I have to give a little piece of this cottage home to my husband that is a fire chief.  He gets very little fire decor in our cottage home so I had to do something in the garden near his shed to say hey there is a firefighter that lives here.  His office at work looks like a fire museum since that does not go with my cottage chic designed home.  His office is amazing I will have to post pictures soon.  Just don't know where all the stuff will go when he retires in 10 years!!!!! Yikes.


  1. Hello! I love finding new bloggers. I have been blogging 3 years and still love it!
    My husband gets the garage and the offce, he rides dirt bikes and sport bikes.
    I would like a garden tour please!

  2. Ha Ha my husband has the shed and the garage!!! I am not the best at blogging like some are but it is fun especially when you redo something and can get some feedback.
    Thanks for the lovely comments. I am starting to think about redoing my laundry / mudd room and I will post the redo. I am thinking of giving my husband a little fire dept area in the mudd room. Not sure if that will click with my pottery barn theme!!!!! Thanks Karen. Do you have a blog???

  3. I discovered your blog to day and fell in love with your blog, so I went through to the first post : an beautiful homage to your husband.
    sorry for my hesitating English, but I'm French and living in PARIS.

    1. Joelle,
      You are too kind and so sweet. Thanks for coming by and enjoying my blog. You are such a lucky girl to live in Paris. So romantic. Come by anytime. Thanks for all your sweet comment on my posts.