Office Chair Updo and a Sneak Peek at the new Guest Room

Hi and Happy Sunday night to all of you.

Here is a little DIY I did this morning.
Check it out!!!!

I have been having some back issues over the past few months.  After a lot of tests the doctors told me I have three disc's in my back that are bulging on nerves!!! WoooHoooo lucky me.  On top of that wonderful news the doctor added this happens a lot in OLDER people.  Ok!! now I am in the elderly group!!!!! I did not think turning 55 was the "Older People Group" but apparently when it comes to your back that is old!!!! Anyway after I just wanted to smack that doctor, I tried some meds for inflammation and some physical therapy.  I discovered during all of this that I find myself sitting a long time at the computer and not on a good office chair.  It was a cute chair but not a good one for your back.  I have been looking for a new chair and I came upon one that was vintage and had some character at Tattered Tiques this week.  

I brought it home along with my chalk paint in Pure White.  I painted the chair added some fufu to it and here it is.

I forgot to take a before picture but this chair was a dark walnut stained vintage office chair.  I used Pure White chalk paint on this chair and waxed it.  I am not sure why they call that color pure white because it is more creamy ivory color.

Then I took this table runner I have had for awhile and decided to give the chair an up do.  I love when I can repurpose things already sewn. I used a staple gun to have the edges attach to the chair and a couple of staples at the front base of the chair.  This way when I sit in the chair this would not be pulling.

Here it the back of the chair with some added lace and a fabric flower.  I think it prettied up the chair in the back.  

Wah La! New office chair.  This chair is very comfortable and I sit up straight which helps my back.  My cottage office pillow gives my back some support too.  If you love this pillow I got this from the lovely and talented Cindy at Cute Pink Stuff.

FYI. I told you that I do not sew but lately have been getting my old Sear Kenmore sewing Machine to adapt and repurpose already sewn things.  Here she is over 35 years old.  She does not have a lot of bangs and whistles on her but she can sew a wicked straight line with me!!!

Anyway I am showing you a sneak peak at my new guest room make over.  I am hoping to have pictures of the redo soon.  Yep! I made some new drapes out of old drapes. I can't wait to show those hanging.

Here is another little sneak preview of the new room that will be for rent!!!! Painted the red dresser to chippy white and added vintage crystal door knobs on this dresser.  I have some new things I am still working on in this room.  My painting stool and vacuum are not staying in the room.  Hope to have the finished room up this week. Stay tuned.
Have a great start to your week.
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  1. I can't wait.

    And then we get to see where those red checked curtains end up. It can't be time to put all your summer finery away.

  2. love the chair up date looks are very clever-love dee x

  3. You are too funny!! Already changing that cute guest room. I know whatever you have up your sleeve will be charming!! Your desk chair is just too cute!!! It's darling. Sure hope it helps you with your back issues!
    Mary Alice

  4. sitting in that sweet chair should make your back feel better, kris:) adorable pillow, too! can't wait to see the new room!

  5. Wow! So pretty! Love the cover!

  6. I love it Kris, I need that chair. I sit in a cute chair too and I spend so much time on the computer that I need to resign myself to getting something practical. I think yours is perfect. I will have to be on the lookout now:)

  7. OK, now that you just about have my room ready, I'll start planning my visit! LOL

    Beautiful chair and room.


  8. Can't wait Kris. You really fixed up the office chair. Glad it is helping your back. Yep, you know you are getting old all starts to happen!!Happy Sunday..Judy

  9. C'mon- You know no room decor is complete without a vacuum in it! Kris, that chair turned out great and I love the quick "cover" you made for it. It's terrific.
    Good for you for working with your sewing machine. Those old Kenmores were work horses. I burned through two of them over the years. Actually burned the motor in one of them out. Can't wait to see that whole room done-just a word of caution though- watch out for falling stars....or would that be stairs?;>) xo Diana

  10. Sorry about your back - they can be such a pain. Hopefully the meds and will therapy will help and a chair is so important also.
    Love what you did to the chair - really looks terrific and goes so well in your craft room.
    I have the same Kenmore sewing machine and it works great.
    Take care Kris....

