Happy Fall, door hoarder status and wild turkeys running around your neighborhood!!!!

Fall is in the air.
Hope you all had a great week end.  We had gorgeous weather and our granddaughter for the week end so it was fun.

I want to show you some changes I made in my office this week end.  Not too many changes with having a 3 year old running around!!!!

Here she is being so Downton Abby!!!!

After lunch we needed to get a princess Belle costume.  My granddaughter said "MiMi I need a Princess Belle costume" and well, I had to agree.

She loved her new outfit and wore it all day and when we went to dinner she still wanted to wear it.

Here she is with Bop (that is what she calls grandpa).

Then we laid on the drive way and drew outlines of ourselves with chalk.  This is Abby's outline.

Here is Bop aka grandpa.

Here is MiMi.  Having a 3 year old is like having the Energizer Bunny all week end.  We had a great time with her but MiMi needs a nap!!!!

Now on to the office changes.  I love using these old wine holders for magazines.  Much more organized than laying in piles everywhere and I can see them without having to go through a pile.

I also wanted to show you a special door I found about two weeks ago.  Yep, another door!!!!

I gave Anne from White Lace Cottage a couple of my old doors and felt good about letting them go to a new home.  Then I thought to my self, there, see you are not a door hoarder you gave two beautiful chippy doors away.  I was feeling pretty good about this and then I saw her, a door, all chippy and vintage and screaming to me out of the corner of the booth she was stuck in.

I had to go over and see her.  She had a tag on her that said she was from a 1930's Chicago office and it was love at first site.

She was green but I changed that up quickly with some Annie Sloan paint  Old White.  Look at her pretty etched glass window and the vintage words private.

I felt like she was out of an old Dick Tracey movie.  Love that frosted etched old glass.

I hung her in my office.

For now she is hanging behind my desk.  I am loving the history that this hung in a Chicago office suite in the 1930's.  She is so full of charm, history and just enough chippiness.
Now I have to find things to hang on her.
Door Hoarder status back in tack!!!!!
My friend said she thought this door would be so cute on a bathroom.  Hmmmmm when I redo my hall bath I may have to think about this.

Oh one more thing!!!!!
I had to share these pictures with you.  It was too amazing and funny not to show you.
My girlfriend and I were out to the Vintage Market in Rockford on Friday and we were driving through Rockford we looked over and saw these three huge turkeys just running around.  I wish I could have gotten their picture when the had their feathers open.  They were magnificent.  At one point before I could get the camera out they were on a front porch with their feathers fanned out and they were so beautiful.  My friend and I both thought when we first saw them on the porch "oh wow look at those life like turkey decorations on the porch".
 Nope not decoration but the real thing.
We were not sure if they were wild turkey's or if someone owned these.  It was right in the middle of a subdivision of homes.  Not farms where you would maybe see turkeys roaming about.  I am not sure if someone had these in their yard and they escaped but they were were running around.  They seemed to like this church.  Maybe they were stopping in to pray they will not be someone's Thanksgiving dinner!!!
On that thought I will say have a great week.


  1. Hahahaha, luv the turkeys running around. First time I saw turkeys running about was on a visit to Ohio a few years ago.
    Luv your new 'old' door. Our home in Queens NY( circa 1930) had a door exactly like that in the hall bath. Felt a mad rush of memory when I saw your door.
    Thanks for sharing.... Reliving teen memories....

  2. Lucky you! Your little one is adorable and quite an artist, too! I can hardly wait to borrow our oldest granddaughter for a few days!

    LOVE your new door!

  3. Love your door! It looks really great in your office!

  4. LOL, I know that exhausting feeling well, Kris! I have a 3 year old granddaughter, too. It is always "Come on, LaLa!". Apparently, she thinks I am her partner in crime. : ) I'm glad to know I am not the only one who has laid down and down a chalk outline with the granddaughter, too. Your office looks great. That is such a great idea to use the wine holders for magazines.

  5. Love the photo of your Fall vignette...so pretty!
    I know what you mean about needing a nap after watching your granddaughter...I have a 3 year old grandson.
    Love the door...and I promise not to tell anyone that you are a door hoarder. LOL...

