Adding Color to my neutral decor.

All of you that have followed my blog for years know that I am true to staying neutral with my decor.  
A lot of white is what I love.  With that said every so often I feel I need to add a little color to my whites. 

I have started in my bedroom and office area.  
Adding a little bit of French blue is what I wanted.

I started with my desk area.

  Changed up the white to this new French blue for my desk.

I love adding the French blue to my white room.

Gives just a little pop of color.

I like the way the desk turned out.  Now I just have to find some new hardware for the drawers.  I would like something unique for handles.

We are finishing up the wallpaper for this room to bring in a little more pattern and color.  

Hope to have that to show you after the weekend.
Happy Mother's Day.


  1. Ohhhh I LOVE the french gorgeous I can't wait to see the wallpaper now.

  2. Kris, your desk looks beautiful and I love how you changed it to a blue color. I hope you have a nice weekend and a happy Mother's Day.

  3. Kris, I love the French blue on your desk. It is stunning and its soft color adds the perfect touch to your white. Can’t wait to see more!

  4. It's beautiful, Kris! I love the soft blue tone. It's perfect in that space and adds a subtle pop next to all your beautiful white decor! Enjoy it!! Happy Weekend and I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day!! xo

  5. Just beautiful, perfect! Can't wait to see the rest.

  6. such a gorgeous shade of blue, I love it!!! Have a wonderful Mother's Day Kris!

  7. Love the change. Can't wait to see your wallpaper. Happy Mothers Day!! Judy Clark

  8. Dear Kris, the French Blue is just the perfect addition to your already beautiful room and I love how you positioned the greens on the curtains. It really frames the view. Can't wait to see the wallpaper..Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day..xxoJudy

  9. I love the soft blue in there, Kris. It is just lovely. I like that you just do bits and pieces of a soft color so that it doesn't overpower the sense of peace/calm in your rooms. Can't wait to see the wallpaper. xo Diana

  10. Good morning dear Kris! I love this. Blue is my accent color against the crisp whites that I also love and my new home is coming along in getting in shape. Doesn't it feel good to have that change against the classic backdrop of white? HAVE FUN!!!

  11. So pretty! I love the color you chose, so subtle but adds a new fresh look to yoour room

  12. Wow, the French blue is gorgeous in your white room!