Chicago Fun

We have been staying with my two granddaughters this past week.  
My SIL and Daughter have been in the Keys for a wedding.  80 plus degrees each day.  
Why again am I watching the girls and they are sunning in the Keys Lol!

We took the girls into Chicago yesterday on the first day of 2020 to see the new Frozen II movie and to have dinner at the landmark Walnut Room in the old Marshall Fields which is now Macy's on State street in Chicago.

This was sweet fun and memories for me. 

We use to bring out two daughters here when it was Marshall Fields and we would get all dressed up in our Christmas dresses and come see Santa and have brunch around the landmark tree in the Walnut Room on the 7th floor of Marshall Fields. 

Marshall Fields got bought out by Macy's and it is just not the same.

This building has so many beautiful floors of architecture.

Marshall Fields on State Street use to be known for the beautiful Christmas window displays they would do each season. 

Now that Macy's does them they are not so great anymore. Charlotte enjoyed seeing the different windows.

Every year the city of Chicago pick a family that has a beautiful tree on their property to be cut down and donated for the tree lighting ceremony in Millennial Park.

This years beautiful tree behind us was donated and grown in a family's yard in Elgin Illinois.  It was just gorgeous.
There was a special snow fairy princess that came to our table in the Walnut Room to let Charlotte have a special wish.

While we were waiting to go in to see the movie Frozen II,  Charlotte of course found an Elsa doll that she loved.

The movie by the way is really good.  Disney is really stepping up on the new movies.  The music and songs in this movie were beautiful.

It was a fun way to Spend the first day of 2020.  My youngest daughter Kimmie and the two girls posed in front of the Chicago Theatre on State Street.

It was sunshine and mild temps once again in Chicago.  No crowds and lots of fun things to do.

Happy New Year to each of you.
Hope to be back to decor posts for the new year after this week.

I will need a big nap after spending the week with a 9 year old and 3 year old and 4 dogs!!!!!
Lots of fun and a great way to start the new year.
Bruce is the Great Dane and weighs in at 170lbs. We tell him he is a couch that moves around the house!!!

These are my daughter's three dogs.  Great Dane Bruce, Maggie Boston Terrier puppy and Frank the yellow lab.
Of course we have our little man Buddy with us this week too!
He loves Maggie and they play constantly together.



  1. Such a gun time with the girls. You're definitely going to need a nap. Great memories with the girls. They're getting so big. Buddy is such a handsome doxie.

    Happy New Year


  2. What fun, Kris!! I'm sure exhausting as well but how nice to be able to spend all that time with your granddaughters! So Buddy is getting along well with the other dogs? That's great! Happy New Year!!

  3. Oh dear, I prefer your little Buddy. LOL. What an adorable window peeper Charlotte is standing there. Kimmie is a cutie pie, helping out with the girls. Time with family, just can't be beat. Blessings to all of you. Stay warm, xoxo, Susie

  4. I bet Charlotte was so thrilled!What a good memory to make for the girls. I'm sure it will be as special to them as the old Marshall Fields memory is for you and your daughters. My little granddaughters loved Frozen 2 also. I never did see the first one so they promised to bring it the next time they visit. It is a wonderful thing you're doing for the girls' parents so that they can have some important couple time in the beautiful Keys. I'm sure you're loving it too but yes, I bet a good nap when home will be in order!

  5. I'm sure you're exhausted, but it looks like you're having a lot of fun! Can you believe I've never been to The Walnut Room, not even as kid? I did go to Marshall Fields though! (I'm a huge MF fan and have never stepped foot in a Macys, lol.)

  6. BRUCE IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Buddy is as precious as ever and that Frank is white as snow. So darling!

    Kris, how I miss a BIG city; I love our city of Minneapolis but downtown proper, though there are some fun shoppes and theatres, has nothing on Chicago, Boston or New York, especially for the holidays! What fun that must have been to go to this iconic building for dinner. I remember even here in Minneapolis when Macy's was housed in the most glorious of old buildings and when you shopped there, you felt special.

