Easy Peasy Sweetness

I have something to share with you that is a nice dessert to take to a party, give as a gift or keep and enjoy for yourself.

I make Ultimate Chocolate Chip cookies with sea salt.  I get asked to bring these all the time and everyone wants my recipe.  They are so delicious.

The first thing I tell them is to go to the grocery store and buy Nestles break and bake Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies.

This is the best cookies to bake for this sea salt recipe.

I could not sleep one night and was flipping through the tv channels.  I happened upon a baking show and they were making chocolate chip cookies and the baker shared that if you take the cookies out 3 minutes before they are to be done baking and sprinkle them with sea salt,  the sea salt will bring out the flavor of the chocolate in the cookies like no other.  She was so right.  You can use your own cookie recipe from scratch or if you want these easy peasy breezy.  Just get the Ultimate Chocolate Chip break and bakes.  I get asked all the time to bring my sea salted chocolate chip cookies.
Today when I went to my grocery store they only had the regular chocolate chip break and bakes.  These will work too but believe me if you can get the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies they are so much better.

You will also need Sea Salt.  I use the fine but if you like the course you can use that too.

Normally you would just break the squares and place them on the baking sheet to bake.  To make them the size of the Ultimate I used two squares and rolled them in a ball together.

The cookies will bake for 13 minutes to be done.  Set your timer at 10 minutes or in my house I ask Alexa to set a timer for 10 minutes.  When the timer goes off you pull out the cookies and sprinkle on the sea salt.  You can see the salt in the above pic and the below picture.

Then return them to the oven with the sea salt sprinkled on them and cook a final 3 minutes.  We like our cookies a little softer so we stick to this time.  You can leave them in longer if you like them a little crispier.

Let them cool and enjoy.  They are the best cookies ever. 

Recently I was part of a fundraiser for a local dog shelter.  Mud Pie makes these cute cookie plates with napkins and a cookie server.  If you purchased a set the money went to the shelter.

 I bought some of these for gifts this year at Christmas.  I bake Christmas cookies for my neighbors and I thought presenting them on these cute plates would be a nice gift.

Makes for a sweet gift for someone especially if you give it with homemade cookies on it.

Happy Labor Day Weekend.
The weather is so beautiful here for the weekend.


  1. I am going to try adding the sea salt to my cookies the next time I bake some....great tip! The little plates are so sweet and the perfect gift.

  2. Oh Kris, these sound amazing! When we start to visit with people or I can go and volunteer somewhere, I will make these! BRAVO!

  3. Wow..cannot wait to try this...sounds great. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a fun and blessed Labor Day Weekend!!

    1. I could not wait!!! lol I tried these.... I had a small Betty Crocker mix of regular Choc Chip Cookies in my pantry. I followed directions adding some extra Nestle Choc Chips and walnuts (also, on hand)..Cooked as you said adding the salt... Yummi... We loved them..and really good to heat a bit in microwave before eating..just like out of oven. Thank you so much Kris for this inspiration. They were our "Labor Day" treat, and we all need an uplift these days. Love your blog and ideas.. :0)

  4. What an awesome tip. I am sure the added sea salt would be wonderful with any chocolate chip cookie.
    I add sea salt to my caramels when I make them and they are delicious. The cookie plate is lovely. I do love their products. Enjoy Labor Day. Xo

  5. Gosh, they look and sound so very yummy Kris! No wonder everyone asks you to bake them. Such a wonderful idea to give as presents on those lovely plates. Summer has returned again today, here in the UK, and the temperatures for the rest of the week are looking good. Hugs, Gilly

  6. I'm going to do this to many of my cookies. Thank goodness you couldn't sleep that night because we love sweet and salty and this sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing.

    Mud Pie has so many pretty pieces. Your neighbors will love the plates plus the thoughtful yummy cookies.


  7. Those look so yummy! It's amazing what salt does to sweet goods. Salted caramel comes to mind...delicious. We went out for breakfast this morning and nine firemen (two female firefighters!) were in there eating. Fortunately they finished before they got a call! The weather is beautiful this morning. I think I hear the weeds calling to us...ha! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. xoxo

  8. Wow that sounds incredibly delicious! I never heard of that kind of Nestle product.

  9. I bet your neighbors love you, Kris! Due to the cuteness of your little cottage and your gifts. I think I may have some sea salt. I'll go look and maybe I'll bake some myself.

  10. I've done that with chocolate chip cookies - put the sea salt on near the end. I agree it makes the cookies extra delicious! Have a good weekend.

  11. Kris, sweet idea. Sea salt makes most things taste better in my opinion. Have you ever added salt and pepper, along with sugar, to your cut up strawberries. Delicious. These sound scrumptious and I will look for the Nestles product. I haven't heard of it..Stay well..xxoJudy

  12. Well, aren't you sneaky?! Those look delish, and all the better that they're easy. Thanks for the inside secret. I do much the same with brownies - Hershey's triple chocolate from Sam's. The best.

  13. Yum!! This sounds delicious, Kris. I’ll have to try it. Cute cookie plates too. They will make the cutest gifts!
    Hugs, Cecilia

  14. Those look delish! I've never known to add sea salt like that but will give it a try. Being gluten free, I never could find any refrigerator dough cookies, until I discovered Sweet Loren's cookies. Safeway stores actually have it and I was so thrilled to find it! Years ago, I would make those Nestle's choc Chip cookies and they were so fast and easy and yummy! Now I have Sweet Loren's. She has chocolate chunk cookies, sugar cookies, oatmeal cranberry and fudgy brownie. For any gluten free people out there, give them a try.. they are as good as homemade.. but a little spendy. I'm going to try the sea salt idea with her choc chunk cookies. I usually buy a few packages to have on hand! In my old(er) age, I'm usually too lazy to cook anything from scratch.. but I have to as with gluten free, there's not much ready made stuff out there. Those plates are darling and such a good idea! xoxo Marilyn

  15. Thanks for the tip on the sea salt! I use sea salt and kosher salt a lot and this sounds like it would be perfect to enhance the flavor. Happy Labor Day Kris. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  16. I love the combo of sweet and salty. Easy is the key word here - cookies sound amazing! What a nice gift for your neighbors!

  17. Hi Kris, oh these cookies look so good! I will be making these to bring to my daughter and her roommates when we go visit her at college. Thanks for sharing this easy cookie recipe! The plates are just adorable.
    Hope you have a nice day.
    Julie xo

  18. YUM!!
    What a great idea.
    Earlier last week I made up some peanut butter cookies for the boys.

  19. Well those look delicious ! We have been on a baking jag since March. It will be fun to add these to our recipe book! Thanks!

  20. Yum! Have to try this. You come up with the funnest stuff! Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement.

  21. Those sound absolutely delicious, Kris. I have one of those packets in my fridge so will make them for the coming weekend/camping. WOW- I bet they are delicious.
    Hope you have a great day, Kris. xo Diana

  22. This is a great tip, Kris. I love chocolate chip cookies with sea salt.

  23. Yummy cookies and a cute cookie serving set! Looks good to me! I'll definately try this recipe! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  24. I have never heard of that. I'll try it. Thanks for sharing,