Galentine's Girlfriend Party


If some of you have followed me for years you know I put on  a girlfriend party each year.  I started it years ago with a few close girlfriends and now it has turned into a large girlfriend party night.

 Now my two grown daughters have all their bff's joining all of my bff's for a fun party night.

I normally do this party the first Saturday in December as a Christmas party.  This year I decided to change it up a little bit and have it after the busy holiday.

Galentine's Day Girlfriend Party seemed like a good idea for this years party.

It is after the holidays and during the boring winter months when we are all itching to get out of the house.

I found almost all of the party needs at the Dollar Tree store.
One thing is these really cute light up necklaces for each of the girls.

Found these cute glitter heart bags at TJ Maxx.

Inside each favor bag are all things from the dollar store.

White chocolate covered pretzels with heart sprinkles.  From the dollar store can you believe it!!!!

Cute make up remover wipes for each girl.

A package of pink kisses each.

Pink strawberry cupcake flavored suckers.

Each girl will get a lip sucker pop.

These lip sucker lollipops were too cute.

I have some fun games planned with some sweet winner gifts.

Scratch off Bingo.

I made up two of the grand prizes that consist of a snuggle buddy heatable heart pillow found at TJ Maxx and then all the other things in this bag from the dollar store.  A cute heart eye mask, rose flower shower sponge and soap.

I should have taken a pic before wrapping these up but I found these absolutely adorable kitchen towels.

I added these cute oven pads in with the towels.

Cute little wristlet purse.

In the past we have worn special holiday pjs.  This year each of the gals will be wearing their cutest Valentine's Day shirt or sweater along with comfy slippers.

We have fun drinks like  pink champagne with cotton candy toppers.

We eat, drink and have the best time.  We play games and really love sharing all of our friendships through the years.

I love that my two daughters now have their sweet friends join me and my friends for this special night.

The party is coming up the Saturday before Valentine's Day.

Hope you are planning some fun times with Friends and family for Valentines Day.



  1. I think I might cry! lol. Have fun-I know you will...and no one would BELIEVE how much fun these parties are--and all the love and laughs in the room. You outdid yourself again. xo xo xo Diana

  2. You throw such lovely & fun girlfriend parties. ~ FlowerLady

  3. I love everything! I wish I was going to be there. This is such a fun idea.

  4. Good morning Kris! You always find the best ways to celebrate, no matter what the holiday. Love all of the goodies you gift each guest, making them feel special. And PINK CHAMPAGNE! Oh yes, that will add some fun to the mix! Good to see you and happy Galentine's Party!

  5. what a blast, Kris!
    Happy New Month, February, for hugging and kissing and love
    You are beautiful!!
    This is the best party ever! I will be right over haha

  6. Kris, such a darling party theme. You always impress with your sweet party favors. I am sure it will be fun party filled with laughter. How sweet your daughters and the bffs. My Valentine luncheon is on the same day/ have fun. Xoxo

  7. How nice to have a Galentine's Day party instead of the Christmas party Kris. It's so nice that you celebrate it with your friends and your daughters friends. I love this idea for the party and the favors all look great. Kris, I hope you all have a great time.

  8. Your cute swag bags never disappoint! Such cute stuff! It goes without saying that all you ladies will have a blast. xoxo

  9. What a great idea to have the party during the boring winter months!!! All of the goodies for the gift bags are sooooooo cute too. Such a fun and cute idea :o)

  10. I love your idea of doing this with all your friends and your daughters' friends too. Everyone will get to catch up and I know it will be fun!

  11. What a great idea. I love everything about this party, the games, prizes, goody bags and the drinks. :-)
    It was fun to see you in today's post too.
    xx oo

  12. Love all the fun favors and party ideas. I know everyone has such a great time. You're always the most generous and thoughtful friend. Have tons of fun! xo

  13. What a great idea moving it to Valentine's Day! As always, your gift bags and guest favors are put together so beautifully. Have fun! xo

  14. How adorable, all your goodies, Kris! I was in DT not long ago and didn't see half of what you got! Of course, I had a toddler in mind instead. I think having your party in February's a great idea. It really should've been Galentine's Day from the start. You girls will have so much fun, and just think, it'll just be about 5 weeks till spring!

  15. Sounds like fun! Love all the sweet gifts. And I think it’s awesome your girls and their friends join in the fun! What a special blessing!

  16. Kris, you are the present fairy and party queen!! The gifts and party bags are so festive! I love those towels and the lips are adorable. Look at you, skinny lady!! I know it will be a super fun party and that your girlfriends and your daughters will have a great time! Enjoy!! xo

  17. You are so good at planning themed parties and coming up with cute goodie bags! I bet you and all the other ladies will have a fantastic time.

  18. What fabulous ideas! and what a fun party theme. Love the things you found. Oh how I wish I could join in! Have a wonderful time with your gal pals! xoxoxox

  19. I always look forward to reading about your party and this galentine's party looks to be the best yet! You do so much to spoil each guest! I know they will have a great time so you be sure to take pictures for us to see. Especially one with all of you with your pouty lips on! Have fun!

  20. You always have THE BEST party ideas!

  21. Kris, your party sounds fabulous. I love all of your DT finds, they are so cute. I know all of your friends are excited to be invited. Great party ideas and love your photo!

  22. Kris, you know how to throw a great party! The party favors and grand prizes are sure to be a hit. It's great that your daughters and their friends are now a part of it, Have a wonderful time!

  23. How cute! Great idea, moving it to Valentine's! You always come up with the best ideas and decorations! I'm sure everyone will have a wonderful time. Hugs!

  24. What a wonderful idea to have it for Galentines Day. I know you all will have a great time. xo Laura

  25. Hi Kris, looks like you gals are gonna have one fun time. Love all the neat things you
    got to gift everyone with........and I love you lips!! lol So cute! Sounds like a nice relaxing and Great time. Hope it is all you hope for..........can't wait to see some pictures, I am sure everyone is looking forward to it...........
    Happy Galentines day to all of you!!
    Love and Blessings,

  26. Y'all are going to have a great time. I think you made a great choice moving the party to Galentine's IMHO. Have a super-fun weekend, Sweet Kris!

  27. Kris, You are the queen of parties. I loved seeing all the wonderful gifts. I hope the best time ever. Stay warm and safe sweet girl. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  28. I loved "theme" parties - looks like you put a lot of effort into all the special little gifts and prizes.....I must have missed my invitation - LOL!!

  29. Kris,
    What a great idea and I bet is so much fun too!!!