  11. Oh yes, the "Older" people group. I'm hearing it from the doc as well. Glad you have a better chair. Love what you did with it.

  12. For an "older person", you sure do get around good!! I'm 55 and you work circles around me (and I don't have any back issues) Oh, and yes, you should've slapped him! The CREATIVITY brain is in full speed for you....the chair, cover and pillow is gorgeous!! Can I rent your room?? hehe! I have alot to do this week and you have inspired me to get off my....chair. Blessings~~~Roxie

  13. Love your new office very pretty!!

  14. Hahahaha... older person??? The nerve of that Dr.
    I luv what you did to the chair!
    Happy new week.
    Hugs, Gee

  15. Cute chair - and I hope it helps with your back issues! I herniated three disks a few years ago and it was some of the worst pain I've ever been in, in my life. I tried 2 different chiropractors, 2 different physical therapists, an orthopedist, acupuncture, and finally - regular yoga classes. Out of all of those things, the acupuncture and the yoga have helped the best. The yoga really helps with all the stretching and strengthening. When your abdominals are weak, it causes a lot of back problems. I'm finding just staying more active - even walking every day too, really helps. Good luck to you!

  16. Love it all, as usual. Love the sweet chair. You inspire me to get busy and paint the pieces I need to paint. My back doesn't hurt, I just procrastinate. Boo hoo. Hope you feel better!

  17. Oh Kris, I'm SO sorry to hear that you're having back problems too! Just for your information, I was obviously 'old' at 40 as that's when my major back problems started, so you've done quite well to get to 55, lol. Loving the new chair and cover, and is the red dresser that you've painted white, the same one that was previously blue?


    Judi in the UK

  18. Kris, you and that Kenmore just CAN'T BE STOPPED!! The chair is just adorable! :)

  19. Gorgeous chair, I so hope it helps your poor back... it's so pretty...Hugs May x x x

  20. Oh Kris...that chair is just darling both ways! I bet it does feel better on your back! Sorry that you are considered to be in the "old people's club" by your DR...but you are by no means considered old by me! Hope you get some relief and learn how to deal with it comfortably. I cannot wait to see what you have been up to in your guest room, I know it'll be gorgeous though!

  21. Kris, this chair is so adorable, I just love what you did to the back. I can't wait to see the guest room. Just adore that painted mailbox with the For Rent sign. So smart!!


  22. Beautiful transformation Kris! I saw the before of that chair and you did an amazing job! Can't wait to see your room transformation!

  23. I am so sorry to hear about your back problems. My neighbor had something like that caused by a fall. She was in terrible pain for a long time and finally opted for surgery. She if fine now. If you don't get better through the less invasive measures, you may need to consider that alternative. I love the chair makeover you did. You definitely styled it up to fit better in your home!

  24. I hope your back gets better soon. With that cute chair your back can't help but do better! Wish you could decorate my house! You are pretty young to be in the "old people's club". My Dad didn't feel like he was getting old until he was 80 so you have a way to go! Nancy

  25. What a great idea! I love what you did with the chair. The pillow is pretty too. Such a pretty space.

  26. Hi there. Love your redo on the chair but where to you find your office desk, I'm in the market for one. Thanks

  27. Can't keep out. You really set up the chair. Amazing chairs - and I wish it allows with your returning problems issues!

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  28. Love the chair cover! I never imagined turning a table runner into a chair cover! Amazing and oh so pretty.

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  30. Oh lucky you! This is exactly the kind of chair I want for my office and I found one just like it at Lucketts market and didn't buy it! I was going to get it on my way out and we were I a hurry to pick up the kids and my back hurt so badly that I just kept heading for the car. Regretted that ever since and I hope that I run into another one at a great price again. I love how you made the cover from your table runner - so cute and clever! Sweet pillow too! I hope it makes your back feel better! Hugs, Leena

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