This and That

Hello Everyone.
Just a few this and that's for you today.

This is what I had.  The distressing and sanding to get the wood to show seemed forced to me.

This is how it looks now.  I took your advice and washed the TV cabinet with light blue.  Then I distressed it lightly and added more white paint to the fireplace surround and mantel.  It still is aged but not looking as forced.

I like the blue with the white and distressed wood.  Just gives a little hint of color above the white fireplace surround.

Here is a close up of the washed blue over the white with distressed.

I like this much better in the room as a whole.  Hints of blue but staying true to my whites and neutral love.

I got a new wreath for my mirror.

The new furniture is up and on the deck.  This is the conversation area with the glass rock fire pit.  Less the cushions in this picture because of all the rain we are having this week.

This is our dining area with the table and chairs and umbrella that covers the whole table.  Again less the cushions on the chairs.  I see a little photo bomber in this pictures too!

The iron tea set table and chairs got a fresh coat of white paint.
I cannot wait to get color going on the she shed.  I did order a sign that says Flower Shoppe (see below)  and has pink painted roses on it.  Not sure if the door will be blue or light pink waiting for the sign to come.  I can picture lots of color with flowers and new flowering plants in the beds.   Right now the she shed looks so plain Jane in white but believe me I will have her looking colorful and pretty for summer.

Just a little This and That today.  Have a good day today and wonderful week.  Our weather is rainy days until Friday and then sunshine for the weekend and 75 degrees on Saturday.  Woo Hoo!  Cushions can come out on the furniture and we can grill out and enjoy the deck.


  1. Love the pics. I have a dark brown horse that I want to paint white like some of your things. Any advice on painting?

  2. YESSS!!! The light blue wash on the TV cabinet is lovely, and a bit more paint on the fireplace surround is just the right touch!
    The FLOWER sign with roses is lucky to have found you:-)
    Can't wait to see more peeks of the She Shed as she "grows"!

  3. I love the changes to the fireplace area... the blue is so subtle. I envy your new shed, I wish my hubby was on board to do projects like yours. He is a Keeper!

  4. Fantastic! That pale blue is good. The furniture outside is so nice, so is the decking and she shed. It already looks so good!

  5. What are the dimensions of the She Shed. I like the blue wash on the TV cabinet.

  6. The TV cabinet and fireplace look great! I wasn't sure where you were going with all of that sanding but the end result is terrific! The light touch of blue looks so pretty and picks up the pretty blues in your living room/dining room area. Well done! You are so good at having a vision and making it work! Your backyard will be such a fun place to hang out! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love the colors now. And the new chairs and tables. Looks great. I just wonder why the Little "house" is called She Shed? Can you explain it to me thanks, lol?
    I also wonder where you shall put your Lovely daybed that you used to have on the out floor? Shall it be in the she shed now? Many quiestions from me now.
    Take care.
    Love Elzie

    1. Hello sweet Elzie. A she shed is just a term used for a girls shed. It actually will be a garden shed. The lounge chair will go outside the shed on the grass area. It is too big to go inside the shed. I cannot wait to get my flowers going and plant around the shed and add some color to the door and then decorate the inside cute with garden hats and garden tools etc. Have a great week and stay safe and well. xoxo

  8. Love what you did with the tv cabinet, and then your sign for the 'she shed' is wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the process/progress of this sweet project. ~ FlowerLady

  9. Love the makeover on the fireplace area and the deck is fabulous. You are going to really enjoy that space.

  10. Oh Kris! The hint of blue on the tv cabinet looks beautiful! Your room is looking great! I know you are itching to get going on your flowers and all. Love the shed sign. So soft and pretty! Enjoy your weekend out on your deck! We all need some sunshine therapy!
    Hugs, Cecilia

  11. I love the hint of blue on the cabinet...looks lovely in the space! And I am loving seeing your backyard come together! The sign you ordered for the she shed is gorgeous!

  12. Wow! Kris I like the way the cabinet looks with a hint of blue color. You always do a great job with painting! I also love the way the yard looks already! I know you will have it looking stunning in no time. Buddy is so adorable! Bosco and I sending hugs to you and Buddy! I can't wait for sunshine and 60's everyday! Enjoy the rest of the week.

