Coming up Anonymous When I Comment on Blogs

Junk Chic Cottage

I am doing a short post today on a couple of things.

First thing is I want to wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving in the coming week.  
The holidays come and go so quickly so take time to enjoy gathering together with family and friends.

Fixing Anonymous Commenting
I know a lot of you are trying to comment on my blog and you are coming up as anonymous.   
Apparently blogger now allows third parties into their third party privacy settings. 
 If you are reading blogs on or third party cookies are now allowed.

Some browsers and we all use different ones will allow for third party cookies and some do not.  

If you are coming up anonymous when you comment you will have to go into your browser setting to allow third party cookies.

I am no expert on this but my friend Linda (my fairy blog mother) over at understands this change and did a post on how to change your browser settings so you can then comment on other or blogs.

Below is the link to Linda's blog post on how to fix anonymous commenting.  
Take a look at her post and follow her instructions and then all of you that are coming up as anonymous instead of yourself will be able to fix this problem.

  Thank you Linda for helping out on this issue and sharing your post on how to fix the problem.

Have a wonderful week leading up to Thanksgiving for all of you in the States.  
Enjoy your family and friends.  
Hoping to start on my decorations for Christmas in the coming week.



  1. Kris-- I have a post coming up tomorrow with my table results-if I can get my butt in gear. After that, would it be okay if I copied your post (with a link to you)? I know it is so annoying and if a person doesn't sign their name you have no idea who they are!!!! xo Diana

  2. Yep ~ I've been having the same problem! Thanks for the tip and link ~ bobbie

  3. I noticed I'm getting more anonymous comments too! Is it ok if I share this on my blog if I ever get a post done?!

  4. Hi, Kris. I'm one of those who was using Safari and coming up anonymous on everything---but Safari is much better at blocking all the ads that are on blogs, and trapping tracking sites---which so slows down my comp---and i'm not interested in anyway. Thanks for the info---I tried to fix chrome, and guess I will visit my blogger/blogspot friends on Chrome and others on Safari. Basically a pain. Hugs and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Thanks Kris, Happy Thanksgivng to you and yours, and have fun doing your Christmas decorating,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  6. Yes, I'm anonymous commenting here on yours. It's so confusing. I'm anonymous on some blogger blogs but under my name on other blogger blogs. I'll read Linda's advice and try to figure it out on my end at least. Thanks, Kris!

  7. I came up with my name. Thanks for the tip. I don't know how I did this.

  8. This is a good reminder and plug for Linda, Kris. I saved her email. I'm getting several anonymous comments but I show up on others (I think). It's always interesting to try to guess and see if you know the person who ends up as anonymous on your blog, isn't it, lol? Sometimes they'll come as say who they are, but not always!
    Wishing your family a nice and quiet Thanksgiving. That would be good, right?? ♥

  9. Hello Kris, it's Anita! Thank you for providing the link to Linda's blog for the instructions! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  10. When you comment you have to change the choice to google account.
    Sometimes it takes a while to change over, you can try refresh. Either case, it is frustrating and just leave your name and email in your comment if you can.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
    Hubbs and I will have a quiet Thanksgiving. My oldest daughter moved to Richmond Va and they have not moved into their house yet. we might go see them and ogle over their "swell new place" (as Mickey Mouse says)
    My younger daughters husband is very controlling and has banned us from seeing them and their children because he brings up political conversations or other opinions and if we disagree, he gets angry. It is sad. Please pray for us. It hurts my heart. Be grateful for your loved ones
    We will spend the day with my 99 year old daddy

  12. Kris, I do hope your readers will follow this advice. Anonymous readers, we have no idea who it is. I appreciate you referring to me for how to fix the problem. Many blessings my sweet friend. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and holiday decorating. Xoxo

  13. Thanks for the helpful blog post of anonymous comments. I hope you have a nice weekend and a wonderful Thanksgiving Kris.

  14. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Kris!

  15. Hi Kris, thank you, the same goofy business was happening to me.
    Thank you for the tips.

  16. I guess I’m okay since this is coming up normal to comment. Have yourself a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  17. Sure hope you and your Family have a great Holiday next week. I have started getting my dining room ready(and it was a mess due to the booth I have now) I am already stressed ;0) ... Testing one two three..Enjoy ... :0)

  18. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

  19. Thank you so much for this helpful tip. Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday!

  20. Thanks for sharing this, Kris! Linda is always so helpful with this information!

  21. Thanks for the info, Kris. Linda is always so helpful. I just have a couple of ones where I don't know their names but I always have. I looked at my settings and think they are right?? I am so unsmart when it comes to all this technology. I have trouble with a few blogs where it won't let me comment so I have to use e-mail and sometimes I don't know it. Has something to do about my captcha part and I don't know what that means. Anyway, have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.
    We had an early one as Tami has to work on Thanksgiving Day. We will celebrate Christmas the same way as Jacenda has to work on Christmas Day..Happy Wednesday..xxoJudy

  22. Happy Thanksgiving Kris to you and your family. Jane

  23. Ugh. I hate when Blogger makes changes, it's never without a hitch!! Thanks to you and Linda for sharing the fix. I know I have a ton of anonymous commenters now and I never did before...Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!! xo

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