Fall is Beginning and New Re Love Project

Happy Weekend Sweet Friends.
Today is the last nice day of summer weather.  We will begin to drop drastically this coming week.  80 today and only 50 on Monday.  One extreme to the next!  That is Illinois weather!

I have a couple of things to share today.

One is fall is beginning.  I am winterizing my yard this weekend and I will be saying goodbye to the last of the sweet summer flowers and enter in pumpkins and fall flowers.

I have been shopping in some of my fave shops and collecting some fun fall decor items to add to what I have.  This metal hanging basket was a true find.  I cannot wait to decorate that and get it hanging out on the porch.

My creams and white pumpkins and sunflowers are coming out of storage

Hopefully after this weekend this nest will be decorated for fall.  Can't wait to show you what I come up with.

On another note.  This is a new diamond in the rough find from FB MarketPlace.  I cannot wait to show you the transformation to this piece.  Look at her cute feet.

She is a little too wide for where I want to put her no worries Terry has tools and knows how to use them!  Stay tuned I will have this re love for you soon.

My $15 dollar for the pair chairs have been sold and went to a good home.  I loved them but really did not have a place for them in my tiny home.  I sold each chair for $75 and had 25 people wanting them within 5 minutes of posting them.  Great return on investment for me.  I am loving using FB Marketplace and Offer Up to re love things and sell and also to sell things I have in my home that I no longer want.

Remember this great find.  $5 dollar chairs and I had the table in my stash.  It went from this to.....

Ended up like this with a little fabric recovering to chairs and some white paint.  That's all it took.

I wanted to keep it for a table and chairs in my kitchen but I found another piece that will be more useful to be put here.  I will have that for you soon.  So this sweet set went to a new Home Sweet Home and again made a wonderful return on investment.  I am kind of liking this new little business I have started.  Have a great weekend.


  1. Good for you Kris. I tried the same idea on FB Marketplace and it's not the same here. I priced items great and neutral colors but it was a disappointment.

    I was so frustrated because it would have been a great way to make a few bucks.

    Loving the new piece and the first thing I noticed was the feet.

    Enjoy your weekend!



  2. I can't wait to see your home decorated for fall and see how you transform the new pieces. Happy Fall!

  3. Kris, As crafty as you are and handy as Terry is...you two could easily start a recycle make over business. I love the sweet make overs at your house. Blessings, stay safe. xoxo,love, Susie

  4. KRIS! I am so impressed. You have found one of your many niches ( you are brilliant as so much but this is really working out for you!)

    The fact that you can find such great stuff at reasonable prices is one thing; your talents allow you to doll them up or bring life back into them so you can resell..what a dream job! Oh how fun for you (and US!)

    I was just thinking of you this morning to find out how you've been. We are on the same weather track so the last few days were warm but tomorrow, down we go..but I started my Cinderella theme here at home and it's so cozy. I love it.

    Well my friend, enjoy your weekend and we'll chat soon.

  5. Way to go, Kris! I'm enjoying seeing your new little business, too. That new basket has beautiful shades for fall in it. Enjoy your last day of summer-like weather. After tomorrow, ours looks to drop to daytime high 60s, nighttime 40s.

  6. Kris,
    Good for you that you are making some money on your furniture make overs....Maybe a future business for you and terry in Retirement???? Everything looks great...Can't wait to see what you do with that cabinet...

  7. Well, it's about time you starting really selling your gorgeous treasures. I see custom orders in your future. The Junk Chic Cottage Shop is open for business!! I wish I lived closer! xo

  8. So happy for you you have this new little business. You have a keen eye for good bones and then making those items over for a profit. Way to go. Everything looks fabulous. I am so looking forward to seeing more of your fall decor. Happy Sunday. It would be awesome if you shared at my link party, Love Your Creativity. The party is every Sunday, noon West Coast time. Xo

  9. You "relove" so well and successfully! It is a good little business you've got going!

  10. You not only are beautiful, Kris, but smart as well. How exciting that you have a new business with nice profits. That is a very cute little cupboard. Is it a sell or keep? If you are keeping, I bet I know what for..? Stay well..xxoJudy

  11. You have a great decorator's touch in your reloving of great finds. Lucky for you and lucky for those who live close enough to participate and shop the redo's. :) ..Have a Happy Fall...

  12. I've been working on fall decorating, too. It'll be nice to see what you come up with. You're doing great with buying and re-selling on FB Marketplace!

  13. Oh fun! I like redoing furniture or like others redoing it and sharing. Always amazing what a new coat of paint can do. I love the metal basket - what a great find! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it and the cabinet plus what you're going to use for your table. You have great ideas! Sounds like you are enjoying the little side job you have going! Sweet!
    Happy Fall!

  14. You have a sweet little business going! Love the metal hanging basket! Can't wait to see what magic you and Terry will bring about with the new storage cabinet. xoxo

  15. Wow, that is a sweet ROI on those chairs, Kris! Congratulations and wishing you well with your relove business. xo

  16. You have a very nice little business going there! You are so talented that I bet you have your inbox full of interested customers! Your autumn decor is so pretty. I finally put out a few pumpkins! I think I'll decorate for Halloween this week since it's almost October. Yikes!

  17. Well, I'm not surprised that you have this little side business going, Kris. I always thought you and Terry were made for such things. How fun! Your cottage is so charming, but then I think I say that every time I leave a comment. But it's true! Hugs, Nancy

  18. Hi Kris,
    Good for you with your side business. In fact, I would have purchased the chairs. :-)
    I am looking forward to seeing your autumn decorations.

  19. How awesome that you started this makeover business and have success with it already! You and Terry work so well together and I love seeing how you transform everything.

  20. Congratulations on your amazing sales Kris! So very pleased for you. Hugs, Gilly