Valentine's Day Ideas

Hello sweet friends.  I wanted to show you something I made last year to give as gifts to my kids for Valentine's Day.

Thought this was such a cute idea and the kids loved it.  
You take a valentine chocolate heart box of any kind and then replace some of the chocolates with money and lottery scratch offs.

My kids loved getting these. 

It is just a fun twist on giving chocolates for Valentine's Day.

Thought I would share this idea with all of you again.
This is what I am surprising my kids with this year for Valentine's Day.

I am a big history buff of old historic landmarks. 

 Love learning of the history of these old historic homes, buildings etc.  
That is why I have an old chippy 100 year old farmhouse window and shutters hanging on my wall and old fireplace mantels and insert.  

Love to think about that old farmhouse and how many families carved out their lives in that old 100 year old farmhouse.  

Love having those old chippy reminders in my decor of days gone by.

Harry Carey for those of you that do not live in Chicago was the famous announcer for the Chicago Cubs for years.  There are several Harry Carey restaurants.   One being in River North of the City of Chicago near where the Cubs play ball.  

This beautiful old historic landmark is home to one of the restaurants.

Back in the day this old building was used by one of Chicago's notorious gangsters Frank Nitti.  Frank Nitti took over as crime boss when Al Capone was in prison. 
It was very common to have secret rooms built in these old buildings during 

In 1998 when an electrician was drilling a hole in the wall of this old building they discovered secret rooms.  One being Nitti's vault where they would stash money, jewels, drugs and personal items of the mobster.
They also discovered a hidden apartment for Nitti and his gang.  That was not uncommon for gangsters like Capone and Nitti to have secret living quarters to hide out from the Feds.
This room was discovered to be an old Speak Easy Nitti had hidden and Harry Carey's has kept it to the original design just updating some of the furniture. 
Now you can enjoy spending time in the Speak Easy before dinner.
These next few pictures are some of the dining rooms in this old historic building and restaurant.

On Valentine's Day night we will go into the city and have a 1 hour tour of this historic building and all the hidden rooms along with appetizers and cocktails.

Then after the tour we will be seated all together in the restaurant for a 6 course meal.

I think it will be fun to have the historian of this building give us a private tour and then have some of the most delicious food after the tour.

They are only allowing 20 guests to take this tour to keep it intimate and unique.

I think it will be a great night to enjoy learning of this old building and all its secrets and then have a great dinner together.

I still love these little vintage valentine's cards.  Loved when things were simpler and a sweet little card like these would make you smile.
Are you finding cute decor items for Valentine's Day?
After taking down all the Christmas it seems so sparse so a few Valentines here and there are cheering up the house.

Wishing you fun as you decorate for Valentine's Day and think of sweet gift giving.


  1. Wow, wow and WOW!! I wish I could got with all of you!! I am a History Buff too, Kris, and this sounds like such a wonderfully enchanting night for all of you!! How fantastic!! And what a great idea!! For this year, now that I can walk, I hope to visit a lot of local places and events that I have been here, right in my back yard, so to speak , but never saw or went to...Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  2. This sounds like such a great fun evening and tour. I can't wait to hear all about it. Love the idea of adding some fun things to a box of chocolates too.

  3. Kris, I think the tour would be awesome. I love that old building too. Funny to see it without the taller buildings around. You are going to truly enjoy your good time with loved ones. Cute ideas with the candy boxes. You are clever. Blessings to all, xoxo,love, Susie

  4. Never heard of this historic home. What an interesting back story. Also wanted to mention that the Walnut Room brought back some good memories. Enjoyed going there with my favorite aunt who lived in Chicago. She's been gone for sometime now. I thought it was disappointing also when Marshall Fields left. Love Chicago!! I live in central ILL & don't get up as often as I'd like to

  5. Kris, thank you for the reminder of your Valentine treats. I remember wanting to give them to the kids last year, but forgot. Now, I'll be prepared! And what a neat building. I think a day exploring and dining sounds dreamy!!

  6. I never do anything for Valentine's Day. My daughters certainly have more money than I do but maybe I'll make one of those boxes you showed for Marley.

