Fall Decor


I am in charge of the front door entry to our building.  I found pumpkins and a wreath in the gray/blue color of our front door.  

Love these little stackable pumpkins in gray, blue and yellow.  Found this of all places at Walmart.

Found this wreath at Home Goods.

On our last trip to Michigan I got this chippy pedestal that works out great for the one and only indoor plant I have.  Ha I have kept this guy alive.  I have always done well with outdoor flowers but indoor plants not so much.  Just happy this guy is doing well.

I do not do a lot of fall.  Just little touches here and there.

I found this sweet table runner at Home Goods.

Did a little decorating outside my condo in the common area.  I moved out the hall tree and added some fall and that sweet little witch.

This is my other little treasure I got in Michigan.  Angel wings with trails of flowers and vines.  Cute little embellished hearts attached to.

Fall is popping up here and there in my condo.
We still are having summer like weather here in Illinois.  I am sure in the next few weeks we will begin to see the leaves start changing.

A little fall on my mantel.

Hope your week is starting out great.


  1. Hello, I love all the decor. I like the way you decorated the entry.. beautiful. And I am like you, I struggle with indoor plants. My friend Judy gave me three African Violets for Mother's Day... so far I have kept them alive. Hee Hee!

  2. Kris, wow you decorated everything for fall. The outside of the condo is just beautiful. I love those pretty pumpkins and how they match the wreath. The inside of your condo looks so pretty too. I love all of those white pumpkins and the plant and wings all look great. I hope you enjoy the rest of the week.

  3. Kris, everything looks so pretty. Love the outside door of your building. You gave it the perfect touch. Love all your new treasures and your plant is thriving..Happy Fall..xxoJudy

  4. Your fall touches are so pretty! I really like what you did to the entrance to your building. And I love that pumpkin runner you got at Home Goods.

  5. I love your fall decor.....everything is so pretty! How lucky to find those pumpkins in matching colors for the front of the condo. I'm sure it brings a smile to everyone's face who enters....

  6. Kris, you've done a beautiful job on your outdoor entry. so pretty with those blues and greens!

  7. Your condo is so lucky to have you decorating the front and lobby! I know everyone enjoys your talents! Happy Fall! Has baby arrived yet? Judy Clark

  8. Love all your pretties, and I don't think I could live in a home without plants. Yours looks like it is very happy!

  9. Everything looks great, Kris. I, too, am in charge of decorating the condo clubhouse inside and out. I need to get a wreath for our front door up there but will have to use a command hook because the front clubhouse door is all glass. Thanks for giving me the nudge to do that!

    I know you are anxiously awaiting Kimmie's baby...don't forget to text me when that happens. xo xo xo Diana

  10. Kris, I love how you decorated the entrance to the building, it is beautiful. I also love the fall touches you have added in your home. The angel wings are so pretty and the pedestal looks perfect! Your style is always lovely!

  11. You have such a flair for decorating !! The sweater pumpkins are a fav of mine and I should probably make one! The mantle is so pretty - Happy Fall!

  12. Kris your decorating is always spot on. Everything looks so beautiful in your signature style. The condo residents must be thrilled you moved in, the front entrance looks amazing. Love the door color, too. It's so elegant! Was it always that color? Or was that your influence as well? I hope you are enjoying the weather! xo

  13. Kris everything looks beautiful. Great wreath from Home Goods. Your angel wings are beautiful!

  14. Just beautiful! And the door to your building is pretty spectacular too!