    Well my dear, we are in a new decade and first things first: get your rest so you can start dreaming, planning and getting to work on a spring garden!

  7. When i was a kid (I'm 63 now) downtown KCMO had the most beautiful Christmas windows. They all had moving parts. Macy's was the best but we also had The Jones Store and Emery Bird Thayer. Would take the bus downtown cause mom didn't want to drive in all that traffic.

  8. What does Buddy think of the other dogs? Your oldest granddaughter has your smile. Have fun!

  9. Looks like everyone had a great time?!?! What a stunning Christmas tree too! Sounds like you may need a vacation yourself after this week?!?! LOL The grand dogs are such cuties!
    Happy New Year!

  10. Kris, you will need a nap after all that but it sounds like great fun. Your daughter's home looks really darling and love those doggies. I remember growing up a small town department store in Santa Cruz that did the special Christmas windows each year. It seemed like for weeks there was brown paper covering all the windows and then the beautiful reveal. What glorious memories. We went once to San Francisco to see all the beautiful stores decorated and it was a wonderful time. I'm sure your littles will remember it always..Happy New Year..xxoJudy

  11. Ahh, Kris, the week is nearly over and it appears you've survived! Yay for Kimmie coming along and helping with the Frozen 2 outing. Great memories for the grands. The dogs are quite the bunch, a very good-looking bunch. Love that Buddy played with Maggie. Too cute. And too funny about Bruce being a moving couch.

  12. The best way to start off the new year! I enjoyed this post, seeing your family and Chicago. ;-)
    And I loved the photo of Maggie, reminds me of Molly. Boston's are so special. I am happy her and Buddy are pals.

  13. Wonderful memories with the kiddos. How fun this outing is. What a beautiful place to enjoy dinner. Looks like the girls had a blast. Kiddos to you both for taking care of these sweeties. Xo

  14. so much fun living near a big city with so many fun places to visit with the kiddos. They will remember this forever. You all are such great grands to invest in your kiddos like this. The dogs are hilarious, I know you all must be having a great time!!

  15. Looks like you had a wonderful time and created more great memories for you, your kids and grands. I would need lots of naps too.. after being around young 'uns! Don't have the energy or patience anymore! Glad Buddy had fun too! My parents always took us girls to a theater in SE Portland that would set up a big stage for Christmas (outside) and Santa and his sleigh and reindeer would come visit! And we would wait in line for an hour or more, just to tell Santa what we wanted. It was just magical and I still remember it vividly so many years later. It's so wonderful to make memories for the little ones. Happy New Year! Rest up! xoxoxo Marilyn

  16. I wish I had seen Marshall Field's when it was the Marshall Fields. Your visits there with your girls sounds like a wonderful outing. I love doing it up with the Grand Girls like that. Great Memories last forever.

  17. Looks like you had wonderful time, I love your daughters's dog. Family time is always the best, I am glad that you have quality life with a nice family to enjoy your journey.
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  18. I think YOU need a vacation in Chicago after all of that! lol Kids and dogs do tire a person out but it looks like you all had a wonderful time. Love the 'walking couch'. lol xo Diana

  19. Sounds like you packed in an awful lot of fun! I'm sure you all (including Buddy) need a nice, long rest! I agree - Macy's cannot hold a candle to Fields but looks like you all had a fun time! Happy New Year!

  20. Wow, Kris, what a great way to spend some time with your girls. I bet they all had fun. That picture of Charlotte in front of the window is amazing. Ah, to be a kid again, filled with so much wonder. And I bought that same doll for my 3 year old niece this year. It was a Frozen 2 Christmas for the littles! Happy Monday!!

  21. It looks like everyone had a great time. Your grandchildren are just precious. Wow, your daughter has her hands full with 3 dogs. Buddy and the dogs are so cute and great they all get along well.

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