Slipper Contest and Girlfriend Charity Party Prep

I thought I would share some of my girlfriend party preparations with you today.  Maybe it will inspire you by seeing my, gifts, prizes etc. to think of someone special in your life to gift.

This was our last girlfriend party before Covid.  We all wore cute Christmas Cocktail pj pants and each of our tribes made their own shirts to match the pants. 
My tribe of friends in the pic all wore hot pink letter shirts that say "Girls that Give" wink wink!  meaning giving to charities for all of you that went the other way with that saying lol!  Diana made these up for each of us.

This year we are going to be having a slipper contest.  We all know that you must wear comfy clothes and slippers at the girlfriend party.
I challenged all the girls to wear the cutest and comfy slippers.  The winner will receive a very nice prize for the cutest slippers.

This is the slippers I will be wearing to the party.  Are they not the cutest?!!  I ordered these on Etsy.  Here is her site.  I do not get compensated for these slippers just like to show the small businesses that I am purchasing from this year.

They come in all these cute colors.  She makes the cutest slippers.  I will try to remember to take pics of all the girls slippers at the party to share with all of you.

These were on Oprah's Favorite list for the best slippers.  You put them in the microwave for 60 seconds and then you have warm and the sweet scent of lavender your feet. 

I tied them off in a clear cello bag and ribbon. 
This will be awarded for the person with the cutest slippers at the party.

Now I will share with you the making of my party favors for each girl.  These would make a great gift for a teacher, neighbor or your own sweet girlfriends.
You start with these cute to go coffee cups I found at HomeGoods and then I got a $5 gift card from starbucks to add to the cups.

 I took the cute cups and added the Starbucks gift cards.

Then I took these cute gift tags also found at HomeGoods to tie off each bag.

Remember the She Shed Living calendars that my she shed was featured.  I am adding the desk size into each favor bag for my girlfriends.

I found these cute fast flats on Ebay from a store that was going out of business.  They sold me these cute fast flats for a $1 a pair.  Score!!!!

They come with a sweet little gold wristlet.  You can easily slip them in your purse or glove box of your car. 

This way you always have them to change out of heels or boots. 
They are great for weddings to kick off those high heels and dance the night away.

I tied off the starbucks cups and calendar and flats into cello bags.

Each girl will receive one of these sweet favor bags from me to take home.  Made these gift bags for each of the girls for less $10.

Besides the tags I also found these cute gift card gift boxes.  Another find at HomeGoods. 
I will be using these for personal gift cards I am giving this Christmas to girlfriends and family. 
As my 5 year old granddaughter Charlotte says when I pull into HomeGoods or TJ Maxx "Oh MiMi we are going to your happy place!!!"  I tell her yep that is right!!!!   

Gotta love HomeGoods and TJ Maxx.

I also am starting to put together prizes for games we play.  I will be sharing more of those and the games in the next post. 

This prize I have done and wanted to show you. 

 Again found at HomeGoods.  These are cup cozy's with a little fun twist.  They have hand sleeves to keep your hand warm while holding your hot drink in the cozy.

Genius I say to this cute cozy!  I made up three of these along with Starbucks gift cards.

This is where I am so far with preparations for the girlfriend party.  Stay tuned I will share some of the really unique gifts for the bigger prizes in my next post.

Just wanted you all to know I am alive and well.  Just have been very busy with family things and preps for my upcoming party.

I am also on the hunt for wallpaper to do the one kitchen wall and soffits in my kitchen.  I am having a hard time finding exactly what I want.  I swear wallpaper is as hard to find as the perfect rug!
I need something with texture and print for my farmhouse kitchen.
Have a great weekend.


  1. And who said the Oscars has the best swag bags. Love your gift bags and those slippers are just too cute. xo Laura

  2. You always come up with the most adorable and clever party favors and ideas for your girlfriends party!!!! I had not seen the warmies slippers before....I am going to have to buy a pair now. Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Oh hiw adorable are the slippers you found. So adorable

    I can't wait to see pictures Thus will be even more special since it couldn't happen last year.

    Love the cup cozies too.

    Enjoy every second



  4. Can't WAIT!!!!! You are certainly the Hostess with the Mostest!!!! Love ya, my friend.....xo Diana

  5. You always come up with the cutest ideas but those slippers are to die for. I think I'll gift my sister with a pair

  6. hi Kris! You come up with the BEST swag bag ideas. Thanks for the inspiration! Jane

  7. You certainly are creative and come up with great ideas! These swag bags for your party are darling and sure will be appreciated.

