Saturday Spotlight: Real Life Behind the Blogger

Susan from Must Love Junk, and myself (Kris) Junk Chic Cottage wanted to do a regular feature on our blogs, something unique that hasn't been done before.   So we came up with an idea to 'spotlight the real life behind the blogger' in a more personal way.
There is so much talent and inspiration in blogland, and we thought it would be fun to bring you a closer look at the person behind the blog.

Every week on Saturday we will spotlight a blogger and have them tell us a little bit about themselves and their blogs.  You will be able to see and read about each of the bloggers on both Susan's and my blog.

Good Saturday everyone.  Thank you for coming by each Saturday to my blog and Susan's to get to know two new bloggers on the Spotlight Feature.

This week it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to a sweet and down to earth blogger.  Her name is Laurel and she has a blog called Chipping with Charm.  Her blog is as adorable as she is.  Laurel is a wonderful wife and mom, very talented and creative person.  So sit back and enjoy learning more about Laurel.  Then head over to Susan's blog to meet another wonderful blogger whom I have had the pleasure to meet in person;  Jane from Blondie's Journal.  It is our pleasure to introduce you to these wonderful and talented bloggers each Saturday.

Spotlight: Laurel from Chipping with Charm

Hi there, my name is Laurel and I share my (sometimes crazy) and almost always a little bit "quirky" decorating ideas over on my blog CHIPPING WITH CHARM.

I was so very honored to be invited to share a little bit more about my life with you...thanks for the invitation Kris :)

I am the oldest of 4 them all so much.

Left to right...Numbers Girl, Teacher Girl, Junk Girl and Hair Girl.  Good combo :)

Growing up our dad was always Mr. I guess I inherited the "decorating gene" from him. He is also a pastor and ministered in a church in South Minneapolis our "growing up" years.  I will always be a "city girl" at heart.  Someday, I would love to move back to the city to fix up a beautiful old house...similar to the ones I grew up in.

My mom is the forever "nurturer"...she did daycare for almost 20 to 4 and second mom to many!!

(Our cousin Jennifer took these pictures for our family last fall downtown!)

My sweet husband and I were married in October of 2000. And he introduced me to garage sales.  The concept of buying other people's discarded things was foreign to me...but I took to it like a "rust on metal".  I wonder if he regrets it??  

We still spend MANY a "romantic" getaway weekends taking the back roads stopping at garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets along the way.

In fact, he's the one who spotted all these vintage headboards at a local junk sale.  He scooped them up knowing we would know just what to do with them.  There they proudly sit "framing" our patio OUT BACK.

As far as our home goes...I'm usually the "idea" girl...and he puts my ideas into reality with his engineering mind and handy tool skills.

I think our craziest...but favorite idea yet is this OLD LADDER CANOPY over our bed.  

I still get the "look" once in a while...but for the most part, he's a willing participant in my junk decorating obsession.

This is where we live.  Nothing fancy...but we're not very "fancy" anyway.

My husband bought this house before we met back in 1998.  It was a really basic house on a "nice piece of land".  After we got married, we did an addition and have been decorating and re-decorating ever since.  

There are many things I "dream" of...bigger bedrooms, a walk in closet, Master bathroom, a"Grown-up" kitchen...maybe someday. For now I am very "content".  More space means more cleaning...NOT my favorite thing to do :(  

I am VERY THANKFUL for what we have.

A couple of years ago we added this little "junk cottage".  I have BIG plans for a little "studio" out there...but right now it's just storage...someday :)

This is part of our view from the front.

And this is a little of what we see from the back.  It's our little piece of "Junk Heaven".

My kids love a good bonfire and some s'mores.  

Hey, have you tried them with peanut butter cups instead of chocolate bars?  Dangerous!!  You've been warned...

But our best "creations" EVER are these two little sweeties.  My son is almost 10 and my daughter just turned 6.  I have been a "stay at home" mom since my son was 10 months old.  We live a happy and very BLESSED life here...wouldn't trade it for anything!  

My daughter starts kindergarten in a few short days.  I am preparing for a new "normal". hard to say goodbye to those "pre-school" days.  But also looking forward to moving ahead with some dreams I've had "on hold" for a little while now...

1.  Brushing up on my technology skills.  Basically I'm's a miracle I even have a blog.

2.  Using those "new" technology skills to fix up my blog and try to join in the fun with the "big girl" bloggers.  (So far I've been a VERY "casual" say the least.)

3.  Develop a few "tool skills" of my own.  That way I can pump out all those projects that have been spinning in my head...and taking up room in my shed :)

4.  Do all of the above things...and be finished and refreshed when my kids get off the bus so that I can enjoy every minute with those little "charmers" before they ZOOM off to college!! 

"The days are long but the years are short."

And I have been BLESSED far beyond all I could "ask or imagine"

(Ephesians 3:20)

So that's my life "behind the blog". Nothing too exciting...but I don't need exciting...I am good with HAPPY.

Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know me better.  I hope you will stop over for a "visit" often!  I would LOVE to get to know YOU better too :)

I just want to say thanks again to Kris and Susan for coming up with such a fun idea for a blog series.  I have really enjoyed reading all of the weekly posts and I am so very grateful to be included!