  6. Oh how cute Kris - I LOVE that you let her keep her costume on for dinner!!!
    Those chalk renderings are pretty cool lol
    AND using wine racks for magazines is brilliant!!!
    OMG - that door is possibly the most gorgeous door I've seen yet - that glass - the " private " - I couldn't have walked away from that either - no way !!!!
    Just beautiful!
    Now go rest lol
    Wild Turkey and 7 up????

  7. Kris,
    Your grand is so cute and that belle princess outfit is just perfect for her. Awesome door and I like your friends idea about using it for a bathroom. Lucky Anne to get two of your chippy doors and know she will put them to good use.


  8. I am lusting after that amazing door. You had to bring it home. You are the right person for that door. As for the wild turkeys - NEVER feed them. They will take over an entire neighborhood eating out of bird feeders. A neighborhood in the next town had to hire a turkey wrangler to rid them of the flocks of turkeys. Let's just say they are not roaming any more.

  9. Fantastic door - love that glass!! One can never have too many doors!!

    Your granddaughter is precious! Don't you love that they like to dress up like that? She is all girl.


  10. Love that adorable princess, the wild turkeys, and that fabulous door! You are too cute : )

  11. your little gal is so adorable, doesn't every little sweetie need a princess outfit? and just gotta say, those chalk drawings are priceless!!

  12. That new door is awesome--how unique! You are hogging all the good doors..lol! Your Granddaughter is adorable--love the pictures. Especially the one in the restaurant. Great memories!

  13. Oh Kris, she is beautiful. They sure love those princess dresses. My granddaughter had one for every princess. For her Bday a couple of years ago we went to Disneyland and had lunch with the Princesses - she was in heaven.
    Love the drawings on side walk. Know you needed a rest after she leaves - they never stop. Wish I had that energy.
    I would have grabbed that door before you could click your eyes. LOL It looks terrific.
    Have a Happy Fall week.

  14. The turkeys praying, lol! Never know what you'll find on city streets these days, do you? I LOVE your weekend recap of 'Belle', 'Bop' and MiMi', but I really love that door!! Those wine racks are great too - my magazines drive me crazy also. I have some filed in those magazine organizers, recycle some to family & friends, but still manage to have at least a half dozen piles.

  15. how do you hang those doors? Or do you just "lean" them?

  16. Little Abby is just precious!! And that door is my FAV! So glad that you whipped it up :)

  17. I am so jealous you got to entertain your grand-daughter for the weekend. Love her teacup!!! and that door is amazing. I agree with your friend. How fabulous would that be on a bathroom door. I am off to shop today, not for antiques, but for my grandchildren.....looking for cute Halloweey stuff. xoxo

  18. Looks like you all have so much energy. I can never keep up with my 5 grandsons. Maybe if I had one at a time.
    That is hilarious about the turkeys, especially being at church. There must be a punch line there somewhere.
    You and your doors - and I thought you were over it when you gave one away. Ha Ha

  19. Ok Kris, first of all that granddaughter of yours is just adorable, I loved seeing her in her princess costume. Too Cute!! Second, your office is so gorgeous. I LOVE that door and history too. It looks so perfect in your office that is so charming. Very clever idea for the magazines too.


  20. Abby is beautiful!! I love your door. It's fabulous.


  21. Your granddaughter is adorable, Kris! If only we could transfer some of their energy to us. I LOVE your door. The old glass window in it is fabulous!
    Mary Alice

  22. When I was in Riverside CA, there were wild turkeys in the subdivisions!! I couldn't believe it!

  23. I love the door and all the changes you did. Your granddaughter is very sweet...a perfect princess!

  24. Great fall décor and that new door! I love it! What a fascinating piece of Chicago history! There was no way that you could have turned her down and I'm so glad that you didn't! So cool! Those turkeys are so funny! We get a lot of deer and other critters but I haven't seen any turkeys around in several years. Maybe they wanted to join in on the church's anniversary celebration and suggest a nice, safe spaghetti dinner LOL! Enjoy your week! Hugs, Leena

