Painting a cement porch.

Happy Friday Sweet Friends.
Hope your week is going well.
Today I wanted to post about how to paint a cement porch.

Here is an earlier picture in the summer of the front porch.  I forgot to take a before picture before we started to paint the porch.  You can see it is just a cement porch.   Stained from years of use.  
To paint the porch you will need to buy this bonding primer.  We cleaned the cement porch really well.  Then Terry applied this bonding primer.  This will seal the concrete and keep the paint from seeping into the cement.
Then we used porch paint.  It took two coats.  The paint went onto the cement and was smooth and looked really nice even after the first coat.

We taped off the steps where the siding and garden bricks were. If you look real close you can see a little photo bomber in the house looking out!

We also decided to paint the side porch on the house too.
I think painting the porch makes it brighter and prettier than the plain cement. 
The white porch now looks good with the white trim on the house.  It was a nice and easy fix to an ugly cement porch.  As you can see my flowers are starting to go into fall mode.  My petunia's were attacked with budworms this summer and that is why you cannot see anymore pretty flowers just the green of the plants.  I will be prepared next year for these buggers.  I literally went to bed and the next day all the petunias were eaten off the plants.  Since we are coming to the end of the season I was not going to get the bacteria you need to put on the plants to eat the bug worms.
Here is our previous home's porch after we painted it a light blue.
Then before we sold the house we decided to paint the porch to the same color as the shutters on the house.  Just felt this would sell better than the blue porch.

I would love to start some fall decor but my flowers are still hanging on to summer.  This weekend we are going to drop into the 50's and 60's which is below normal for us.  Hope we spring back to warmer temps after the weekend.

My rose bushes are still full of new buds ready to bloom.  The nice thing about these knockout roses they will continue to bloom until we get our first frost.  Hopefully that will not be until much later in the fall.

That is how you paint a porch.  Not hard to do at all.  Terry wants to fix the sidewalk in front and then we might paint that white too.
I hope in the next couple of weekends as it gets cooler to clean out some of my plants and flowers and begin some fall decor on the porch and flower boxes.  Hope to be back soon to show you that.

Hugs and Happy Weekend.



  1. Good morning, wonderful human being!

    Awesome transformation. We have never painted our steps but rather redid ALL of the cement stairs up to the house, the path toward the back of the house and the landing at the front door in a pressed pattern of cobblestone. It made a huge difference in how the house presents and how tidy I can keep the cement. How beautiful is your cottage with its yellow door and now with the white landing, it looks as happy as can be, the way a cottage should be!

    Well, autumn is falling upon us here too and I finished our garden clean-up yesterday. Now it's a matter of time until the snow is our main focus in the garden then the waiting period until hope buds once again.

    Great job!

  2. Good morning, Kris. That really made a difference - brightens up the front of the house nicely. I can't believe your pretty flowers got attacked! How annoying is that? At least you still have roses blooming. We're supposed to have cooler weather too. My plants are very happy the hot days of summer are gone. They are putting out new blooms. I saw Buddy in a couple of your pictures. He's just so sweet! Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs, Cecilia

  3. It's amazing what a coat of paint will do. Did you add any type of grit so the surface won't be slippery when wet? Maybe that's not an issue. The previous owners of our home had outdoor carper put down on the sidewalk from the driveway and the porch. We took up the sidewalk carpet (seriously?!) but the stuff is still on the porch. Have a feeling it will be a bear to get it smoother enough to paint when it is removed.

    Your cottage is just the cutest! I wonder how many folks have taken cell phone pictures while walking by.

    Enjoy your weekend. Finally into some cooler temps. We need rain badly, tho. xoxo

  4. I hope you put silica sand to the paint. We used that paint on our front porch and steps and it was so slippery. We couldn't have people come in our front door if it was raining or snowing. Too many people fell down including the ups driver.

    1. The porch paint and the under primer keep it from being slippery. You can add sand to it too if you want it more gritty. Happy Friday.

