day drinker”. 😂 i laughed out loud and needed a little laugh this morning . Girl , i love your kitchen and what great lighting you have to get such great pictures . Love your floors ! That bench and wall decor made he smile . I love that idea for the wall over the bench . It’s akeaya a true joy to visit your sweet blog . Hugs and blessings to you . Cindy

  37. Kris, that tree was a monster! You must be so happy that it's gone. I love your kitchen and the new valance. Everything looks so fresh. How do you do it all so quickly!? Hugs!!

  38. It's so cute. I love the valance. The dark counters looks so pretty with the white. The floor looks great. Bill is thrilled that I'm not painting furniture anymore. He was not a fan of the white furniture craze. That bench is amazing. Beautiful.