Dresser DIY Shiplap


Sooooo remember how I found this fabulous little dresser on my birthday weekend away.

I painted the dresser white and left the top in the natural wood.

I had this old door and turned it sideways to hang above the dresser.

In my first run at this post I had the faux flowers like this on the dresser decor.  
While an anonymous comment said I have too many faux flowers even with her being rude about it I kind of agreed with her.  
Why people sometimes cannot just be kind when giving an opinion is always beyond my thinking.  
Anyway with or without her comment I decided to change it a little bit.  

So now it has less flowers and more of the vintage pieces show.

I added the faux flower spray to the top of my mirror in the living room.

For now I am happy with the decor.  With that said things around here are always up for change!

Happy New Week.


  1. Kris, I am amazed at how beautiful this looks. I love the makeover and the dresser looks great painted white. I love the shiplap wall and how you decorated it for spring. Happy May Kris.

  2. I love it!!!
    Jeremy and I re did our downstairs bathroom. We just have the door to put back on and the medicine cabinet. We are stripping both to the original oak of the house. The previous owner painted the door and cabinet. I hope it all goes well, we stripped some trim last year when we did our kitchen project, it turned out fantastic, hoping for the same results.
    xx oo

  3. Sooooooo pretty!!! I love the painted wood with the natural wood top. The chippy window is pretty wonderul too. Love it ALL......

  4. Kris, this is so beautiful. I love the natural wood top on the painted dresser. The wall above is perfectly styled. Have a wonderful week!

  5. It's beautiful, Kris. I've always loved the painted bottom, stained top look. I have several pieces in my home like that. There's something very classic about the look. It's a perfect combination for your home and against that lovely shiplap wall. Enjoy it!! xoxo

  6. LOVE the dresser. It's gorgeous either way! I love a natural or stained top on a dresser or table. It makes a good balance. Your wall looks fabulous too. xo

  7. The dresser with the natural top against the wall looks wonderful, Kris! I love the way you've styled everything. It all looks so fresh and feels like Springtime! xxoo

  8. What a beautiful dresser! I like how you kept the top natural with the rest of it white.

  9. Dearest Kris,good morning! That is one sweet dresser! I love that you left the wood top. A bit of wood with chippy white works.I found another Gustavian style chair at the antique store and the old dark oak wood is actually complementary to the other chairs that are grayish white. I may leave it as is but my first inclination was to paint it. We'll see...but GOOD JOB!!!

  10. Beautiful, as always! Great job. Judy Clark

  11. Kris, what beautiful classic lines your dresser has and how smart of you to spot its potential. The hardware on it is so nice with your paint transformation too and I really appreciate that you kept the wood top. Very cute door hanging over it! I bet you have many interesting pieces stashed away in inventory for future projects. It always amazes me how you and your husband use something unexpected to give a new look to an area or piece of furniture. It's nice that you can remember a happy occasion when you look at your new dresser.

  12. The dresser is stunning, Kris. And I always like your flower arrangements. It's pretty amazing how rude people can be in their comments. I hadn't experienced that with my blog, but I have on my Youtube channel. One woman commented that I have "too much clutter. Take all the nic nacs and most of the photos (I think she meant wall decor) down." Another woman wrote that viewing my home tour she felt like she had just walked into Hobby Lobby to buy home decor. That there was nothing "personal" in my home." I just replied to both, "Thanks for watching. God bless you." LOL We can't please everyone, can we? Love you, girlfriend! Hugs.

  13. Looks really pretty, Kris! It's a shame that people are so rude. The dresser makeover looks terrific!

  14. This looks fantastic!! I want your shops you find the best pieces.


  15. Your dresser turned out great. What kind of paint did you use?