Refrigerator Make Over

Hello Sweet Friends.
My design assistant and I want to share the refrigerator makeover with you today.  As you will see towards the end of this post it is still a work in progress.
My refrigerator just kind of was open and free standing in the room.

I felt it needed to feel more built in and not just standing there.

This side was not too back because it had the cabinets framing it.

Terry and his mighty tools to the rescue.  He used plywood and make a cabinet for around the refrigerator.

Then we added some white paint.  The cabinet still needed some trim to finish it.

We found some trim that had a little bit of a design and dental molding.  Wanted to give the white box cabinet some bling and character.
Trim painted with white.

The opening up above now stores things I do not use everyday and want to hide!  I think the trim really gave the planness of the cabinet some character.

My White Cottage Farm sign framed in an old vintage frame fits perfectly in this space.  All I have to do to get into this space is pop out the sign.  Then it fits right back in when done.

Then when I was out at the Vintage Market with a friend I came across this beautiful chippy vintage door frame.  Hmmmm that might just work to give the side of the refrigerator cabinet some character.  There was no glass in the window but had the idea that maybe a chalkboard would look nice.

As you can see the door was bigger than the side of the cabinet but no worries Terry has tools and knows how to use them!

Terry was able to cut this door frame down and have it fit on the side of the cabinet.

He found some old salvage pieces he had in the garage from other projects to add some height to the bottom of the door.

The next leap of faith on this project was to paint the doors of the stainless steel refrigerator.  I started with chalk paint.  It took several coats about 4.  Then you can wax or poly it so it does not chip.  I decided to just do one more coat of white gloss trim paint to seal it.

I hate stainless steel.  I know it is an updated and popular choice.  I just do not like fingerprints always on my refrigerator.  

You can only use stainless steel cleaner on them too which is expensive and an everyday job.

I am glad I took this leap of faith because the doors came out really beautiful.  It does not show as well in pics but believe me the doors look great and have a nice finish to them.  

With finishing off the last coat of high gloss trim paint it is completely washable and will not chip.

I almost had to stand on my head in this narrow space between the refrig and the other side where the stove is to get a full picture of the refrigerator painted.

My next thing to do with this is to figure out something a little more to add to the doors.  I just feel it needs a little something.
I have this old ceiling tile that I thought might look good on the bottom door of the refrigerator to give it some bling.  Just not sure.

I am leaning towards these rub on furniture transfers to put something like this on the door.

I think they give a little character.

There are a lot of these to choose from so this is an idea too.

Going back to this picture of the door before it was painted white.  I kind of liked how it stood out and you could really see the detail.  So thinking maybe sanding down a lot of the white I put on to really show the chippy wood or maybe even painting the door a color like cream or light blue etc. to make the door piece stand out.

It looks so much better now with the refrigerator all framed in and I also got a small area above the refrigerator for storage.  When you live small you need to utilize every inch of space.  Now I just have to ponder making that door stand out more on the cabinet and what to do to the door of the refrigerator.  When I figure that out I will be back to show you.

With some plywood, paint and an old chippy door frame I got my refrigerator to feel more built in and finished.
Have a great day and wonderful weekend.

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  1. Wow, Kris, I know that I should expect this kind of amazing transformation from you guys by now, but I'm sorry, I'm still completely in awe of your vision and Terry's skills. That pop out sign on top, the chalkboard and cutting the door to make it narrower are all great ideas. I think it looks beautiful and I can't wait to see where you go from here!! xo

  2. Holy smokes lady, you and Terry are a team of miracle workers for sure!!! I can't believe you painted your fridge, you're so right....that was a true leap of faith! I hate stainless appliances also...I have a fridge downstairs that's stainless (it was on sale, and downstairs so I didn't care....) but I HATE IT! I would never put stainless in my kitchen! Amazing transformation, you truly have a vision!

  3. WOW, what a transformation....I absolutely LOVE it!!! I had no idea you could paint a stainless steel refrigerator. Our refrigerator sits out in the room like yours did before so I am definitely taking notes for when we finally get around to re-doing our kitchen. SO amazing....

  4. I love the way the refrigerator came out Kris. You and your husband did a great job and so lucky that he is a carpenter as well. You guys save so much money this way. I love the side of the frig with the chalk board. I had no idea that you could paint stainless steel either. Have a happy Valentine's Day and a nice weekend.

  5. I am in love with your design assistant! He is magnificent!

    And so is what you and Terry have done with the fridge! It is such a luxury custom job, you two could go in fridge transformation business.

