Little update.  The party was a lot of fun. Here are a few pictures of the girls at the party.  I was having so much fun I forgot to take pictures during the games and gift exchange.  It was a fun night.

Best group of girlfriends.

We had lot's of yummy appetizers.

It was one of the girls birthdays so we had to have some fun birthday cupcakes.  This came from Walmart all done up like this. I thought it was so cute that the cupcakes were in a flower pattern.

It was a fun night.  I am sorry I forgot to take more pictures.  I just got caught up in being a hostess and having lots of fun to remember to take pictures.
Have a great week end.

Girlfriend Favorites Party Tonight!!!!!

Tonight is my summer Girls Night Out Party.  I do a knock off of Oprah's Favorite Things.  

Here is how the party works.  Each girl brings a favorite gift for a gift exchange.  The gift should be something that is special to them or a favorite item etc.  Wrapped up pretty for the exchange.

This year each girl will bring a small item for each person coming to the party for the take home favor bag.  This item can be something of a favorite like a favorite candy bar, lip stick, household item etc.  Everyone will put their little favorite item into the favor bags.  So everyone goes home with one really big gift and a favor bag full of smaller fun favorite gifts.

Everyone brings their favorite summer time appetizer to share.  There is a prize always for the most creative and yummy appetizer.

This years summer party theme is flip flops and tropical drinks.  Everyone wears flip flops to the party.  Mandatory!!! We have a prize for the girl that wears the cutest flip flops so usually everyone blings up their flip flops.

We play bingo for prizes and do our gift exchange.  It is a wonderful night of fun celebrating our friendships and just having fun.

Here are some pictures of prep for the party and I will add pictures of the girls after tonight.  Just wish it was not so blasted hot here so we girls could have gone outside to enjoy the deck.

Beginning stages of getting things ready for the party.
Lot's of prep to do!!!! Fun Lei's were found at the dollar store too.  Everyone will get "lei'd" at the party. he he!!!

Two of my favorite candies are Fannie May's sea salt caramels and vanilla butter creams.  I also love the little snack size microwave popcorn.   So I am putting these together for the favor bags. I found the cute little pink and white polka dot boxes and pin wheels at Hobby Lobby.
I found these little cute flip flop manicure sets at the Dollar Store.

I put the little manicure flip flops and a nail polish also from the dollar store in each of these little flip flop gift bags for each person coming to the party.  Love the dollar store!!!! Found the cute flip flop themed napkins and plates at Hobby Lobby.

I also found these cute little solar dancing daisies at the dollar store.  They were so cute.  I thought each girl could use this in their office or car.

Here are the favor bags I made for the party.  I got the brown paper bags at Michael's and also the cute clip flower in the dollar bin at Michael 's   I cut out little triangles from scrap booking paper and made the banners for the bags.

Favor bags ready to be filled later this evening with everyone's favorites.

I found these cute party in a pitcher at Home Goods for prizes.
I found these cute bags at the dollars store to put the prizes in  and just added the banner and flowers to them too.
I found cute flip flops and these cute flip flop themed drink cups.  These will be prizes for the person with the cutest flip flops.  I also added a McDonald's gift card so each person can get a frosty beverage for their new cup.

Well there you have it.  The party is almost ready.  I will take more pictures later when all the guests arrive.


  1. oh man! I wish I could be there! how adorable is this! let us know please how it goes and take lots of pics! I hope everyone has a blasted beyond wonderful time! LOL

  2. Oh so pretty Kris!!! Sounds like a fun party.Hope the rain and heat does not spoil the party.But hey if it's too hot or the rain comes you still have your beautiful home to have fun partying :-). Love your theme and gift bags you are so talented girl!Have a great weekend!

  3. I didn't get my invitation!

    What a FUN, FUN, FUN idea.

  4. Kris, What wonderful little gifts. I really liked the theme of your party...even though I have never worn flip-flops. I would tell every secret I ever knew , if something is between my toes. LOL. Have fun and get photos. xoxo,Susie

  5. Love all the little goodies, Kris! Have a great time!

  6. That's my kind of party. I love all the unique items and the great ideas you have. Wish I lived closer.

  7. looks like so much fun! I can tell you know how to throw a wild and crazy party!!

  8. Very cute party ideas! Love the dancing daisies that are solar powered! Might have to stop at my local $1 store to see if they carry them.

    1. They are so cute. I got them at the Dollar Tree hope you have those by you. They dance when they are left to sunlight or natural light. Very cute for a buck!!!!!!!

  9. Hi Kris,
    I wish I could come to your fun party! I love your white chairs and white sideboard too. Thanks for sharing. Have a great party! Take care,

  10. Kris, everything looks SO cute!! You're gonna have a fantastic time-wish I could be there :(

  11. That looks like it was a great party!!!! You found some wonderful things...

  12. Oh Kris - how great everything is...... You do such a terrific job with your party. I sure wished I was back in Chicago. No one EVER does anything like that here. No one stops to smell the flowers. The only thing I can get going is a dinner once a month to 10 people who used to work all together and then we never get everyone. We go to a restaurant talk a little and then they in hail their food and within 2 hours everyone is gone. The only time we have fun is when I do a xmas party at my house.
    So glad that you and your friends get together and have FUN FUN FUN!!!!
    Looking forward to seeing your great pictures.

  13. I wanna come!!!!! lol SO cute!!

  14. I wanna come too! FUN, FUN, FUN!

  15. It looks like you are going to have a lot of fun! Our daughter would fit in well there! She loves flip-flops and I will have to check out the dollar store for the manicure flip flop set for her! Nancy

  16. Wow. I would like to be your friend! So cute , I have no crafty friends I'm the Martha of the group but not always the best because you end up doing the cute favors and stuff all the time! Enjoy

  17. Ahem....I think that maybe my invitation to the the party got lost in the mail!?!? I hope you had a wonderful time at your party tonight. I am just getting around to visiting and I would have LOVED to be part of that party! I just KNOW you gals had a ball!!! And YOU are a wonderful hostess!!! xo Diana

  18. Kris - it was such a great party! It was great to catch up with everyone but I especially love all the extra touches you do and just the warmth and atmosphere of your home. Thanks for throwing a wonderful party!
    Sandy M.

  19. I wish I was your hometown friend! xoxo :) :)

  20. What a fabulous idea Kris - I do this every Christmas - almost identical to yours - but one in the summer sounds like a plan too now!!!!!!
    What beautiful details you put into everything - sounds like a blast!!!
    Beautiful photo of the " gang "

  21. Oh, Kris!
    It looks like i missel out on another one of your gréât parties ;(
    So wish I were one of your besties living right up the street from you so your would be forced to invite me Lol!
    It looks like you are the Martha Stweart of your group, how do you do it all, I am amazed at all the little details that you put into this party :) nice to see that everyone had fun with the smiles on there faces.

    Thank you beautiful gift giver for making it over to my place sharing your beautiful comment with all of us.
    I can't wait to see what room you make over with all it's French-ness !
    Do share when it all plays out. Please do come by for all the French inspiration of flea market brocante you need.



  22. Great ideas for my next tea party. Thanks Kris.

  23. you are so the hostess with the mostess:) it all looks so fun-- and your friends look fabulous!

  24. Wow! That sure looks like a wonderful party!!

  25. Sounds like so much fun. Like the idea of each guest wearing flip flops. Your gift wrapping looked so cute along with the party favors.

  26. Those manicure sets are adorable! They're so cute in the polka-dot baggie with a bottle of nail polish. So simple, yet so cute! :D