Living Tiny

Could you live Tiny?  
Would you be comfortable with ordering your Tiny Home on

Here are some tiny homes you can actually buy on line.

Let's begin with this cute tiny house.

It is on wheels so you can move it onto a newly bought property lot or you can move it around like a camper.

Has a good size bedroom.

Nicely appointed kitchen.  I love that it has full size appliances.

Lot's of windows for natural light.
Good size shower space in the bathroom.

It has double sinks!!!!

This is another home you can buy on line.  It is a cabin style home.

Great option for vacation or permanent living. 
Get yourself a piece of land for this sweet home to be delivered and ready to move in.

They all seem to have full size appliances and lots of storage.

The Cabin comes with a couple of different options for the kitchen. 
This one is smaller and the above option has the larger area with a bay window.

This is another configuration you can get in your Cabin home.

I love the cute window boxes on this one.
Another tiny house for permanent living or vacation home.
The stairs are for climbing to the loft bedroom but also are used for storage.

This modern tiny home comes with several different fronts and configurations and a garage.

This is one version of living space you can get in this modern home.

Another version of the modern tiny house.

A very nice size bedroom.

Could you live in a Shipping Container?
  This is the new trend in living small.
You can buy a shipping container and then fix it up any way you want or order it with all the furnishings done for you.

Great Master Bedroom in the Shipping Container House.

Lots of windows make these tiny homes feel bigger and lets more natural light in.

The use of beams make the ceiling seem higher in a lot of these homes.

Another home on wheels. 
If you like to move around the country and put roots down for a short time this might be a great way to live.

The shiplap walls and beams make this home feel bigger and brighter.

They have large bathrooms.

Many of the tiny homes have loft type bedroom areas.
So many choices of Tiny Home Styles.

This one has a Key West vibe.

This one is beautiful set up in the hills.

How about a home that is literally on the water!

So do you think you could live in a tiny house? 

 Could you see buying one of these on line and having it delivered to a piece of property you have purchased for a vacation spot? 

These seem to be catching on quickly and a lot of people are opting to go this route to live.  

Many young couples that do not want to be bogged down with a mortgage love this idea.  

People that have a nice piece of property on a lake or in the mountains like these for vacation homes.

People that have a large piece of land with their  home might like this to put on the property for a guest house.

Retires that want to move around in different area's of the country to live for short periods of time might like this option too.

I was amazed that there are so many of these tiny home options that you can buy on line.

I live small and in a tiny house but mine does not have wheels to move!
  I think we will stay put in this house and enjoy our neighbors and community.

Have a great rest of the week.


  1. Thank you for this collection. We moved into a 1000 foot manufactured home last May. Not totally "tiny" but a big downsize. I wish we had done it years ago. It is much more affordable and easy to maintain. Honestly it has the big kitchen of any home I have ever owned.

  2. I enjoyed looking at all of these beautiful tiny homes you have featured. I am used to living in a small home and love it. It would be interesting to have a small home on wheels this way you can go anywhere you want! Enjoy the rest of the week.

  3. There is a couple of tiny home communities in our area. They look so cute. I could do it if I was single and I would have to have the bedroom on the main floor, not a loft.

  4. Although living tiny is not for me there is no shortage of options if you choose to do so. The little cabin ones are so adorable!!!! I could see those popping up all over the Rockies.

  5. Nope, couldn't do it! Too claustrophobic for me. I could see a young, single person living in one of those though.

  6. Kris, when the "tiny" homes first came out they were so small and I don't think they had the configurations right, but now the way they are layed out is so much more practical and they seem to have a lot more room. I could live in my motorhome, I think. It has three pop outs so it has quite a bit of room. I have thought of selling everything and fixing the motorhome up just like a cute little cottage and living in it full time. Who knows, that too may come to pass..Thanks for your visit. xxoJudy

  7. Hi, I do like that one on the water. ;-) I wonder how they go back and forth, canoe, boat or paddle boat. Hee Hee!
    With the nasty storms we have, we need basements.. I am sure we could put one of these on a basement.

  8. I could do one for a vacation home...but I have to be honest...I need room when I'm in the kitchen!! While I'm cooking, I don't like it when Jim gets in the way when I am using the stove, going back and forth between the butcher block with veggies, filling a kettle. Or if I'm making something on top of the stove, and he comes in and starts stirring what I've just stirred...grrrrrrr...He never needs something from the cupboards, until I'm in the middle of pulling something out of the oven!!! So, could I live in one of those tiny homes permanently? NO!! lol. xo Same thing with a teeny bathroom....oy.

  9. The first one would be my pick if I continued to live alone. After apartment living and a 1950 rancher, I can live small but if I lived in it as a couple - not so sure.