  6. Love the painted fridge!!! Wow?!

  7. Wowza, Kris!! This is so even more amazing than I had imagined it would be! You two are super incredible with your re-do's. My hat is off to both of you.

  8. It looks amazing, Kris. As always I am completely impressed. Don't you love trying to take photos in a small space. LOL
    xo Laura

  9. WOW, I love what you did. If we were going to stay in our home I would do that to ours. Will keep it in mind for the next house.

  10. What a gorgeous fix!!! You two make a terrific team. Such a change.

  11. Hi Kris,

    When I think you and Terry can't surprise me anymore you blow me away with this makeover. I too hate stainless and wish they sold our appliances in matte white or brushed something. It's a pain to keep clean. We had to get stainless that's was the only choice.

    My opinion I think sanding the door to show the detail would be awesome. You don't need my opinion. John is great but Terry could teach him a thing or two.

    Love my Buddy, so stink'n cute!!



  12. Kris, this whole are turned out beautifully! So looks like it's been there for years! I love all of the architectural detail. You two do wonderful work together!

  13. Well, Kris, as you usually do, you just blew me away. The frig looks like it belongs right there and always has. The paint is such an adventure that I can't believe you did it, but it looks so good. The door and chalkboard was the icing on the cake. What a great idea. Terry does wonders with his tools and your mind just amazes me. I love it.xxoJudy

  14. Kris, Your man Terry is a wood wizard !!! I love that whole cabinet look now. All the cute detailed trims are perfect. Blessings,xoxo, Susie

  15. KRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bravo, bravo and bravo over and over; you tell that man of yours he is a genius and that he married a genius! Excellent makeover, wonderful use of these salvaged beauties! I will be back...I need to run off to get ready to go to school!

  16. Perfect for your cottage look AND with built in storage - that's fabulous! I think a transfer would look great on the front of the fridge. The side door frame with chalkboard is really nice too. Happy Valentine's Day, Kris! I hope you're giving Terry a break this weekend, lol.

  17. I really had no idea that you could paint a stainless steel appliance. And I hear you about using every available space when you live small. Gets our creative juices flowing. LOL. Your design assistant is so cute but looks so serious sometimes like I don't know Mom, but you will figure it out. But it really looks great. You and Terry are really genious when it comes to figuring out things or using what you find on your thrift forages.

  18. Looks SO much better! You know I hate stainless steel because it reminds me of the morgue. I can still smell that morgue smell from 30 some odd years ago when I was a journalist and had to visit there for a story. Thought I'd add that so people commenting wouldn't think I was downright strange. Well, I'm kind of strange, but that is another story. At any rate, your ingenuity should win you a prize for Best DIY or something because you and Terry certainly deserve it.

  19. Amazing transformation. Terry did a wonderful job in framing your fridge. Painting a fridge, who knew?
    Anything is possible. I think a transfer would be awesome. All of your hard work has paid off. Buddy makes a great design assistant. Take the day off and enjoy this special day together. Happy Valentine’s Day. Xo

  20. WOW! This turned out so well Kris. This is one of my favorites!
    Thank you for sharing your assistant today too. :-)
    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  21. Ditto three times over to what everyone else said! You and Terry are just amazing.. with both of your visions and work involved. Wow and double wow! I love the chippy door on the side with the chalkboard.. and I've always loved white appliances anyway! so the white fridge just makes total sense in a cottage. You are so fearless! xoxo Marilyn

  22. Absolutely amazing transformation! Fantastic idea! Love it.

  23. Wow, so nice! I have to admit dear lady, my heart skipped a beat when I saw the first coat of paint on the fridge! Lol! I thought that was how it was going to look! I should of known that it was not finished! I love how it turned out! I hate stainless too! The door added to the side is such a cool idea! It's nice to have hidden storage above the fridge! Buddy is so adorable! I just smile when I see his sweet face! You saved him and I am sure he is so happy! Terry continues to amaze. He should train all our husband's! Mine hates honey do chores! Lol
    Happy Valentine's day you two! Big hug

  24. Well this is an amazing transformation of this space! Terry really worked his wonders for you! I’m amazed that you could paint the refrigerator! I like the additional storage above the fridge. Wonderful outcome- you two sure know how to make things happen!

  25. That turned out great, Kris! It looks so much more finished and extra storage is a big plus! I'm with you, I don't care for stainless. I like white appliances best. That's really cool you painting yours. I don't think I would have thought of trying that! And Buddy is adorable as always!

