Meet Leena!!!! This little smartly dressed sock monkey lives with Lynn at  I know  a lot of you know Lynn and her beautiful blog.  She shared with me this morning that she too has a sock monkey named Leena that she won last year on Vickie's blog.  Vickie is such a beautiful seamstress and a beautiful person to share her sock monkeys.  I had to show you this one today too.  Her little sock monkey arrived suit case in hand.  With snow on the ground what is a sock monkey to do except make snow angels!!!!!! Leena is adorable. Look at her cute boots!!!!! Vickie did not leave out any little detail on making Leena so adorable.


Leena came to Lynn suit case and all.

While I was working on this post of Lynn's Leena sock monkey, I looked over and saw my sock monkey looking outside at all the snow we got yesterday.

She would like to make snow angels too but she would have to borrow Leena's coat since this is not bikini weather.

For now she will just sit and dream of when she will be outside with flowers and her lounge chair to bask in the sun.
I am working on some Easter Decor today but it is hard when you look outside at all the snow!!!!


  1. Hee hee hee... LOVE the shot of her from behind looking out at the snow. Yes, she is a tad underdressed for snow angels! Too darn cute Kris! xo

  2. Too funny and TOO CUTE! Leena and "Amanda"!

  3. Kris what a sweet sock monkey! Oh Vickie is the best! Love Leena's snow angel!

  4. these two are polar opposites--summer and winter:) vickie is so talented, isn't she?! thanks for sharing, kris!

  5. Oh my gosh, I'm jealous of a sock monkey. A sock monkey has seen and played in more snow than I ever have in my entire life!

    By the way, I LOVE that hat! I've never seen a diva-ish sock monkey before. She is absolutely adorable!


  6. This is so fun. I used to do little posts like this but with birds....
    forgot all about it.


  7. Sock monkeys making snow angels . . . I'm laughing to hard to type anything . . . got to run and pee, LOL

  8. Ha ha! I thought you were snowed in and needed a photo to show how you were feeling! Just so you know, your monkeys are related and LOVE to talk on the phone. You'd be wise to watch where you leave your cell phone or you'll have no minutes left for YOU! They like to read blogs, too.

    Love the photo of yours gazing longingly out the window. :)

    Thanks for the kind words. xo, vickie

  9. LOL! Cute post, you gave her such a personality. Beautiful sock monkeys.


  10. Loving all the posts on everyone's sock monkeys...they are just too cute!! It has been lightly snowing here all day and they are calling for more snow tomorrow.

  11. Oh my Gosh! A sock monkey with the same name as me! It's even spelled the same way! She is so cute with her winter clothing! I love it! You got snow? Look pretty from the window. I hope that it isn't a pain to deal with! Poor little sock monkey will have to wait for warmer weather so she doesn't freeze her little monkey rear off!LOL! I just love sock monkeys! They are just the cutest things! Hugs, Leena

  12. Tell little Leena that loose lips expand hips. If she wants that bikini to fit come Summer, she'd better cool it on the goodies. Love her pensive look staring out at the snow in her bikini. Those sock monkeys are the talk of the town!
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas