A blast from the past!!!

Hello everyone.  Do you ladies and gents remember Tupperware?
 I normally do not do this kind of thing on my blog but I thought I would help my daughter out with having an online Tupperware Party. 

My daughter Jen is now a Tupperware consultant.   
Gosh I can remember having girlfriends and neighbors over to my home and we would have drinks and appetizers and enjoy a Tupperware demonstration years ago when my girls were little.  

Now these parties are done online.  The catalog is on line.  I guess that is just how times are a changin!

Personally I would rather have a party with friends and neighbors in my home but with Covid it is too hard.  So I thought I would reach out here on the blog.

I give my daughter a lot of credit to try this to make up loss income due to Covid.  She makes me proud that she does not give up and will do anything to keep her family happy and secure.

There is absolutely no obligation to buy but if you are in need of Tupperware then please do and help her start her small business venture.

Here is something I had in the past and they have updated it.  They use to be called crispers and are now called Fridge Smarts.  These are the best things ever.  They keep your fruits and veggies and lettuce crisp and fresh for up to three weeks.  I hate when you have fresh veggies go bad before you can eat them.  A lot of you have gardens and are writing about how many veggies you are getting from your gardens.  This might just be the answer to keep a lot of those fruits and veggies fresher longer.

I still have my serving center from years ago.  It is great for dips and veggies, taco toppings, or sundae toppings for a fun party dessert.

They have some great lunch and snack carriers for those of you that work or like to go on picnics this summer.

Please remember you are under no obligation to order at my online party.  If you are so inclined here is the online catalog link.


Sale catalog https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/63600417/mid-july-2020-tupperware-sale-brochure

Here is my daughter's email (jchristenberry1108@att.net) and you can contact her directly to order or if you have any questions.  Jen can also have things shipped directly to you from Tupperware for a $5 up charge on shipping.
Thanks for helping out her new small business venture if you like Tupperware.  They have come a long way since I had the in home parties.
The party will be open for ordering through the weekend.

We are into day three of this tiny house getting siding.  In old homes like this they are finding some issues under the layers of siding that have to be fixed before any new siding can go up.  Hoping tomorrow they may get this house done.  Poor Buddy is over the noise they are making and quite frankly I am too!

Have a great rest of the week.


  1. Hi Kris, I did place my order with Jen, on her husband Tim's party, yesterday! I recently have been in the market for a Tupperware "lettuce crisper", and lo and behold, you posted about your daughter beginning her business, so it was a match made in Heaven:-)
    Thanks for the tip! XO, Mary~

    1. Hello sweet Mary.  I know you did order and I thank you so much.  Soooo sweet of you and I want you to know we appreciate it so much.  LOL I call those new fresh storage pieces crispers too.  That is what they use to be called!  Have a wonderful rest of the week.  xoxo

  2. Hi Kris! Oh do I remember these images from my childhood and into my young adulthood! We never had a Tupperware party in my family, but when I first got married, I attended a few. I wish your daughter luck as she sells!

    YOUR HOUSE! They are still at it, huh? I so hope they finish up soon so you can resume your daily life and allow your beautiful flowers to dazzle the neighborhood! HUGS!

  3. Oh my goodness, I remember those parties. Lots of home parties went online long before Covid...with more women working outside the home, attendance fell way off. Poor Buddy! I'd be over the noise too! Hope they finish soon!
    Hugs, Cecilia

  4. Oh yes, I remember Tupperware! Kind of amazing it's still around when so many other party type companies have bit the dust. Tupperware always had quality products. I wish her well on her new venture! There are going to be many, many more home based companies due to the coronavirus, etc. I think people are just going to want to operate from a home base.

  5. Kris, I wish your daughter great success. I just remembered some tupperware I had after seeing your pictures. I do not cook as much and now need less things, I guess. Oh your house will be even cuter once it's got it's new siding. Oh I know pets do not like the noise and the crews all around. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  6. Hi Kris, I will check this out and see if there's anything I need.

    Poor Buddy and you with all the noise. You'll be celebrating when this is over for two reasons, quiet and pretty cottage.

    We have a heatwave and no power for a night and all day yesterday. It's reeking having with my MS. Resting for the next two days is all I'm up for doing. All my muscles are in spasm from being so overheated.



    Hang in there!

  7. I do remember those popular Tupperware parties. I guess the company is still going strong after all these years. Kudos to your daughter for selling online. It is so much easier to order. I hope the damage isn’t too great while they prepare for new siding. The noise is no fun. Stay calm. Hugs

  8. Hi,
    One of my favorite Tupperware items are the sandwich boxes. I used them for packing school lunches. They work great, because the sandwich does not get smashed in the lunch box. :-)
    High Fives to your daughter for starting her own business.
    Hope the day goes well. Give a pat to Buddy.

  9. Hi Kris. I had my share of those parties back in the day, including ones for bras and jewelry also. In fact, I could be that chick sitting to the right of the table, in my blonde wig!! I kid you not!! I have had a lot of Tupperware over the years and it lasts a long time, a good product. I wish your daughter well and hope it is successful for her. I used to sell Avon products door to door, so over the internet should be better. Your house will be brand-new when you are through and it always amazes me how neat your yard stays while work is ongoing..Stay well..xxoJudy

  10. I hosted so many Tupperware parties for friends in the 1960s! They were fun times but I know that today's young homemakers are all about shopping online so I bet your daughter will do well with this. Cottage industries of all kinds should flourish now. Poor Buddy! That noise does get old. Your new roof is pretty and new siding will be wonderful. I love it that you're doing your part to preserve this cottage for a long long time!

  11. I love it. This brings back so many good memories. Thank you for sharing.

  12. I sure do remember Tupperware - I went to several parties back in the day. We still have a green bowl that we use...I think it used to be a lettuce keeper with that spike in the middle and a lid, but those are long gone. And no matter, as we don't eat iceburg lettuce anymore.

    Good for Jen for taking on this new job! Unfortunately, I do not need anything at all. My container cabinet (yes, I have an entire cabinet full of bowls and containers) is already too full. Best of luck to Jen on her new adventure! And hang in there with the siding. It will soon be done and your house will be beautiful once again.

  13. Kudos to your daughter! Online parties should work very well for her. I had some Tupperware parties in the 70's and attended many! I still have quite abit of it from those days. I've had to replace a few lids (which they do for free) but all in all, I still use it and love it! My faves too were the sandwich boxes.. and I have two that hold two sandwiches, that I always used when I rode my horse on an all-day pack trip.. I would pack sandwiches in my tupperware... and also had small cups with lids for dressing or snacks. I just bought some more of those at a booth at one of the Christmas flea markets I went to last Christmas. I also have some big bowls with lids that I still use for taking salad or a dish to a potluck. It's the best. I'll check her site out as I would love a few more sandwich keepers. I loved going to those parties.. was so fun and loved the demonstrations. We lose that when it's all online now. I wonder how we can still replace the lids? I'll ask her as I have one that is cracked. I bet you'll be so happy when your house is all done! Have a good week.. Marilyn

  14. Mr. P still uses the hamburger patty maker! And like Carla said, those sandwich boxes are awesome too. Yes, good product that Tupperware is. Best of luck to Jen!
    The house......hoping as of this 5 o'clock hr (EDT), things are looking up!

  15. I have only gone to one Tupperware party in my life but I seem to own a lot of it. It was over 30 years ago. Gosh how time flies.

    I have only hosted two home parties before - once for The Pampered Chef - in the mid 90s, and I still use my cookware set every single day. The other was to help Evelyn's best friend's sister's Silpata business. I bought two necklaces that both broke within the week, so I was so over buying that.

    Anyway I am going to head over there because I haven't looked at Tupperware stuff in a lifetime. Hope she has some good sales.

    You have the cutest cottage - love that white picket fence with the country roses in front. It is beyond precious. Good luck with your siding. Poor Buddy.


  16. I loved my old Tupperware and the parties were so much fun. I was just thinking yesterday how much I miss my old lettuce crisper. xo Laura

  17. The best of luck to your daughter, Kris, I hope she does well. You know, I've never been to a Tupperware or owned any, they are not sold around here.

  18. Oh I remember those parties. I was too little to go, but my mom was always running to one or hosting one. I still have her old Tupperware Jello mold. I'll go take a peek. And can't wait to see the house finished! It's the home stretch now...hang on!! xxl

  19. I remember going to Tupperware parties as a girl with my mom and older sisters....had the most fun playing the games and always looked forward to the prizes and even door prizes! We had the standard pastel tumblers with lids, the lettuce crisper and a few other standard pieces. They have certainly come up with some pretty cool items through the years. I hope your girl gets lots of orders and if we were in the house, I would be inclined to order something myself....no place to store anything these days! Have a blessed weekend!

  20. OMG Kris ~ I was a "Tupperware Lady" ~ Way back when - in my "early 20"s"!!! My Sales Manager lived in Hoffman Estates Illinois, where I would pick up my orders to be distributed after a PaRty!*!*! I still have some of my original pieces too!!!
    Sounds like all is well by you! Hugs...