  13. It's all looking lovely - hopefully we can get rid of this rain and get in some warmth so you can enjoy that pretty yard and patio!

  14. The light blue wash looks so pretty with the rest of your living room! I love your patio set. We're currently looking for a set for our deck but it's hard when everything is closed. Did you order yours online?

  15. The blue wash is just the right touch for the TV cabinet. The flower sign is perfect.
    Your whole backyard is looking great! Fabulous outdoor living space...hopefully the rain will be short-lived and you can get out to enjoy it. xoxo

  16. Love the light blue wash you added to the tv pretty! The new sign for the she shed is perfect too. Can't wait to see the beautiful always have the most beautiful gardens.

  17. Love the new sign! Wow! Your place is coming right along. Must be so exciting for your first full summer there. When was it you moved in?

  18. I love the hint of the light blue in your cabinet. A perfect "wash". And your backyard with the she shed and bistro set, plus the new deck with the new furniture is looking amazing. I know you can't wait until family and friends are gathered on that deck, enjoying the beautiful weather, grilling, and the fire pit.

  19. It all looks wonderful Kris! I LOVE the garden sign with the pink roses. I think the She Shed door should be a light pink too.. that would look so awesome! Your deck is looking so ready for you guys to use... very soon I hope. We've had some 75 degree weather and it really gets the juices flowing for wanting to be outside working in the garden! I bet you can hardly wait! Hugs.. Marilyn

  20. Love the hint of blue, great decision! Just enough where it's not screaming blue, don't think you would've liked it all blue.

    Your white set by the She Shed is darling, love it!

    Bring on some 🌞!!!



  21. Kris, my internet is messing up so think what I typed to you before you probably didn't get. If you did this will be all different anyway because I can't remember what I said. I saw your post about changing the fireplace and cabinet. I thought it was pretty, like I think everything you do is, but I don't mind saying I like this look better. That hint of blue looks great and I really like the fireplace surround more refined. Your little shed is so darling and I love that new sign. Will look so pretty when all put together. Patio looks great and all together you will have the most beautiful yard, because I just know the color you will add with your gorgeous flowers..Stay well and enjoy..xxoJudy

  22. Beautiful, I really like how it all looks Kris.
    Your outside space is really nice, I can not wait to see the flowers.
    And what you plan to do inside the She Shed.

  23. Omigosh! The sign is so perfect and I love the blue hue. You always know exactly what to do. You have such a great eye. I hope you get some sun super soon, so you can enjoy your beautiful backyard. xo

  24. My brain went to overdrive as soon as I saw that she shed. I can absolutely imagine how cute it’s going to be with all the flowers, adorable sign and colored door you’re planning. You’re a lucky lady!

    The photo of your dining table and fireplace looks magazine ready. I predict you’re going to have a feature soon :).

    I’m curious about that fire pit. I went back several posts and didn’t see any mention of it. I’ve been trying to talk hubby into doing this but so far no luck. We have a VERY small yard and he doesn’t think we would use it but I disagree. Did you buy it locally or online?


  25. I think that you have got the TV cabinet and fireplace just right now - and I love the sign that you have ordered for your She Shed. I am thinking that there might just be some pink paint going on there! Maybe after your new sign is in place you will have a better idea. Hugs, Gilly x

  26. I love the touches of blue and I agree that it is not as forced looking. Your backyard is just waiting for all of your wonderful summer decorating. xo Laura

  27. I love your home, Kris. I always enjoy it when you invite us in.

  28. The little bit of blue really looks nice. The room is so fresh and pretty. I cannot wait to see that She Shed all dolled up!

  29. Kris- It all looks really great. You have just enough blue in the house so it is still serene and feels pristine and calming. LOVE how the outside is coming together. You did a great job on the shed and everything. Can't wait to see your flowers and whole setup. xo Diana

  30. What a pretty room you have! I've been a little out of touch so had to work back and see what I've missed here. That pretty fireplace mantel and tv cabinet is such a lovely focal point. And your darling little shed in the back garden! I'm sure that as soon as the weather cooperates that it all will be a little bit of paradise back there. Surely after this next week there won't be any danger of frost! We had it last night again, broke record low temp for the night. But I have a feeling that true summer temps will hit us in early June.