I thought I would share some of the angels around my home.  I really love to surround myself with angels.  They are so serene and beautiful and symbolize hope.  I especially love to have them in my tree as ornaments at this time of year.

I will start with my Christmas tree.  I love this angel tree topper. I have had her for many years.

A dear friend gave me this beautiful little angel ornament one year for Christmas made out of her grandmothers vintage table cloth and costume jewelry. One of my fav angel ornaments.

Adorable little hand painted snow angel ornament.

One of my most treasured Christmas angels.  She has a twin sister on the other side of the mirror. Love these.  They are chippy and sparkly and serene.

One of my new favs to the collection this year this beautiful Santos angel made by Jennifer Rizzo. I love all the vintage touches. The box she sits on opens up too.

One of three rustic old angels I bought years ago at TJ Maxx. Loved this little find.

A dear sweet co worker of my husbands that is a follower on my blog gave me this beautiful pearled angel as a gift.  Eileen I love her she is so sweet and looks really pretty hanging about the chandelier over the mirror.

These are the set of angels I got at Home Goods and just strung white lites in them.  At night they are really pretty all lit up.

My master bedroom Angel. I like her because she fit so well in my cottage decor but also she is serene and a lovely angel to watch over us.

In one of my guest rooms I have this chippy vintage angel made out of old barn wood.

Another chippy angel in my old cottage basket.  Her wings are made of old barn wood too.

My pretty little garden angel all sparkly for the holidays

The only primitive angel I have in my cottage. I have had her for years and she hangs on my bathroom door.

A couple of little Nicole Sayre angels in the kitchen.

My little angel on my french doors to the deck.

Love this little angel with fencing for her wings.

A couple of favorite angels I have in my dining room. A sweet friend gave me the angel on the left.  She painted her white and used glitter and at night with the candle lit she is beautiful.

My friendship angels I have hanging over my desk in my office.

My little hope angel in the dining room.

Of course my favorite angel of all.  My little granddaughter Abby. Love when this little angel visits my home.  My daughter gave me this frame and I love the saying on it. "Great mothers get promoted to Grandmothers".  I treasure this gift and grand angel most of all.

Thanks for coming by and viewing some of my angel collection. Hope you love angels surrounding you too.


  1. Loved seeing your angel collection. I have been collecting angels for years too. For Christmas, I even have snow angels.
    I have the same angel that you showed in front of your curtains with the ruffles. Mine is in the bedroom and I have some of the necklaces that I made hanging from her wings.
    I'll have to do a post on mine sometime soon.

  2. Kris, what a gorgeous collection!! Too many pretty angels to choose a favorite (although the last one is pretty adorable :)

  3. I love that rustic little angel from TJ Maxx. She looks a little bit like that spinster aunt from the poor side of the family..... The one who is still wearing her old coat from the fifties. I just want to hug her.

  4. Your collection is fabulous! I especially love the Santos angel. And your granddaughter is the sweetest of all. Isn't it great being a grandma!?

  5. Wow- You have a wonderful collection of angels. They are gorgeous. I think my favorite is the "twin" on the side of the mirror and I love the little glittered garden cherub! xo Diana

  6. COMPLIMENTI le tue creazioni sono MERAVIGLIOSE!!!! BACI!!!

  7. You have the most adorable and beautiful angels. What a lovely collection! Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm a new follower...didn't realize I wasn't already. :-)
    Mary Alice

  8. A beautiful family of ANGELS....Heaven greeted 18 little angels yesterday.....Roxie

  9. Love all of your beautiful angels! You do have quite a collection and I love that they all mean something to you. So pretty.

    Happy Holidays!


  10. I love angels, too! You have an amazing collection. The one topping your tree says it all.
    And being a grandmother myself, your little grandangel's framed promotion is just precious!
    New follower,

  11. Your angel collection is impressive! I love how you've displayed each and every one of them is such pretty ways.