Farmhouse Dining Table

This was my dining table.  When I bought it I did not realize there were some deep blackened marks into the table. She had a runner on this table and I did not see the deep marks until after I got it home.   I love the light natural wood but those marks really stood out.  

Sorry I did not take a picture of the areas before painting the table top.  

Hey I am a girl that is all about imperfections and chippy goodness but these black marks just stood out and did not compliment the wood.  Terry tried to sand them out but it went all the way through the wood planks.  

We decided to paint the top of the table white and to not worry about using this table to the fullest.  My plan is to hopefully have the white eventually be distressed from wear.  I love a table top you do not have to worry about wear showing over time.  That is the goal.

  Over time  I am hoping the table top will show some chipping love.  Being impatient I may try to distress it a little myself.  That is yet to be determined lol!

The white top has now hidden all the deep black marks.  Over time  hopefully the table will show some wear and make it even nicer.  That is what I love about distressed you do not have to worry about imperfections.  It gives character to this piece.

This week Terry and I are in Michigan and waking to this beautiful sight every morning.  Ahhh!  Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.


  1. Love both looks, Kris. Could be those were just dark parts of the wood grain. I've seen them on light stained or washed wood, but the white paint on the table top is gorgeous!

    1. Good Morning Debra. It was weird they are almost like some kind of burn marks or something was set on the table that burned it and blackened the spot. I love the knots and natural imperfections but that was really glaring in those areas. Hoping to distress the table a little more and get it back to the natural wood more and more but keep those blackened grooves out of sight. Have a great weekend. Thanks always for your visit. Hugs. Kris

  2. That is a perfect table for you - either way. Have a great weekend! We need to have a good talk. It's been ages. Judy Clark

  3. Ohhhhhhh so it! Your dining room is absolutely gorgeous!!! Hope you had a nice getaway?!?!?

  4. Kim, I love your dining room table. It's too bad about those black spots. I'm sure the table will distress in time from use. Have a wonderful time away with Terry!

  5. Kris, I know what you mean about distressing. It always looks very well loved. But, don't discount how pretty the nice white top looks either. Just use it for awhile without place mats and it will be to your liking in no time..xxoJudy P.S. You lucky little girl!! This week for you looks beautiful!

  6. I can't see the black spots - and maybe it was just a natural part of the wood? But either way, the table is really pretty. Hope you had a great time in MI!

  7. Love your table and calming and nice. Have a great lake vaca...Hope you are doing great. :0)

  8. What a lovely makeover, Kris! I adore the white and I know it will get that chippy look you love after a few family dinners...which will make that distressing even more precious since it'll be attached to happy memories! Enjoy your getaway, it looks like a beautiful place!! xo

  9. I do love the table. :-)
    Enjoy your time away Kris... the view looks lovely.

  10. I love the table top painted white and your dining room is beautiful. Enjoy your vacation, Kris!

  11. Kris, you are so good at making over pieces. The table looks fabulous. in time, it will show more distress. I hope you are enjoying your time away. xo

  12. Gorgeous Kris, I love it and the family will make it chipp and memories will be savored