Chippy Arched Window


Here is one of the chippy fabulous pieces I found on my trip to Michigan at a shop called Cottage Blue.  It was love at first sight.

Buddy wanted you to know he loves the new piece too.  We are keeping it real with his favorite blankie in the picture!

This is the new shop I found in Michigan.  Gloria sweet follower of my blog that I ran into on this trip told me about this shop.  
 I ventured there and am so glad I did.  
What a fabulous shop.

Here is that chippy and sweet arched window I scored at this shop for the wall above our bed.  
I just could not pass this up.
 It was unique and chippy in all the right places.

She not only had beautiful treasures for sale she also had awesome display pieces.

Look at this chippy sweet piece.

I wish I still had outdoor space this sweet vintage fire truck would have come home with me for plants.

This beautiful chippy scrolly wheeled plant stand made stop and take pause.  
I wanted this in the worse way but the shop owner is not ready to sell this sweet display piece just yet.  
Said she found it at a garage sale!!!!  The shop owner is keeping it for now but took my name just in case she decides to sell it.  
Oh the possibilities I could do with this sweet piece.

Look at that sweet arch this plant stand has too.

I hope to get back to this shop soon.
I also found another shop right near the Blue Cottage shop called the Blue Door.

I will have pics of that to show you next when I show another beautiful chippy piece I got on my trip.

Happy Sunday
Have a wonderful start to the new week.


  1. Oh I just love that little vintage fire truck :)
    Have a happy Sunday!

  2. Love your new piece. Both of those shops look like fun!

  3. I love your new chippy arched window!!!! The shop you found it at is very sweet. I can't wait to visit the Blue Door next in your stories.....

  4. Oh my, that fire truck!!!!
    I love the way you worked the arched window into your bedroom.
    Hi to Buddy.. extra pats from me.

  5. The arched window is perfect over your bed! So glad you found it.

  6. Hi Kris! That looks like a fabulous shop and you definitely found a jewel in the beautiful piece you brought home. I can see why its Buddy approved, lol.

  7. What a great find that was, Kris. It looks perfect in your bedroom. I forgot you had that wallpaper in there. It is really really gorgeous. A beautiful retreat. Loving Buddy all posed with his blankie. xo Diana

    ps- What a GREAT shop!

  8. Buddy is too cute and I love your bedroom wallpaper. I found a red chippy table at an antique store that had a "not for sale" tag on it that I really wanted so the owner called the dealer at home and she said "go ahead and sell it to her for $20.00" I was so happy. It still sits in our living room 25 years later. Hopefully the shop owner will change her mind and sell the chippy plant stand to you at some point.

  9. Oh I LOVE going antique shopping. That plant stand is absolutely one of a kind. so gorgeous! love your new/old chippy arched window, and your bedroom wallpaper is perfect!

  10. Oh Kris! That is fabulous and so very you. You really had to have that and it's now in the perfect place. I think that this shop is going to figure highly in your future trips. Looking forward to seeing what your next treasure is. Gilly

  11. OH MY!!!!!!!! Kris, you've scored again! I love how this piece goes with your soft-themed wallpaper of flowers. And, Buddy approves!!!!!!!!

  12. I love your new addition above your bed!! Perfect spot for it and it looks so beautiful against your wall paper. What a nice find! Have a great day!

  13. Morning Kris,
    Oh what a fun shop.....the blue door looks like it will be a great place too. Love their display window. Your new arch for over your bed looks wonderful, and like it and your wallpaper. Looks great!!
    I remember seeing a lil red truck something like that in a picture when I was just a toddler, and toddling around our yard...guess it was my brothers or maybe a hand me down from my uncle or something. It had a lil bell on the front. It would be adorable as a planter for sure.
    We used to have a country store here years ago, that we just adored called "Times Past" and my creative friend worked there, and loved their displays too, just such a fun place to visit and found so many cute things there. Was sad when they sold it.
    Have a lovely week ahead,
    Blessings, Nellie

  14. The arched piece had you name on it for sure, along with several other goodies! The fire truck was a real find. It was serendipitous that you met your blog follower. xoxo

  15. Love the way that store is set up. She did a great job with her displays. Your new chippy eyebrow window is awesome. Glad your assistant approves. ;)

  16. It's so fun to find new shops full of things we love. Even if we don't spend a lot of money there, we can find lots of inspiration. Love your arched window! Hugs.

  17. It looks perfect over the bed.
    Buddy loves that blanket. My kitties love these fuzzy blankets too.

  18. Love your new arched piece. Makes for a perfect piece above your bed. looks fabulous with the wallpaper. Buddy looks so comfy with his blankie. Have a lovely week. xoxo

  19. Oh my goodness it must have been hard to walk away from that vintage fire truck. I love the old truck box wardrobe - it wouldn't work in my home but what clever and unique idea. Nice score! The chippy arched window looks so pretty with your wallpaper.

  20. I love the way you decorated over your bed with that pretty arch. Buddy is adorable laying on the bed and looks so comfortable. What a nice plant stand and the fire truck is great. I hope you have a nice week Kris.

  21. The firetruck is truly something amazing.

    You found a fantastic shop. The plant stand with the arch is a beautiful piece.

    It must be hard seeing these pieces and not always have a place for them

    Have a great afternoon



  22. That piece looks so nice behind your bed! How pretty! Girl, that fire truck! YES I would be tempted to get that! LOL! Have a wonderful week dear Kris. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  23. Great arch piece! The wallpaper and your bed are so sweet. Loved the shop you found the arched window in!

  24. That arch is gorgeous and such a perfect space. That wallpaper! Be still my heart. And I would browse around all day in that shop!!

  25. The window is so pretty, and you found the perfect spot for it over your bed! I love that store! Where in Michigan is it? Is it near Ann Arbor?

  26. Oh, Kris, I just love that little window frame. Precious. I've already told you how much I love that wallpaper. The two of them together couldn't be prettier..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  27. Wow, that window is outstanding. It looks amazing paired with that wallpaper. I was in awe scrolling through your post, then I saw Buddy and immediately my gaping mouth turned into a grinning one. He is just so cute. That shop is amazing. I wish they had something like that near me. I would be broke though,so probably best that they don't!! Hugs and Happy Tuesday!! xoxo

  28. Kris, I love the chippy arch window over your bed. It is the perfect piece. What a fabulous shop and I am sure I could stay for hours just browsing! I hope you are having a great week!

  29. Your new chippy arched window is perfect, Kris. xo Laura

  30. Kris, What an adorable shop. I loved the old car decor. Oh yes the fire truck...too cute. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  31. The arched window looks like it was made for that spot above your bed! You have such an eye, Kris. I would definitely enjoy walking around that shop!

  32. What a cute shop. I love the piece above your bed.

  33. Kris,
    A great piece and a great shop!! I wish we had shops like that around here...