White Cottage Home Treasures And Special Shops

Terry and I went to our fave place in Michigan for Memorial Day.  Thought I would give you a little tour of this rental.  It had my name written all over it.
I was getting some things out of the car when we arrived and Terry went to open the door and go in.
He yelled Oh you are going to love this house.

He was so right.  Look at this kitchen.  All open and with those windows.  I love a kitchen with lots of light and windows.

As you can see the lake is right off the back of the house.  Every room has beautiful views.  This house was so full of light and windows.
This is the rec. room .  I did not take a picture but right around the corner is a play place for kids.  Full length chalk board and all kinds of books and games.
We are coming back in August before the girls go back to school so I know they are going to love this rec room.  
It also has a 80 inch screen TV.  
Terry loved that and I know the girls will too.

A fun bar.

This is the entry way.  Loved those cool light house lamps.  Michigan is known for it's light houses.

Large living room.  I would not change a thing if I owned this house.  Every room was just recently updated in the white and farmhouse look.
Ha Ha I know some of you that know me are smirking right now thinking Yeah right Kris you not changing something!!!!  Ok maybe those mirrors on the living room wall would have to go!  Other than that it was a beautiful "Kris" house.

Usually I drive to my favorite shops that are all over the place when we visit over in Michigan.
This town was new to us so we ventured downtown.  Oh boy am I glad I did.  I found 4 shops right in a row.  
The downtown was like Mayberry.  Cute shops and nice family owned restaurants .
This shop was called Oh My.

It lived up to it's name.  I kept saying Oh My look at this look at that!!!
Very cute white cottage chippy shabby things.

This shop was called Rosy Tomorrows.  The lady that owns this shop was the sweetest person.  She had some of the most unique gift items.   I am a shopper and I have to say a lot of her things in this shop were new to me.  I got some beautiful gifts.

I also stopped at one of my fave shops as you enter into Michigan in Three Oaks.  It is called Vintage Goods.  I have not been in a long time and I went a little crazy in this shop.  She had some beautiful old chippy and fun pieces.

This is her outdoor garden area.  Lots of fun things to purchase for some fun decor for your outdoor spaces.

She had a few chairs and this cute table filled with plants and flowers.  I always loved using old furniture in the garden with plants and flowers when I had my house.

Another Shop was called Who Knew.  Another cute name.  
This was the nicest resale shop I have ever seen.  
Lots of beautiful purses, shoes and clothes.

Another cute shop was called the Cottage Gallery.  I found a fabulous old vintage piece and I will show you that soon.  Terry had to do a little tweaking to it.

We had a great Memorial Day Weekend.  This sweet town did an old fashion parade.  Everyone lines up on the sides of the streets in town and the parade goes by.

I really love this sweet and quaint little town.  People were very friendly and I hit the jackpot with all these shops right in a row.

Hope you all had a good weekend and Memorial Day.
The weather could not have been nicer.
Have a great rest of the week.


  1. I love this house and how the windows showcase the beautiful lake view. And the basement family room is so cool. Too bad it's not for sale, huh? ;-)

    All those shops look great. I love little shops like that where they have unique things. Glad you had a great time!

  2. So glad you were able to get a way and relax. The cottage is sooooooooo charming....I love the kitchen!!!! OMG....the shops!!!! I can't wait to see what you found.

  3. KRIS!!!! This is my kind of town, shopping and living area! That rental. I see you all over it and that view...very similar to my view at home! And I see a telescope in the corner of the dining area; my husband wanted to get us a telescope so we can see the wildlife on our pond! OK, all these shoppes, I would have gone dizzy trying to focus on all the fun stuff! MORE MORE MORE photos, please!

  4. Kris, the house you stayed in is so pretty and I love all of those views of the water. How fun to visit all of those shops too. I hope you enjoy the end of the week and weekend.

  5. Kris, the rental is gorgeous! I know you absolutely loved it. Oh my those shops, I could have stayed all day. I am so glad you had a wonderful trip!

  6. Well, you hit the lottery with that rental place AND the town. It's a perfect Kris place. I love all the sweet shops you found. We don't have anything like those here at all...a couple of resale shops but nothing like the ones you found.
    I am glad you are going back with the kids before school starts. It looks like the place is really nice sized and big enough to handle family. How perfect is that!!!!
    Have a wonderful upcoming weekend-xo Diana

    ps. I don't believe you when you say you would leave everything like it is...what's the old saying....“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” You are not fooling me! lol...

  7. Kris, honestly, as I was looking at the house pics, I kept forgetting I wasn't peeking into YOUR house! It's beautiful and definitely has your name written all over it. Love the shops, too. The names are all darling and I could see myself shopping in any one of them! So glad you had a great time!! Can't wait to see all your treasures! xo

  8. This house is gorgeous. I would have been bad and bought so many things.

    You find the best places to stay!

  9. What an amazing house! Love the windows. And the shops are fabulous, what a fun getaway!

  10. I love that house. Looks like it was decorated just for you. Now for the big question, Did you have to rent a uhaul to get home. LOL Xo Laura

  11. What a FABULOUS getaway and shopping time! I love it all. I bet you are just still trying to figure a way to live in that wonderful abode and shop, shop, shop alot. :0) Everything looks so perfect and so thought out for a rental, also..Wowsie. Yay. Cannot wait to see your newfound treasures and how you are using them in your already beautiful home.

  12. Hi Kris,
    Good to see you post. What a wonderful lake house. Yes, I am sure that will be wonderful to take your grandies too in August. Really set up for kids it sound like.
    Those shops look like a lot of fun too. Sure you had a fun time going thru those.
    Nice lil getaway for sure. Wish we had some shops like that around here. We used
    to have lots of country stores years ago, but guess they outlived themselves.
    Sad, cause we used to really enjoy going to them.
    Well, take care hon, and have a great week ahead,
    Blessings, Nellie

  13. Oh, I can certainly see why you enjoyed your stay. What a lovely place. Have a great new week!

  14. Hi Kris, Oh my, I love the lake house and decor!!!
    We had a sale here this weekend. I re decorated one of our bathrooms and had for sale our nautical decor. A lady came to our sale and she purchased all our nautical decor. She shared with us they are remodeling a home on Rice Lake to be a rental.

  15. Perfect rental for you and Terry, Kris! How fun to take the kids back later this Summer. Wow, the shops you went to look amazing! I haven't found any that cute down here except for one. We do have LOTS of markets that I go to though. My daughter in Tennessee, and I are hooked on all of the great markets in both states. Will come back to see all of your treasures!! Smooches. xxoo