Cottage Christmas Beginnings


I started my decor to show you.  My angel trio and christmas tree in an vintage teapot for my dining room table.

I tied small candle wreaths with ribbon to the back of my dining chairs.

My snowman guy I made which you can see on a previous post.

I put some stockings on the windows.

This is our 7 week old grandson on his first Thanksgiving.

He is such a good baby and is just now coming into his little personality.

Being that we have firefighters, nurses and in-laws we have to be flexible on the actual holidays.  This year on Thanksgiving it was quiet for Terry and I and then on Saturday we all had our Thanksgiving together.

It was Kim and Eddie's year to go to his mom's on Thanksgiving and Tim worked at the firehouse on Thanksgiving
So we just did our Thanksgiving together on a different day.
It is not about the day but the family being together.

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one.
Now for the down hill slide into Christmas.
I will have more of my Christmas decor to show you soon.


  1. Your home looks so beautiful all decorated for the holidays.....I love all your angels!!!! The little wreaths you added to the back of your chairs are so pretty too and add a nice festive touch. I'm glad you were able to get together with your family to celebrate.....your new grandbaby is soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Kris, and you are right, it is not about what day, it is about being with family, I agree!! My friend Lori celebrated on Friday.
    We had a nice time at my parents, it was great to have Sam and Catie join us this year. Sam is doing well, he has started back with his Army Company and his first Drill will be this weekend.
    Thank you again for the love and prayers,

  3. Your new grandbaby is just adorable. Love his outfit. And your angels are just beautiful as a centerpiece. Have fun finishing up your Christmas decor. Have a great week!

  4. Kris, your decor is always so pretty, but especially during the holidays. Of course, it all pales in comparison to your sweet, sweet grandson! Congratulations and enjoy this holiday season with your family!! xo

  5. Pretty Christmas decor! I've been slowly doing mine.

    Your little grandbaby is growing so quickly. What a sweetie. Glad everyone was finally able to meet up for Thanksgiving. I understand the "different" schedules!

  6. Your decor looks so pretty - But the star of this post is that adorable baby!! What a cutie-patootie!

  7. Kris you are so right. It doesn't matter the day it's celebrating with family.

    The baby is adorable. I can't believe he's 7 weeks old

  8. I so enjoyed all your Christmas decorations, but I especially loved the vintage tea pot with the tree, and your very creative approach to your Christmas stockings. (Do you mind if I copy it?) So very glad you got to be together with your whole family. That is indeed all that matters. Not the actual day, but the actual people!! And congratulations on your newest little one. The joy they bring is extraordinary.

  9. Kris, I love the way you decorated the dining room and your snowman is just adorable. How nice to all get together to celebrate Thanksgiving on a different day when everyone was available. The baby is just adorable. I hope you have a nice week Kris.

  10. enjoying the muted colors, esp, window stockings. that is new to me & i see at least one coming to our house! :)

  11. Kris, your home is always beautiful but Christmas always puts it over the top! I just love your style. Since I love red my home is full of Santas! Your grandson is too cute too. Have a wonderful holiday- I can’t wait to see the rest. Margy in KY. @margybrd

  12. Your grandbaby is adorable! Looks like he is thriving!

    The idea of a holiday is to gather loved ones, no matter the day. As we go through life and add some family members, lose others, it is wise to be flexible. Not every family dinner is Norman Rockwell perfect.

    I have yet to see anything you have created that was not exquisite. xoxo

  13. Kris, your house looks so pretty and festive. Love your angels. Your grand baby is so precious. Time flies by so fast. Love your family photo. OntoChristmas. xoxo

  14. Rosemary b here:
    my computer can be so annoying with sign in. I am sure it is to avoid tracking of some sort (hubbs)
    Your beginnings of decor are beautiful Kris just lovely. I am so happy to see all of you together!
    I have a few grands and they grow like weeds. I just acquired a new grand nephew I believe he is the same age as your little gem.
    I hope you have a happy Holiday. Your family looks great. Ours is struggling but hubbs and I are so happy to have each other. I get along mostly with my semi nutty toxic sister, my angry brother, and my two bossy daughters. We just enjoy the times together and rise above. My younger daughters husband has distanced our daughter because I said something that offended him (can't even remember but he is really prick) so we have been banned for 18months!!! I am learning to just deal with it. It is sick behavior and very abusive. I refuse to be abused.
    Your home is always so beautiful. Hubbs and I are hoping to move out of the big house next year. My dear dear daddy went to Heaven in June at age 99.5. I miss him but he was ready to go.
    I love you dear friend

  15. Love your angels and other Christmas touches. We had a quiet thanksgiving too. Headed to Austin tomorrow to get together with family. You’re right…it’s about being together, not the day. Hope you have a good week!

  16. Kris, the dining room table vignette is beautiful and I love the wreaths on the back of the chairs. The little one is adorable! Happy Wednesday, I am sorry I am late to comment!

  17. Morning Kim, Glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving with your family, even if it was a few days later, like you said it's not about the day it's about the wonderful time with family. As our kids grow up and have their own families we sure have to learn to be flexible and realize that. We have had those Thanksgiving and Christmas's on different days too, but we just act like it is the big day!! lol
    Your grandson is darling, so sweet. Great picture of you and Terry with him and with your family too. Know you guys are all enjoying the lil guy. Babies are so much fun,
    especially when they yours or your grandchildren. lol
    Love your angel centerpiece as well, it is adorable, and that snowman you made is so cute, will have to check out that post.
    Love and blessings hon,

  18. Omigosh the baby is SO CUTE! and I love your pretty decorations, especially the angel trio. Have a happy weekend! xoxoxo

  19. Hello Kris, it's been a bit since I popped in for a visit. Congratulations on the new addition to your lovely family - he's adorable!

  20. Kris,
    Congrats on your beautiful new grandson!! So cute!!