  10. I think this would be great for ONE person but I have to admit, though they are impressive, I can't live THAT tiny!

  11. I've been viewing tiny home videos for a few years now. The first one you shared with us is really lovely. Most, are way too small for me. My late dear husband and I were living tiny before the trend started, we moved in here in 1973. This little cottage is only 665 sq. ft. I keep tweaking it to make it work better for me at this stage in my life. Smaller, for me, would not work, I like a little space to do things crafty and have my craft supplies close at hand. I still enjoy watching what people do with these tiny gems. Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  12. They sure look great and pretty, but it probably would get crowded after a while..with my shopping Most of us have way more space than we utilize...I know we live in mostly 3 rooms, inclusive of our kitchen/dining area. The loft stairs would be an issue for me. It seems would be a good venue for retired seniors who need help from their Family, if the children's property would accomodate one of these..(all willing partners, a I enjoyed the tour..Thanks for sharing.

  13. Loving that log one and so wish I had a little place in the mountains to buy that little log home and put it there. Especially for later on in years. It depends on tiny it is for me. I get so claustrophobic. But, now Kris, since I am dreaming here....I'd like a log one for the mountains, a cottage style one for the beach and a really rustic one in Georgia as my hunting camp! LOL! Can't blame me for wishing, right? Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. No for me! We had a 38 ft. motorhome and while it was fun for temporary living conditions as we traveled I couldn’t stand to live that way all the time. You did find some nice examples!

  15. There's some nice options here. Some of these kitchens have more cupboards than my house! I think I could do this for a vacation home but to live that tiny year round with the hubby? Hell no! LOL

  16. I honestly do think I could live tiny, unless it was on an island (island fever of the worst kind). As long as the space is long enough to separate from your other half, I think several of these could work for me. After a 50% downsize and nearly 6 mos in, I am just about ready to get rid of more stuff....and resisting the urge to stockpile more, which is the critical thing about tiny living. When you get right down to it, unless you entertain every week, big houses can be a real burden.

  17. I could do 1,000 square feet with a regular toilet and plumbing for spot in the mountains for a vacation spot, never happening.

    Living tiny is great if you have land to put it on. In NJ or Tri State area it couldn't be reality.


  18. Kris - thank you so much for putting together this collection of amazing tiny homes for us all. They are truly amazing, and I can see the attraction to these. I am used to tiny living. It is a cross between living in our cottage and our motor home. Mind you, I won't be ordering one of these though. Hugs, Gilly x

  19. I looked into this years ago. I have a whole Pinterest board on them. But not only would I have to have the land but also the water and electric hookups so I figured it was too expensive for me. And there are county ordinances on what you can build.

  20. Can you believe that my first home was as small as many of these little nuggets? It was almost 900 sq feet and when you were in the tiny hallway, it was single file or not at all! These kitchens are huge in comparison to ours. We did not, however, buy it on Amazon. Although it would've been much cheaper, I'm sure!

  21. I've been watching and studying tiny house living also for years! I always did want to live in a small cottage, nothing grand and big. I don't think I'd like those real narrow ones, that are only 8 feet wide though.. with stairs up the side to get to a loft. I like to be able to stand up in my bedroom! I've lived a couple of times (with my young son) is 500-600 sq foot places and loved them! Tiny closets, no dining area and very small bedrooms made it small, but a normal sized living area and kitchen made it very tolerable. I would do it again, about 600 sq feet if it was just me. I can manage it very nicely, but hubby says no way! He needs room for all his stuff! I can't see paying for a 3 bedroom house with a garage just to have a place to store "stuff". I do like to craft, but never did have a craft room until now.. and it just enables me to acquire more stuff which I can do without! Before, I had one tub I used for my crafting, and a shelf in my closet for my fabric. I could do it again easily, if it was just me! I do love the "cabin" houses you showed. They are way nicer than our current place and bigger kitchen and bedroom! I think I would enjoy the challenge of downsizing more.. but hubby won't hear of it. He grew up in a "shack" until he was 15, in the rural area of southern Oregon, no power or water, etc. and he swears he won't do that again, or live small. I watch alot of tiny house YouTube videos and follow a few blogs and I just sigh and think how neat it would be to have a smaller place, with way less to maintain. I would not though, want to be on wheels and move around! I like to live in one spot, and like you, enjoy the community and people. I would never want to live in an RV and move around from here to there, and never have a real spot to call "home"...... was fun looking! Marilyn

  22. We rented one on Airbnb for summer vacay 2 years in a row. I could totally live in one! But ours had running water and septic system for flush toilet and washer-dryer, and electricity via propane for appliances and heat / AC. All the amenities in a lovely setting along a small river. It also had a small screened porch that we enjoyed. Barbara in MN

  23. I love these, Kris. Ryan is about to build a tiny house on a lot across from the bay. He wants us to live it in...we'll see. It may have to be a 'small house' instead of a tiny house.
    Aren't these fun to look at though?!

  24. I love to see these beautiful tiny houses.

  25. I had to live in a place that was only 400 sq ft and it was difficult! I do not think I could go that tiny ever again!

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