  5. The porch looks great. I wonder if that's what happened to our flowers, one day we woke up and the flowers were gone. So annoying.

    I am in full fall mode since cooler and colder months are my thing too bad snow comes with it.



  6. It's perfect! I'm sending this post on to Kendra because her flip houses are often about this size and I love what you've done.

  7. Gosh what a great transformation Kris! I so enjoyed seeing the photos of your previous home too. Looking forward to the next instalment. Take care, Gilly

  8. That brightened up your front so much! Great job as usual.

  9. Hi Kris,
    I like it.
    We are painting next week! A big project for us, the outside of our house and we are changing up the trim colors. I will be excited to share before and after photos.
    Have a safe weekend. Love, Carla

  10. Your roses are gorgeous. Beautiful. Also your one door ornament is outstanding. The long one with the flowers. Very pretty. You have the magic touch when it comes to decorating!

  11. Wow, what a difference the paint made!! Your home and garden are absolutely stunning!!!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  12. Oh, wow! It looks very nice! I love white, and I think your cottage is sooooo cute! It really made a huge difference in your curb appeal!

  13. Your porches look great! It's always amazing what a little paint will do! Pretty roses too! Hugs!

  14. Lovely look for your porch. It goes well with the rest 0f your darling cottage. I hope you are enjoying the weekend. Xo

  15. Love the white painted porches! Can never go wrong with white I always say:) My flowers kicked the bucket during our drought (Sadly, I'm not a diligent waterer.) You turn all your cottages into fairy tale homes! Here's to a mild fall:) xo Kathleen

  16. It looks really good, Kris! Both our front and back concrete steps could use this. We're loyal Behr customers so I like that it's a Behr product that you used. Going to show Mr. Frugalista this post to plant the seed. 😉

  17. Kris you always know exactly what to do to bring out the best in every one of your cottages. I love the painted porch. It looks so clean and bright and finished. It's the perfect stage for all your gorgeous outdoor decor...and those flowers!! Enjoy the weekend...and hope it gets warmer. I have slippers on today it's so chilly. Yuck. xo

  18. Hello Kris, you and Terry did a great job with painting the front and back porches. Painting the steps made such a huge difference and they look clean and bright. It's too bad about the flowers but at least we are going into fall now. Enjoy the weekend.

  19. Hi Kris. I just love your little cottage and it looks cuter with each project that you do. The "new" porch really brightens things up and your roses are beautiful. I have got to get some of those knock out roses planted..Stay well..xxoJudy

  20. Such a darling house! Love the freshness of new paint. I don't have concrete steps but I do love concrete paint and enjoy sprucing up garden pots, fountains, benches, statues, you name it, I want to paint it! We are going to try and recover some burned statues, I wonder how successful I will be painting over charred black 😞

  21. So pretty Kris. I hate that about your petunias. It will look even better next year when you get your flowers going again. I do love how well it all blends now. Funny when you talk about it sounds , well that will be nice...then seeing it makes it really stand out. I love it. Your houses have all been dream houses with all your work and ideas. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  22. I totally forgot that you can paint cement! Really brightened up the front of your house.

  23. It looks amazing!!! Your house is so charming and so cute!!! Love the painted porch!!!
    Emily @

  24. It looks wonderful! We need to paint ours but first I think it needs to be resurfaced with cement or something as the cement is worn away in so many spots and one big crack fixed. I love how Castles Crowns and Cottages addressed you in her comment!

  25. It looks so good! One of my husbands cousins painted their covered back porch which was cemment a few years ago. It looked so good. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  26. What a game changer, Kris. It looks fantastic. I really love the light yellow door, too! I have painted concrete basement floors with very good luck,too. One that I painted I went back and stamped it so that it looked like brick..did some shadowing on it and people actually thought it was brick. lol
    Your yard looks beautiful!!! xo Diana