Chat soon,


Thank you Laurel for sharing your beautiful pictures and letting us get to know you better.  Now jump over to Susan's blog and read about her Saturday Spotlight blogger Jane from Blondie's Journal.  I had the please to actually meet Jane in person recently and she is so sweet and down to earth you will love learning more about her.  Have a wonderful Saturday and have a safe and happy holiday week end.



  1. Thank you Laurel for sharing your family and beautiful pictures with all of us. I loved getting to know you better. You are as sweet as your blog. Thank you my friend for sharing your more personal side.

  2. Great job here. It was fun getting to know you. I will pop by your blog and follow now. Your kiddos are just darling...good luck sending your sweet little one off to school. It is life-changing when the last one goes- xoDiana

  3. How nice it is to get a peek into the lives of other bloggers and Laurel is so wonderful - inside and out! Thanks for inviting her to share more about herself and her life!

    ~Angie @ Knick of Time

  4. Was so excited to see Laurel on your feature. I have had her on my sidebar for a long time now. I think she is one of the most creative person I have ever seen. Some of the gadgets she comes up with are amazing. I love that you feature different people and their backgrounds. Have a wonderful weekend...

  5. Kris, great choice. Laurel is delightful and so interesting. Thanks so much for having her as your guest blogger. Good choice.

  6. I've always loved Laurel's style, but now I feel like I know her so much better! I really enjoyed learning more about her and seeing pics of her gorgeous family!

  7. Hi Laurel! I love your story - and you're beautiful! The projects you've done for your kids' rooms are amazing, as is your yard of your home! Thanks for sharing, and I'll see you on your blog too, friend. :) (Thanks again, Kris & Susan!)

  8. You may not be one of the "big girl bloggers" but your projects are some of my favorites... and you're one of 4 girls.. I have 4 girls too!

  9. Great post, Laurel!! I really enjoyed meeting you and learning more about you and your family. You are sooo talented! I absolutely adore the way the iron bed frames are used around the patio. Genius idea!!
    Mary Alice

  10. Laurel,
    Very nice post about you and your family. From a empty nester...the years come really FAST! I was a stay at home mom too and I can say...those were the best years of my life.


  11. Laurel is the real deal. She's got it going on from the junk she transforms to that handsome husband! And she's not just sweet on her blog, that's how she is in real life, a true lady. She walks the walk and talks the talk.

  12. I loved getting to know Laurel and will hop over to Chipping With Charm to tell her so and look around her blog. She sounds like someone right up your alley, but with headboards instead of doors.

  13. Laurel is precious! Not only her style but her heart as well came thru in this post! I am off to subscribe as a new follower. Thanks for introducing us!

  14. Laurel is precious! As well as her style, her heart came thru in this post. On my way to her site to become a follower. Thanks for introducing us!

  15. Loved reading this - and what a great idea!!!! Thanks for doing this!

    I just LOVE Laurel now!!! She's awesome - home is beautiful - and she is truly blessed! I'm heading over to Chipping with Charm next!!!

  16. This has been great to get to know you a little more Laurel. Your home and family and lovely!!

  17. Nice blog!

    Follow you!!

    Pls follow me:33


  18. Laurel, I truly enjoyed the extra information about you and your family. I stop
    by your blog on a regular basis to see what new projects you have going. Your home
    is charming! Blessings, Sandy

  19. What a beautiful blog!I enjoyed reading about Laurel and I have to say I love that ladder above her cool is that!

  20. Laurel...I've been following you for a long time and I really enjoyed learning more about you and seeing pictures of your parents, sisters, hubby and adorable kids! You have shared some great projects over the years but I think the ladder over the bed is my favorite!

    I do hope you have more time to blog! It's always great to visit you!


  21. I always get so excited when I see a post go up from Laurel. I just love her style and her vision! She's one of the truly inspiring people out there in blogland. You can count on her projects being original and oh, so unique.

  22. Laurel I love your life! So precious. I have also enjoyed getting to watch the children grow. Precious family!
    Smiles, alice

  23. Thank you for sharing all of this incredible talent in the blog world with all us. It is so inspiring to read about the start-ups and progress of not only yourself but these other amazing individuals.

  24. such a cute family! laurel, your ladder project is a fav of mine, too! love your blog!

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    Come on over and visit at my place.
    Thanks for introducing us Kris.
    Cheers, Gee

  27. Thanks so VERY much everyone!! Your sweet comments have blessed me SO much! I have to admit I was a little nervous about sharing about my "real life"...I thought you all would think I was "boring"...haha! Thanks again Kris! Can't wait to see who you feature next :) Laurel

  28. Laurel I enjoyed reading about your life and your family. I am off to visit your blog and to become a new follower.


  29. Loved this post Laurel and it was fun getting to see some of your "behind the scenes" pictures. What a good looking family you have.

  30. I've met Laurel, just briefly and she is very sweet! One of these days I'll go to her shop. It was very fun to learn more about her!

  31. What a wonderful post Laurel!!
    Your children are too beautiful for words - and I'm SO IN LOVE WITH YOUR STYLE I CAN'T EXPRESS IT OTHER THEN TO SCREAM IT LOL
    Lovely getting to know you!

  32. I think you've got a winner here with this series. I've been reading them all and love it! This girl is so very talented, sweet and beautiful! Inside and out. Love her.

  33. Laurel, I just love you and your style even more, and yes, Laurel is as sweet and charming in person as she is on her blog.