Cottage Fall Beginnings

I started some of my fall decor.  
I am a neutral girl so most of my fall is going to be in soft whites and creams.

I found these cute glass pumpkins with light up fairy lights.  
They look so pretty at night.

My bird entry light got a few pumpkins added.

My vintage ice cream bucket got a few fall pumpkins and faux natural prairie stems.

My coffee table had some fall added with  tiered pumpkins and candle.

Even though I like my neutrals I still have added some browns and oranges to my vignettes. 

Found this yummy smelling pumpkin love candle at Home Goods.

Even my birdcage got a little fall pumpkin.
I am still working on some more areas with fall.  
I finally found a cute wall decor piece for the kitchen.  
I am finishing decorating that area and will show you soon.

I have two beautiful daughters.  This is my youngest daughter Kim who is getting married next month.  My oldest daughter and I had her bridal shower this past Sunday.  It was a beautiful day and they make a beautiful couple.
I cannot wait for the wedding.

Have a good rest of the week.


  1. I love your pretty fall decorations Kris. The mantel looks beautiful with the glass pumpkins and the fairy lights. How fun to celebrate your daughters wedding shower and they look like a happy couple. I look forward to seeing how you decorate the kitchen wall and area. I hope you enjoy the rest of the week and happy fall Kris.

  2. Lovely fall decor, Kris! I have only changed a few things here and there, so far. I'm still celebrating's the last day! :-(

    I'm sure you're very excited for your daughter's wedding!

  3. Your fall decor looks so pretty. I absolutely love those glass pumpkins with fairy cute! Happy Fall!
    Congratulations to your daughter and her soon to be husband. :o)

  4. So much cuteness - I love your neutrals - sometimes I think I should go neutral, but I have so much color in my house! I would have to get rid of almost everything and start over!

  5. Such sweet fall décor! The colors are so calm and soothing. Fall is all about starting to nest for colder weather.

    Sweet picture of your lovely daughter and handsome fiancée! Look forward to seeing more pictures.

    Take care! xoxo

  6. Love your calming colors for fall, Kris. Kim is beautiful and I'm so happy the shower was a success. Happy First Day of Fall and Happy Friday.

  7. Beautiful fall decor and bridal shower photo! So exciting! Happy first day of fall! Hugs!

  8. Good morning Kris!!!! The whites and the neutral, natural tones of nature. That is the way to go for me! There is just something comforting in being wrapped in a blanket of white vintage and the copper tones of nature. GORGEOUS. And your daughter! May they have a wonderful journey together!

  9. Your daughter is gorgeous and they look happy! I know you’re excited g fb of the wedding.
    Love your pretty fall decorations. I have some orange glass pumpkins - you’re supposed to be able to put candles in them but it has never worked well. I need to get fairy lights like yours to add to them! Love that idea.
    Smiles and hugs, Cecilia

  10. Congrats to your daughter Kim on her upcoming wedding. Your fall decor is lovely with it's neutral palette. Fairy lights are so lovely for creating a nice ambiance. A lovely look to welcome autumn. xoxo

  11. Kris, congratulations to your beautiful daughter, Kim and her handsome fiancé. I know the shower was lovely.
    I love your neutral fall decor, it is calming and soothing. The clear glass pumpkins with fairy lights are so pretty. Happy fall!

  12. Delightful! Love the little punch of color. Congrats on your daughter getting married. That’s a beautiful time of the year for a wedding!

  13. Your daughter is so pretty! She looks like her mama! This is such a joyful season for you and your family, and I hope you enjoy all the things. The purple decor is so cute, Kris.

    I also love your fall decor, and the pumpkins with the fairy lights are my favorite! :D

  14. Your fall decor is just perfect, Kris, as always. I love the soft colors, so tranquil. Your daughter and her fiance are adorable. You must be getting very excited for the wedding. I can't wait for those pictures!! xo

  15. Congrats to your daughter! I love the neutral decor. I'm not as much of a bright color person as I used to be. I find the more neutral colors calming.

  16. Congratulations to your beautiful daughter. I am so excited to hear about the wedding. I LOVE weddings. :-) We had two friends get married this year, it just made my heart so happy.

    I want those fairy light pumpkins!!! :-)

  17. Everything looks so pretty for Fall and another wedding sounds awesome! What a cute couple!! As usual your touches are unique and beautiful.

  18. Kris, I have to admit that when I first started following you, I wasn't a big fan of all whites and have drawn me in like a moth to a light bulb!! I so love it and the whites, creams, etc. are sooo dang cozy and just says come on in and sit a while!! I truly mean that and I have to give you kudos for being able to make it feel that way! Not every "white" indoor decorating is my bag, but yours is just beautiful and, like I said, welcoming. Thank you for giving me a vision that with the right details, white and creams are just beautiful!! Making some changes in my home real soon!!

  19. Happy Fall. I love those glass lit up pumpkins..So pretty. Your place looks so beautiful and cozy. Your daughter is adorable..Best wishes to the beautiful couple. I know yall are all so excited and glad you approve of the new Family member to be. :0) Cheers.

  20. Fall is so soft and pretty in your house. Love the glass pumpkins with the lights.

  21. Morning Kris, Your home is looking charmingly very Fallish. Love those glass pumpkins with the lights in them, so pretty with the reflection of your chandy
    too. Lovely pic of your daughter and Son-in-love to be. She is a beautiful
    woman ( loved the dress she was wearing-it was gorgeous) and he is a handsome guy, and they do make a lovely couple. Hope
    you all enjoyed the shower. Hope you are feeling back to your old self and
    Now you have the wedding to look forward too. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Love and Blessings,

  22. I adore your tired basket and little bird cage - so sweet. And how exciting for your daughter! Enjoy those festivities!

  23. It is as beautiful as always, Kris. You really have 'the touch' no matter what season it is. I have always loved your creams and whites and the little bits of color you have here and there. I have been in love with both your last houses and was blessed enough to see them in person!

    I hope you have a really good week. Talk soon. xo Diana

  24. Forgot to add how beautiful Kimmie looks and I am SOOO happy for her. He's a lucky guy and I know you like him a lot! xo xo xo

  25. I just love fairy lights, and your glass pumpkins are darling! Congratulations on the upcoming wedding of your daughter, so very exciting! Your fall decor is beautiful, and I love the soft tones of color you've used. Happy Fall days to you!

  26. So beautiful! That pumpkin with the fairy lights is so ethereal and gorgeous, I want it!!! Congratulations to both your daughters, I hope they will be very happy. Anne from DD by Anne xoxoxo

  27. Your home is SO beautiful! I loved looking at all your ideas in cream and white. It is so warm and inviting. Congratulations to your daughter on her upcoming marriage! Many blessings to all of you.

  28. Absolutely beautiful Kris, as always. You always manage to track down the most beautiful things. Those glass pumpkins with lights are so very beautiful. Your daughter looks so very happy and we all look forward to seeing the photos from that day. Take care xoxo

  29. Your neutral palette is so unique, and it truly stands out in fall decor. It's easy on the eyes! I really love those glass pumpkins. They look so elegant!

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