  8. All so fun, those party favors and prizes are. TJ Maxx is my happy place too. Found an adorable turkey there last weekend. Have fun with your party planning. Can't wait to see the pics.

  9. Good morning Kris! The time has come for you to do YOUR MAGIC! We all have talents and skills and you have many. But one of your strengths is how you organize such charitable activities by which everyone benefits. While having fun, you can give to another. That is genius. I LOVE those slippers!

  10. Wow, you have been a busy party planner! You should start offering your services up for local gatherings. You have a knack for finding the most unique things and putting them together in such a pretty way. Love that cup cozy. I'm on the hunt now!! xo

  11. You are doing a great job with the girlfriend party planning. I love all of the gifts you are putting together. Those reindeer slippers are just adorable and I like the mico wave slippers too. I can't wait to see the next post. I hope you enjoy and have fun planning the rest of the party Kris.

  12. Kris, these ideas are ALL so unique and FUN! You can see the love and excitement you have by how you hunt and find these great gift ideas. Such a great thing you do. I'm glad you get to have your party again.

  13. The ladies attending your Girlfriend Charity event will have a blast! Such a cute idea for a slipper contest. You always have the best swag bags! Looking forward to seeing more picture.

    Enjoy your week. It was 42 degrees this morning. Dogs didn't want to get up... xoxo

  14. You always make up the cutest gift favors in preparation for this event! And how cute what Charlotte said. It is indeed a happy place to shop.

  15. I love the slippers and cute gifts.

  16. Your girls will have such a fun time at your party. Your gift bags are full of darling goodies.... you DO sure have a knack for coming up with the best treats and prizes, etc. Love the reindeer slippers.. I have a pair of the microwave slippers, a little different, but love them for the winter when my feel get cold no matter what slippers I wear! The She Shed calendar is a great idea too.... hugs.. Marilyn

  17. Kris, you are the most cleaverest person I know! Such a great imagination and eagle eye! I know you will all have the best time..Happy Fall..xxoJudy

  18. What fun slippers and cute gifts. Love all your ideas.
    Hugs, Cecilia

  19. Those slippers are the cutest, and your favors are sure to be a hit. Microwaveable slippers? What will they think of next?

  20. Kris, you are such a lovely hostess with beautiful gifts. I need to hang out with you! Love the goodies and the slipper contest is so fun. Looking forward to seeing the party pics. xoxo

  21. Wonderful Kris! I love your slippers and those beautiful gifts are amazing! You always come up with great ideas for these parties. Those Fast Flats look ideal! Looking forward to seeing more when you have completed the rest. Hugs, Gilly

  22. I'm so glad you're going to be able to have your get-together this year. Everything is totally adorable, as usual. Those slippers are just too too cute! I know you're having so much fun getting it all together! xoxo

  23. Wow I am full of envy!! I wish I lived near you to be part of the girlfriend party!! You sure know how to host a great party and great gifts. Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  24. FUN!!! I am so happy you will have the party. And all the fun you will have. FUN FUN FUN!!

  25. Once again, you've outdone yourself!!! Everything looks so great. Love the slippers! Wish I lived closer to share in the fun. You are one of the most thoughtful and gracious people I know. I am so glad to call you friend!

  26. Well I just love it all Kris. I wish we could have some kind of party like that with some friends. Covid is at a low in our county right now which is WONDERFUL but gatherings are still at a low as well. Maybe I can come up with something. Love what you do with these fun parties. The slippers are adorable!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  27. You are the most creative person I know... well, virtually. I don't know where you get all your energy, could you post that place, so I could maybe order some for myself?!?! 🥴

  28. Kris, you are so clever and creative. I always love to see what you come up with for your annual party. The girls are going to love their gifts. Charlotte's comment about your "happy place" is so cute. And I gotta love HomeGoods and TJ Maxx! xx

  29. Those slippers are going to be a huge HIT! You always put together such lovely party favors. Looking forward to seeing the photos. xoxo

  30. Can we just say, "Hostess with the Mostess". How cute and creative. I know you Ladies are going to have a fabulous party. You are so kind and fun. x0x0 Thanks for sharing. Love those portable slippers.

  31. Kris, your creativity never ceases to amaze me. I love the slippers! And the party favors are so cute!!! Y'all will have a blast :D

  32. Hi Kris! You are just the most creative one and I love those cute cute fuzzy slippers and your goodies in the bags are awesome! I know it will be so much fun! Wish I could come!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  33. Wonderful party favors, Kris! You always have the best ideas, the party must have been a lot of fun.

  34. Kris,
    One question??? Can I come to your party??? LOL!!