Textured White Wash

Hello Everyone.  
Here is what I did to the TV cabinet and the fireplace surround.

This was the TV cabinet.  Very thin wood and very orange even after bleaching it.

This was the oak fireplace surround.  The two pieces were not going to look very good together in the natural state.

This is the paint treatment I did to the mantel and cabinet.  Basically the pieces were painted with white.  Keeping the paint heavy in some areas and light in others to allow the wood to show through.

White washing the paint on the natural surface lets the pieces  coordinate better with each other now.

With both pieces now done in the white wash look, I have thought about doing a blue like this vintage chest for the TV cabinet.  Just not sure.  I would pull one of the blues out of my drapes for the TV Cabinet to get a similar look.   
I like this lighter blue with the chippy finish.  I have lots of Shelter in Place time now that our governor is keeping us in place until May 30th to think about painting the TV cabinet in one of these blues.  I am living with it all white washed for now.  Pulling more blue into the room would be nice so I am thinking on this.
Have a great Friday and Wonderful Weekend.


  1. Hi Kris,

    This is a tough one. They both turned out fantastic. Love the wood showing through the white it looks natural.

    Love the mantle too looks so rustic cottage.

    I'd sit on it for a while. I thought of you yesterday when I heard about the extension. We are at least until the middle of May.


    Hugs to Buddy


  2. I like that paler blue, kris, and think you would be happier with it. You live in a world created with light, and it suits you! Have a good weekend. We had rain yesterday and looks like it'll be all weekend.
    I saw a meme on FB yesterday that's so relevant to states opening while others are on lockdown.....it's like having a peeing section in a swimming pool. smh

  3. You have been busy! I like the all white look although the light blue would be a nice addition to the room. Are the home improvement stores open in your area? Menard's and Lowes are open here but we haven't ventured out to shop. We may try to go to Lowes very early one morning to look at the garden center. xoxo

  4. Wow! I love how these came out! Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hey Kris, I like what you did with the cabinet and fireplace. I like the white washed look and the light blue is nice too. Have a happy Friday and weekend.

  6. Pretty look Kris. I like the idea of bringing in more color. Sometimes trial and error. Enjoy your day and the upcoming weekend. Xoxo

  7. They look pretty! I like the blues too and think the lighter one would look really nice with all your whites and tie in with your other blues. Yep, we have plenty of time to do projects and look for inspiration. Trying to talk the hubs into starting the garage conversion. I need a big project!

  8. Yes, your furniture pieces look much better together now. Great job! I like the lighter blue. I think a piece of blue furniture would be a big feature of your room with the little bits of blue you already have there in curtains, etc.

  9. I would paint the TV cabinet a light blue distressed and sand the paint off the fireplace surround again and go with the natural look on it.

  10. Hi Kris, I always enjoy watching these evolutions of your projects. I am loving that lighter blue finish. We'll probably be home at least that long here in NJ. It is both frightening and fascinating to watch it move through our state like a wave. Even when they say we can "open", I suspect most of us will be continuing to spend a lot of time at home anyway. Stay safe my friend.

  11. Just a thought, Kris, but what about doing a light wash of blue just on the raised parts of the doors on the tv cabinet? It looks so pretty with both pieces unified with a whitewash but a little pop of color on the doors might just be what the cabinet needs. Whatever you decide, I can't wait to see it! Have a nice weekend. xo

  12. Good morning Kris my pal!

    Good job on getting that "pickling" look on both pieces! I do like your idea of a very faded and chippy textured blue for the cabinet. I think you got both pieces to coordinate, but a blue accent piece in the faintest "suggestion" of blue for the cabinet could be AMAZING! Well, we found out that school in the building will not happen. We are finishing off the school year online, which makes sense to me.

    OK my friend off to celebrate the remnants of OUR birthday week!

  13. That was a job well done-and not so easy to do either. I think it really marries the two pieces nicely.
    I have so much painting to get at here with pieces that need to be painted. Just am having a hard time dragging paint out while I am still sorting and purging. It WILL happen one day.
    We are in place until the 26th of May here, too. Tara's girls went down to shelter in place with Mindy and family for a few days and had a ball. They have been completely isolated so it was safe.
    Have a great Saturday. Not sure what I am going to do today...maybe nothing...lol xo Diana

  14. I like this new look; it really brings texture to the room. I know most of the other people who commented said they like that light blue paint color (if you decide to do the blue paint), but I actually like the darker piece better! I think because you already have a lot of light blue in the room, that the darker color would stand out and bring some contrast to the room. Whatever you decide to do - even keeping the pieces as they are - it will look good!

  15. Well that brought those two pieces together nicely but I do like the idea of going blue. The lighter blue seems like it’s the best choice.
    I hadn’t heard that Illinois was going through the end of May with the shutdown.

  16. I love the textured look, Kris. I also like the light blue you are looking at. I can't believe how much color I've brought into our cottage over the past year! Aqua blues and greens in the kitchen, and more blush in the living room. It feels so much more "cottagey" now. The light blue touches you have already added look beautiful in your sweet cottage! I will always stay with white as my base...but incorporating some light colors has added interest, and fun. Whatever you do...it will be fantastic!! xo

  17. I love how your pieces turned out, Kris! You are so talented in getting the look you want!

  18. Hi,
    Well done Kris. I do like the blue idea you shared.