I have to give a shout out to Jennie Morgan that has a shop on Etsy.com.  She made me some beautiful drapes and I wanted to show everyone how beautiful they are and how she gives designer looks for affordable prices.  My camera does not do these justice.  Take my word for it they are beautiful.

The curtains in my bedroom I had made and the white panels that I hung on my french doors I won on her daughter Tiffany's blog.  http://thehouseofbelonging.com

I was so excited to get these.  I have seen other custom work like this on etsy and they were so out of my price point so when I found Jennie I was so excited. She does truly beautiful work and very affordable prices.

Her company name on etsy is Shades Up and Company.


Jennie is a real sweet heart and gets the job done quickly and these panels are really beautiful.  I just hung them when I got them.  No wrinkles to deal with.  So if you are in need of new drapery panels check her out.  Thanks so much Jennie I love my drapes. I noticed on her site she has a new panel called Farmhouse romantic with a large ruffle on the bottom. Really pretty so I am now thinking about where can I possibly hang these panels in my house:) !!!!!!

These are the pottery barn inspired farmhouse kami with a "wave" effect on the ruffles.  The wave ruffle is a unique design that Jennie does.  These are made out of muslin and the bottom cream ruffles are tea dyed.  I wish you could all see them in person they are so gorgeous and they hang beautifully.

These are the panels I won on her daughter Tiff's blog.  I was so excited to get these.  They are so beautiful.  This pattern is called Kami too I believe.  So beautiful and romantic.  If you have a minute check out her daughter Tiffini's blog .  She has a very cute  blog.  Tiff is a sweatheart and did the give away to help her mom's talent get showcased.  I was so thrilled when I was picked to receive these. 



The way the light comes in my french doors it is hard to capture these but they really are pretty on this door. 


  1. Wow, they are both beautiful! I wish I had somewhere to hang something like that. I love the ruffles.

  2. What lovely drapes. We have no window coverings in our little cottage (except the bedroom) to provide light. If I did have coverings, I would want something just like yours.

  3. Those are just gorgeous! I love them. The wave feature of the ruffles is wonderful! xo Diana

  4. Your new panels are wonderful. Just the right amount of ruffle.

  5. Those are beautiful! They look perfect in your rooms....Thanks for the info on her! have a wonderful and blessed week! Roxie

  6. They are beautiful!! Love them! Off to check out her etsy shop.

  7. Both kinds you showed are just beautiful!!

    they look great!

  8. Definitely beautiful. Well made, too. Can't beat that combination.

  9. Oh my,you lucky girl....those drapes are gorgeous! Wish I had place for some like them. Maybe our next house. Love, Love, Love them!

  10. Wow-your curtains are stunning! A perfect fit for your beautiful home!