  25. OH YEAH....that's a Door!! That would Steal my Heart!! It does remind one of a Dick Tracy movie....for sure a detective movie. What is it with detectives and those doors anyway??? hehe... Anyway, your granddaughter is PRECIOUS! I LOVE her little princess outfit. She is quite the BEAUTY!! And I agree, those turkeys are pretty cool.......have a wonderful week~~hope you are enjoying this weather~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  26. Your granddaughter is adorable in the Princess Bell costume. Great fun to have them visit but they do wear one out!! Your office is decorated so pretty. Another nice blog post! Nancy

  27. Your little Princess is adorable! Grandchildren are so precious aren't they? I love the fall decor and that door is amazing! You have retained the title 'Door Hoarder' :)

  28. No wonder you fell in love with that door.. it's gorgeous! You sure have the eye finding fabulous treasures! Now if you're ever out and about and spy two doors that I can use for my guest room closet, give me shout out, pretty please! When we moved into this cottage they had cheap bi-fold doors that I immediately took down. Discovered the hardwood needed work and hired the right person to do that. Now all that is missing are two vintage doors to bump up the charm in that room! Oh, do we need to go shopping!! :-)

  29. I love your new door!! I think once you love something it is almost impossible to give it up... that's me with roses...in style or out, I will always love them.

    Amy Jo

  30. Love the grands! She is too cute in her princess outfit.

  31. Turkeys praying, now that's a funny sight indeed. Kris, that door is to die for! I love the words on the glass. I too would have snagged her up. I love your style. You did white just right! I try and fail miserably. lol! Using the wine bottle holder for magazines is a great idea. I have never thought of doing that. Now I will keep my eyes out for one. I know I have passed up quite a few. Your little one is such a doll. Belle of the ball, one might say. My 3yr. old grandie, Saydee (oh, she just turned 4) calls me damma and my hubby tampa. It sounds like she is saying tampon. Pretty funny!

  32. Kris, you are a never ending source of info to me. What a simple thing to think about putting magazines in the wine racks. I see them all over the place and only think, well I don't drink a lot of wine so I don't need one! I do not have an inventive mind until I see someone else do something! Love that door, so special..OMGosh, sweet little granddaughter. See, I couldn't even think up one of those!! .Happy Tuesday..Judy

  33. I would find that door irresistible too. I plan on becoming a door hoarder myself. Love your idea for magazines! I would need a magazine cellar. Love seeing your darling little gal! Who could say no to a face like that!?

  34. i gotta get a grand! she makes a cute belle:) love the newest door--old doors are hard to find here. the private on the door would make a great bath accent. we have wild turkeys running around-weird looking creatures, for sure! have a great night, kris!

  35. Mimis are the best! I have one and lover her so much I dedicated a page on my blog to her. I bet your little one feels the same about you. Your office is beautiful and a perfect place to inspire the creative flow. When you said wild turkey, you meant wild turkey! I thought you may have had a special little drink. Have a great week.

  36. There are so many great things going on in this post. That little granddaughter of yours is so darn cute with her china tea cup and pretty Belle costume. I just love her names for you and your husband. Too cute! And speaking of hoarding, I have a wrought iron wine rack in my basement that I just knew was a good thing to keep. It will now be my new magazine rack. I love that idea. And lastly, when I was growing up in a big old Victorian house, we all shared one bathroom with a door that had glass in the top part. It was very thick, and we never felt a lack of privacy. I'd forgotten all about that door, so thanks for the memories!

  37. Wow, you have been busy! Your little Belle is beautiful...and so is your new door!! LOVE :)

  38. Your granddaughter is just adorable....she looks so cute in her little costume :o) Your office looks so beautiful too.....your new door is fabulous....LOVE!

  39. Kris, Your g.daughter is too cute for words. And you are the door queen !!! Your post is so good . Now, you know those dirty birds won't be anywhere in sight come thanksgiving. xoxo,Susie

  40. Abbey is so cute! Love the costume. Maggie is very into Princess Sofia now, she loves the little sofia doll you got her. Love that "Private" door...very cool. How was the Rockford vintage market?