Office Reveal

Hello sweet blogging friends.
We got the office walls painted.  The trim and doors all painted to white and a few new treasures hung.
Now all the rooms are done in this small home.

My office area in this room is also my make up area and craft storage area.  When you live small you have to utilize your space well.  Oh I cannot forget my design assistant's office area which consists of his desk aka bed!

It took me awhile to find just the right gray that I would like and also would compliment Terry's side of the room.  This is Gray Flannel from Behr.  Makes the white trim pop.

Grace is now seated in an old chippy white church window.  Underneath is a vintage curtain rod to hold a couple of baskets for my magazines. 

I put an old ceiling tin piece I had out in the garage behind the open church window.  Just gives a little bling to the window.

My crowned cherubs are fastened to the top of the church window.

I mentioned earlier I use every inch of space for my daily needs.  This cart from Container Store holds all my makeup in the first drawer and all the other drawers contain all my craft and cards and wrapping things.

This is my newest treasure found.  Another church window I got from Warehouse 55 in Aurora.  A friend of mine Mark owns this great shop and I find some really cool finds there.
By the way it is from Mark I acquired the soon to be she shed!

When cleaning off the goo on the window Terry accidently broke the bottom glass.  He was so upset and said he would get a new piece to replace it.  
Nope! it is ok because now I could use the inside sill for a little shelf.  
I like it opened up so I could hang my chippy sign with the Mother Teresa saying inside.  My sweet friend gifted me this old chippy piece awhile ago.  
I think it is perfect for inside this church window.  
One of my fave angels is on the little ledge inside this window.
So while breaking the window was sad it actually is working to our advantage.

Terry's side of the room for his home office looks good with the darker gray wall.  Makes all his fire decor pop.

Terry does not know it yet but I am going to paint his sweet desk either a dark gray or red to make it look better in this room. 
Since I am quarantined for a few weeks from the coronavirus scare I figured I would find little projects to do like painting his desk.
Hope you are all finding things inside to do while we are all having to stay safe at home. 
Love when the sunshine comes out. 
Makes being cooped up at home a little easier to take.
Have a great week.  Stay home and stay safe.
(virtual hugs since Corona lol!)


  1. Looks so good. I expected I'll get a few craft projects completed in the coming social hiatus.

  2. Wow, beautiful, Kris. It not only looks pretty but you are such an inspiration to me. I love that you can keep ALL your make-up and craft supplies and wrapping paper in that sweet little cart! I have got to do some lightening up and house cleaning and purging! It's good that we are house bound, maybe that will get me on the stick..So pretty, Kris. You and Terry do good work. Love all those pretty windows..Happy Tuesday and stay well..xxoJudy

  3. It turned out beautifully, nice the two of you can share a great space in your own styles!

  4. The office turned out amazing.....I love the paint color. The office is the perfect mix of the two of you, love that!

  5. Kris,
    I l o v e that you sharethis space with your sweet husband!
    The broken window reminds me of the saying,
    "When life hands you lemons. . .make lemonade."
    What a sweet treasure you made from the breakage.
    I, too, am staying indoors, except for necessities.
    Stay safe.

  6. Good morning sweetest Kris! You two always manage to make everything work out. This is a great lesson for our times that we are all facing. To make the most of what we have and tweak, create, change, start all over. Life's lesson. I LOVE EVERY INCH of both sides. You thought it all out so beautifully and now the inside of the cottage is done! Now for that She Shed!

  7. Kris, this looks great! Love the Behr Gray Flannel. That's a perfect example of my love of masculine/feminine.
    I love the sunshine too. At least walks outside will give a slight feeling of normalcy in this madness. WV has finally confirmed its first official case, just wondering how many more unconfirmed ones are here. We know they are. Take care, give care.

