The Found Cottage Christmas Open House


I know we have not even seen Halloween yet but the Christmas open houses seem to be early this year.
This one in particular.
Terry and I took a ride into Michigan to The Found Cottage's Christmas Open House.

They had Christmas mixed in with all kinds of styles.  A little something for everyone.

It was a nice drive and a fun show to attend.  I found some pretty Christmas items to decorate my house with this year.  I hope to show you those soon well....... at least wait until after Halloween to start Christmas decor lol!

Have a great start to the new week.
Thank you everyone for your sweet comments on our newest grandson.  He is just a love.


  1. I cannot believe how early Christmas goes out around here too, but I guess the retailers need to sell, sell, sell. I see some things that are perfect for your place. Do share!!!!! xo

  2. Gorgeous decor. I think my Christmas decor will be pretty scaled back with 2 crazy kittens in the house lol. Congratulations on your beautiful grandchild! Xoxoxo

    1. I have been enjoying your beautifully decorated homes for a few years. What a gorgeous sale you were luck to attend. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Such a beautiful shop....definetly something for everyone!!! Can't wait to see what you came home with.

  4. How fun... a little Christmas cheer early in the year does not hurt. :-)

  5. Kris, that is a beautiful shop with gorgeous decor. Christmas seems to get earlier and earlier with each passing year. You did make a few purchases?

  6. Like Auntie Mame said...we need a little Christmas now. Love everything she has displayed. That room with the tufted, deconstructed loveseat is fabulous. It has your name all over it! I can't wait to see what you came home with to decorate your own cottage! xo

  7. Kris,
    What a fantastic place!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!! So many great ideas! Loved seeing it!!

  8. Kris, what a beautiful Christmas open house to visit. I would love visiting a place like that as there is so much to look at and get ideas. I am glad you had a great time and I can't wait to see how you decorate for Christmas this year.

  9. ooooh Christmas, I'm not sure I can wrap my head around it yet. Such a gorgeous place. Can't wait to see what you bought.