  26. I love everything about this, Kris! Who would have thunk that you could paint stainless steel and have it look so pretty??? One more fabulous project, seriously! xo Kathleen

  27. It looks so fresh and lovely, Kris, you are so creative!
    Your dog is so qute!
    Have a lovely weekend,

    Hugs, Ida

  28. Good morning my friend! When I came over yesterday, I was unable to really take a good look and read this since I had to run off to school. I have to say that you and Terry really know what you are doing when you envision, plan and DO. I hope you are happy with this because it is quite the transformation and looks amazing. I would have never thought of painting the stainless, but you achieved it! LOVE IT ALL!

  29. Nothing short of amazing! What a beautiful custom job with wonderful materials. So you!

  30. "oh, oh, oh, its magic".. Wow..yall are something else...Now..get that TV show on HGTV.. Absolutely love always what you dream up. The refrigerator painted..who would have thought..I, too, am not a fan of just seems so modern and not warm at does look nice in other folks homes..but just not mine. :0) .. How clever to make a cute sign cubby holder to store stuff..great idea. Always love seeing your beautiful home and that cute 4-legged design helper is the bomb, too.. :) Thanks for sharing..wonderful. I have black appliances and this makes me want to paint it all white.

  31. It’s just gorgeous, and you are both brave & victorious! Carry on. 😄❤️

  32. Fabulous new look! I did not know you could paint stainless steel!! Love love love the new look!! Have a wonderful weekend xoxoxo

  33. Between Terry and his tools and your creativity, you have created something awesome.

    I love it!

  34. Hi Kris,Love how your fridge is coming along.  That antique door frame with the chalk board looks awesome.So you!!  and I like the door white and I am with you about the stainless steel.......I don't like it one bit for the exact same reasons and it also does not have a cozy feel to it either.  Looks like you have some great ideas cooking, will look forward to seeing what you choose.............I have to say Terry is quite the carpenter and you two make a great team.........Thanks for coming by this week,  always enjoy hearing from you.Blessings, Nellie

  35. The blue rug is so pretty under the table! I need a washable rug like yesterday!

    Love how the refrigerator looks now that it looks like a built in! Love the frame on the side and a great place to jot things done!

    I’ve haven’t been able to comment on your big but today I could!!! Google wouldn’t let me!

    Did you change your blog! I’m seeing ads/advertising?

  36. I love the refrigerator update. So creative to envision the a as salvaged door for the side. Cant wait to see how u utilize the chalk board feature.
    I've not visited much recentl . I'll be back tomorrow to see what ett else I've been missing

  37. I have a white fridge that needs an update... I think I may just paint it! Thanks!

  38. I had to just stare at everything for a while before I got here to comment. You guys did a fantastic job with the whole fridge project! I absolutely love it! What else can I say? Gosh.....gorgeous! Enjoy.
    Debbie xo

  39. That is just adorable. I love the side. I can’t wait to see what you do to the front.

  40. I never thought there could be such a thing as breath-taking refrigerator but you have created one! Just stunning!

    I will be featuring you at tomorrow's All About Home Link Party. Thanks for sharing!

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  43. FANTASTIC KRIS!! I love Everything!! Hmmm. fingerprints on stainless... thx... I want to take down a wall and joinery small kitchen to the living/dining area. But I've been stalling this project for Years because I really do not want to feel appliances in my living room. I have even thought seriously about buying a very expensive refrigerator that allows for cabinet facing. BUT.... I think you've solve it here Kris!! Chalk paint +++ Brilliant!! I do not have a handy man like Terry -- but I do think I can manage the refrigerator front on my own. THANKS SO MUCH!! I just discovered you soooo I'm really looking forward to peering into more of your creativity. THX AGAIN, Nancy

    1. Thank you Nancy for your visit and coming on board to follow my blog. Nice to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you too. xoxo

  44. Consider the walkway when installing. Open the door of the fridge and find out if you can still open and walk around easily without the obstruction of fridge door. Riparazione frigorifero LG

  45. Refrigerators especially silver ones are an elephant in the kitchen. I like your make over and really like the chalk board. While I love white I have now embraced off white which blends so much better with You could use an AS wax on the chalkboard frame and add a bit of darker wax to highlight the details, but I notice your decor is more white on white so not sure that would fit into your decor. I don't know how your home remains so clean and beautiful in a crisp white with fur kids. Amazing. Such a nice transformation.