  7. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures and the story behind the building Kris - it looks and sounds a wonderful and fascinating place. I am sure that you will have a wonderful time there and I LOVE those special Valentine's Day chocolate boxes. Your family is very lucky to have you doing all that for them. We are hoping that we will be able to move back into our new home about mid-February. It is looking rather sad at the moment. Hugs, Gilly x

  8. I remember those valentines gifts- great idea! Wow that restaurant and the buildings history sounds so exciting! That’ll be a great experience to have touring the rooms and to dine! Are you going to put on your gangsta’ best? 😎

  9. That is one gorgeous old building, and a very interesting history - wow, a hidden apartment, how cool is that???

  10. How sweet this is. Great idea Kris. The tour sounds so interesting and fun. Enjoying a lovely dinner afterwards. Happy weekend . Xo

  11. This sounds so fun and to get a small intimate tour is great. Interesting history, right up John's alley.

    Love the idea with the candy boxes too.


  12. That will be a fabulous Valentine's Day date! I'm another lover of historic buildings and enjoyed your post on the history of this restaurant. And it reminded me of the old Untouchables television series about those infamous men. You do live near to a fascinating big city!

  13. GOOD MORNING! I was away from my computer yesterday so I missed this! What great ideas you always have to share your generous spirit, my friend. And to top it all off with a special night out in a historic place as such! We have some wonderful architecture here as well; being a native California who transplanted to the old east coast, I never would have thought that the midwest was so full of gorgeous, old and intriguing places. And do you know that on this Valentine's Day, it will mark 40 years since Ruben and I met?FUN!

  14. I love that Valentine's candy idea Kris. I know all of you will have a fun time as it looks like an awesome building and I can't wait to hear all about it.

  15. That is so cool - I've not heard of this! Wish we could go - I'll have to check it out for the future. Valentine's Day is in full swing here . . . definitely go a bit overboard but it IS so drab after the Christmas decorations come down that I feel compelled to bring some color to the house lol!

  16. Kris, I remember when you fixed up the candy boxes last year. Such a great idea and I think your plans for this Valentine's Day are fantastic. Something so interesting and then a beautiful place to celebrate in and a great meal and with all of you together, what could be better..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  17. Kris, next time I'm in Chicago I need to visit that restaurant because I'm such a fanatical Cubs fan!!! Cute idea about the chocolate boxes. I think the grands will love them!

    Happy New Year!
    Ricki Jill

  18. Oh, Kris - what a neat neat NEAT thing to plan! That place looks amazing - and has such wild rich history!!!! If I ever make it to Chicago I will have to see that building! And you! ♥


  19. I LOVE old buildings. When we go to new towns I love to go through those old homes that are open for tours. Also, that place you are going to is amazing! Wow---what fun that will be. I hope you have a great week and don't kill yourself getting ready for next weekend. See you then!!!! xo Diana

  20. I enjoy old buildings as well. We toured some unique buildings in Helena, Montana that had secret rooms. The reason for the secret rooms in these homes where to hide information about gold mines.
    Cannot wait to hear more about the Valentine Outing.. fun fun!

  21. A fantastic idea, Kris. I love history as well.

  22. Happy New Year, Kris⭐️
    All the best,
    Simply LOVE that lovely pillow!


  23. wow..sounds like such an exciting evening of history and memory for your Family...just hope that other Family doesn't show up.. (jk ;0) ) ....enjoy..cannot wait to see the update... :0)

  24. This sounds like an "event" for you and your family, Kris! How special to see the hidden rooms from the gangster days...and be able to step back in time for an evening of history, and fun! Such a memorable gift for all of you!

  25. Oh I would have loved to have seen those gangster days-rooms! Great pictures Kris. What a cute idea for the kiddos. Girl...YES...when days seemed simple with everything and not just Valentine's Day. But I do remember the cute little cards that I would buy for my girls to exchange with their class for Valentine's Day. They were so adorable. Now...I can't tell you half of the characters being displayed on the valentines cards! Hope you have a great week dear lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  26. The chocolate box idea is great, Kris. Your historic tour and dinner for Valentine's Day sound like a lot of fun. Enjoy! Hugs, Nancy