    1. Of course, this is another lovely room, with his and hers sides, how could it not be with you two working on it. A job well done. Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  8. Looks awesome Kris! Loving that magazine rack you have there! How neat! Love the colors of the office. I had three of the grands from Monday night until last night and we crafted, crafted and crafted! LOL! So...looks like the next stay at Nana's I am putting them to help Nana clean house! LOL! Hugs and blessings to you. Cindy

  9. It looks beautiful! I love the deeper color of grey; your chippy white decor really stands out against it. Gorgeous! Terry's desk will look so good painted in either color but I'm voting for red! Lol.
    I am thankful for Spring and warmer weather - planted a little garden along the garage. Can't wait to have fresh tomatoes and squash!
    Hugs, Cecilia

  10. Wow this turned out fantastic! I love that you both have your area and they are visually separated. Your area is sweet and I love that church window with your angel sitting in there. Terry’s area looks great. I love that multi-piece picture of an axe. I vote for red on the desk!

  11. It looks wonderful, Kris. I love that you each have your own space in the same room.That's what small space living is all about. I think my apartment will be super clean whenever we are able to get out of our homes again. I think we are actually supposed to have some sun tomorrow and then it's another week of gray rainy weather. xo Laura

  12. Another room in your cottage with multi-functions that is so well thought out and looks so spacious. I found this post so inspiring, Kris. While self-isolating from the coronavirus, we are redoing my home office to accommodate two desks, one each for Darcy and I (he may be working from home during this pandemic). I also want it to function as a craft room too. We have started painting the walls and one of the colors we seriously considered was Behr Gray Flannel (which looks so pretty) but we ended up settling on Behr Toasty Gray. I have honestly asked myself many times while planning this space, what would Kris do?

    P.S. I'm a little bias, red being my favorite color, but I think Terry's desk would look fantastic painted firehouse red!

  13. Looks great, Kris! I like the gray paint color choice too. Well, they can't cancel gardening at least!

  14. I'm in love with this room. You and Terry have your own space and things that make you happy.

    Your chippy windows are gorgeous and up my alley. Grace looks pretty sitting with her gown flowing. I think the glass breaking in the new piece was a good thing too.

    Let Terry know I'm thinking about him with this virus. You stat well and sanitize which I know you are, just had to say it, 😉


  15. The room looks lovely with your special touches. You are so organized with your makeup and crafts. Terry has his own side to showcase his personal style. My hubby Paul and I share our study. We have built ins on both sides of the room. I want to add granite or quartz to replace the counters. We had a large whiteboard for important dates. We are lucky to have fresh doors that open to a patio deck. Glad you are staying in. Better to be safe for now. Such a crazy world right now. Xoxo

  16. I love that you and Terry both have an office to share together! The room looks so good and I love the colors you chose for the walls. Terry's desk is good to look awesome!

  17. Sweet friend your office is so cute! That gray paint is perfect!
    We are painting our woodwork white, what a job! It really looks nice when done! You get so much more done than I can! I bet it feels good to have the whole house perfect!

    1. I hated painting the trim and doors. That took forever and many coats even with priming. Just glad all of that is done. Good luck with yours. xoxo Stay safe.

  18. Kris, it's just perfect. You always know exactly what to do with a room. I love the way both sides of turned out. And of course, you already know what color I think you should paint the desk! ;) Big hugs!

  19. Kris, I love, love, love your room now that it is finished. Everything looks just perfect to me. Living in a small space brings out the creative side I think. Thank you for the great pictures. Sandra

  20. This room looks great, Kris! I love how both sides reflect your personalities. I think our main hallway bath is painted in Behr Gray Flannel! I know it's one of the colors we picked out. I'll have to double check, but I'm sure that's it. However, we had to have it done in the satin finish because we have a problem with the paint cracking in that bathroom despite the vent fan. I don't like the shiny finish, but I do love the color.

  21. I like it Kris!
    Give Buddy a pat from me.
    Love, Carla

  22. I've cooked numerous meals. Rested on the couch and made two new pillows. Ha. I didn't need any new pillows but what else am I going to do? I love the office.

  23. I just love it, Kris...especially the old wooden office chair painted white with the cute fabric...I want to something like that myself when we get settled in the farmhouse. But in the meantime, I am completely understanding the "living small" situation...getting kind of used to it! Stay safe and healthy!