New Cottage Home

This is where our Condo home has been the past 3.5 years.  We have loved living here on the Golf Course.
A new opportunity came up for us to think about this past week.
A new townhome opportunity in a gated community where we have family and friends living.
It would get us out of this condo and into a cottage type home also on a golf course.
Terry's mother will be 90 this fall and has needed a lot of care.  This new place will put us very close to her so it is no longer a 45 minute drive each way to help her with doctors appointments and living needs.

It is a win win.  We will be on a golf course still for Terry and have a lot of 
amenities such as clubhouse and pools, pickle ball and tennis courts etc.  
It is also a gated community.
We have some dear friends that have recently bought in this community and just love living there.

With all of this said and many more reasons we made an offer on a home and they accepted our offer this weekend.

We will be moving to a new adventure.
We have moved 4 times in the last 15 years due to job changes in the fire service for Terry.
He is about 2 years out from retirement and we want to be snowbirds in the winter months.
This new home will still allow our future retirement plans.

We will be gaining much more living space.  Our own entry and bigger 2.5 car garage and a front and back outdoor space.  We currently do not have those things here in this tiny condo.

While I have loved my sweet little one bedroom condo this new home will give us more space to live and much more storage including outdoor space.

We will be listing our condo this week.  We are hoping for an easy and quick sell of our current condo.  We have bought the new place without having to sell this condo.

I hope you will come along with me as we turn the new place into a cute cottage dream home.

I always wanted a yellow and white cottage style home.  This is going to get us that dream.

Below I have listed some pictures from the listing.  The flooring and appliances are all brand new.
We will  have decor and paint change,  some new cottage moldings and doors and trim.

One wall on the living room will be coming down to make a more open concept.

Other than that big change we will be fixing this new place up to be our new cottage style home.

There will be more posts in the future of the changes to this new place.

I am still amazed how all of this is coming together for us.
I really thought this was our last move.
Never say Never!!
I have missed having outdoor space.  This new place needs some TLC in the outdoor space but I am sure I can get some beautiful flowers and plants going.

The condo backs to a wooded area so no back neighbors.
Win Win.

Stay tuned for the changes to come.
Please keep us in your prayers and good thoughts for a quick sale of our condo that we are in now.

This is the front of the town home.  Yellow and white.

Cute front patio area.  As you can see it needs some love.  Pretty plants will be on the list of changes.
Cute blue front door.

This long wall in the kitchen will be removed to make an open concept to the living room.  The extra cabinets will be used in the garage for storage.

The other side of this kitchen will stay the same with new counter tops.  The bottom cabinets on the left side will get new counter tops.

The bathroom is in pretty good shape.   This bathroom will probably be our biggest project.  Stay tuned for the vision I have for this bathroom.

This is the Master Bedroom.  Brand new carpet.  New base molding and crown moldings along with window treatments and wall changes will become our new bedroom.

This is the second bedroom.  It will become a new office area and I am looking into a Murphy Bed to make this also work as a guest bedroom.  Again new trim and wall treatment and paint is the vision for this room.

This is the dining room area.  I have some window treatment ideas and new moldings and wall changes for this room.  I see a pretty chandelier or two in this area too.  Maybe some plantation shutters.

This is some of the living room area.  Crown molding, new base moldings and trim.  Window plantation shutters and some nice paint and wall treatments.

I hope you will come along with me after we close on this cute cottage town home to see the budget friendly changes.

Amazing how life can take quick turns.
Have a wonderful week.


  1. How wonderful, Kris. Being close to family and friends is important for sure, and it's a lovely home...and that huge garage...Yay. It will be fun to see you decorate your 5th home on the blog....gosh time flies! Sandi

  2. That is exciting. I know you will love having an outdoor area again. You will make this such a cute place. It has great bones! I hope you are well. I get around to read and catch up but I'm usually on my phone which won't comment for some reason. I can't wait to see all that you will do with home.

  3. It is going to be so much fin seeing you making this space your own. I have learned so much from you over the years, and I absolutely adore your darling style! :D Praying that the condo will sell very fast, that God will send you the perfect buyer.

  4. How exciting ! You will have the new place looking gorgeous for sure !

  5. So exciting! The new place looks perfect -- I'm so happy for you guys! Good thoughts coming your way. xo Kathleen

  6. So looking forward to see what you do with this new home. I’m sure it will be amazing! Love following you and design ideas!

  7. How exciting, Kris! I know you will enjoy having an outdoor space again. Plus, making the new spaces over in your style will be so much fun for us too! Praying you sell your condo quickly. And it should as you’ve given it great character. Who wouldn’t love it?
    😊 Cecilia

  8. Wow, Kris, I am so excited for you to get started. Your new home looks beautiful and charming and you will make it even more so. I have no doubt. It sounds like the perfect solution for you to be closer to family and friends. What a fun adventure to look forward to and I can't wait to go along. xxoJudy

  9. Kris, congrats on finding this new house! It's great that you will be close to family, friends, and Terry's mom. I can't wait to see how the both of you fix up your new home.

  10. Ooh Kris - how wonderful! It looks so lovely and once you and Terry put all your ideas into place - it will be perfect! So very happy for you my lovely blog friend! Take care and good luck with getting a quick sale on your current home. Hugs, Gilly xoxo

  11. I'm excited for you and Terry. I Look forward to seeing you guys work your magic. Yay for a yard again a new bike brimming with flowers may be back every summer. Hmm, a yard you never know what's around the corner. Hmm, I'm thinking... I know you miss outdoor space. I'm so excited to take this journey with you! No more extra driving too!

  12. How exciting Kris! Somehow I knew you missed planting flowers! What a great home for you two! Glad theres more connection to family there too! Liz/ Home and Gardening With Liz

  13. Hi Kris, I am so excited for you!!! I will be so excited to see all that you and Terry do... and to see your gardens.
    xx oo

    P.S. I thought I had commented on this post ... but it must not have published. Sorry about that Kris.
    Love You!! Carla

  14. Oh my Kris! Another whole new place to decorate and make your own! I love the new place.. the soft yellow, and that you'll have outdoor space to spruce up again. I always LOVED your outdoor spaces. And maybe another SHE SHED??? How fun would that be! And yes.. so good to be closer to more family and friends.. that is so important as we enter our later years.. where our loved ones (or even "we") may need help now and then. All of your plans sound wonderful.. and am sure you'll keep Terry busy! Hugs.. Marilyn

  15. I can't believe you guys are moving again!! I know you love your condo and you had just fixed it up the way you wanted it, but I also know that you and Terry like re-doing houses, so you will have fun with this one. I think you'll enjoy having the extra bedroom and I know you will love having outside space once again, especially for all your beautiful flowers. Have a good weekend!

  16. Hi Kris!!! This is Shirley (Housepitality Designs). I am so excited for you! The new townhome is perfect for you two! Can’t imagine the transformations you will create! I can also imagine the gardens you will create. So wonderful to be close to family!!! Looking forward to seeing the progress!!!