New Treasures for the Guest Room

While I was out treasure hunting last week I came upon a few windows for my guest room.  They were a dark black but with the help of some chalk paint I got them looking brighter and chippy to match the room.  

I had this long blank wall on this side of the guest room.  I had an old window out in the shed and the two new windows that I painted white.

So I decided to hang them on the wall.  These two longer identical windows had heavy leaded glass in them and when we were taking them out of the car one pane fell and the glass crashed all over.  My poor husband Terry  got a cut on his leg in the accident.  Now I have to decide if I want to have a piece of glass made and put them back in the windows or just leave them they way they are without any glass.  What do you think?

I also stopped and fed my Home Goods addiction this week and found this cute little bench.  It had dark legs so I got out the Annie Sloan chalk paint and painted them.   

If you were wondering what happened to the bike she is still in the room.  Just moved her from the end of the bed.  I have plans at the holidays for that bike and mail box.  When my guests come at the holidays I was going to move the bike anyway.  Did not want anyone falling over the bike in the middle of the night.

I also found these cute chippy's at a shop in Geneva.  $20 bucks for the pair.  They came home with me.  Look at how chippy and wonderful they are.

I added them to the other guest room wall where I took down that door to put up in the bigger guest room.  These front bedrooms are so hard to get a decent picture. They brighten up that wall in the corner.

I had some good treasure hunting time this past week.
Have a good week.
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  1. Great finds! This past weekend, I was bidding on a set of old windows, thinking I was the high bidder, when the person next to me won them! I was very frustrated! I also have been wanting a set of chippy shutters but every pair that I have found has been over a hundred bucks! Your guest room is very lovely and so welcoming!

  2. Both rooms are the bike in the bedroom. Have a blessed week.Kay

  3. I would say you did have good luck!! i love the last pic...those shutters look great.

    Amy Jo

  4. Pretty! What I wouldn't give for those windows and those shutters!!! I think the windows look just fine as they are.

    Lovely room Kris!

  5. Your room looks great, Kris. I really love the windows on the wall. I don't think I would
    put glass in them-the really look great just as they are. If you get tired of them you could always staple some drop cloth or something to the back. Still loving that bike AND your new shutters. You sure have fun with that room! xo Diana

  6. Kris, I think since both long windows have no glass works. You sire got some very good treasures. I adore that bike. xoxo,Susie

  7. Oh my gosh! I love this room! You're right! Our styles are very similar. I absolutely adore this room!

  8. It all looks great, Kris! Love that bench. I am eagerly awaiting the new Home Goods by me opening up. It is about 5 minutes away from me and I've missed popping into one several times a month, even if it is just to look around. The current one is about a half hour away.

  9. Your windows are so beautiful! If you wanted you could always add vintage postcards or vintage sepia tone pictures in between the panes. But overall i love your style it is so tranquill!
    Be blessed, Lorena

  10. Love the windows and the bench. I think this is the cutest room. So fun. I totally love it all. Be sure to link up to Inspire Me this afternoon. Hugs, Marty

  11. You surely had a wonderful weekend of treasure hunting. I have about a dozen vintage windows... some with all original glass some with panes missing. I prefer to leave them as they are. They are perfect additions to the room. Along with that adorable bench .
    Happy new week.

  12. You crack me up, you are always on a chippy mission. The guest room is lookin' great!

  13. I love your bedrooms. They are very shabby...i adore them! And those windows?! Gorgeous

  14. Love the windows, Kris, just as they are...allows for the option of 'framing' some other great finds! This room it totally inviting. So sorry for Terry's mishap...good thing there's a nurse and medic around! :)

  15. You have a knack for finding wonderful chippy things and then displaying them perfectly.

  16. love the shutters and windows, kris....terry's cut, not so much:( the bench is perfect, and the buffalo plaid is so cute! have a great week!

  17. I'd leave the glass out of your windows...couldn't tell if it was just one pane or all of them from the picture. A couple of my glass paned doors are missing one of the panes and I like it that way.
    Geneva has some great little shops!
    Mary Alice

  18. Oh Kris, love the rooms. I like the windows the way they are, but it's up to you. If you decide later that you want the glass in you can always change.
    Sorry about your husband - hope he didn't have to have stitches - good thing your a nurse.
    Have a great week. I am finally getting my Fall decorations in the house from garage as we have a cooler day today. Yea yea.

  19. Nice shopping finds! I like the windows and would prefer without glass if I were choosing. The bench at the end of the bed is beautiful. Nancy

  20. The windows look great! I love the simplicity of them on the or no glass, very charming! Blessings~~~Roxie LOVE your Chandy too!

  21. Love the windows, love the shutters, love the room!

  22. you have created a nice and relaxing guest bedroom for sure. Love all the whites

  23. Kris, what a bummer that the glass fell out and your hubby got injured. I would leave the windows as is They look great! I love old window and have a few in my garden and shed. I love the buffalo check on the bed.

  24. I love the windows with or without glass. Those shutters are awesome. Love, love, love both rooms. You know...we all want to come over to be a guest that gets to stay in these beautiful rooms.

  25. Everything looks so pretty--just love it! I am so jealous of those shutters--they are awesome!

  26. You found some goodies, for sure, girlfriend!! LOVE those shutters-great find and great bargain! The windows look wonderful, too, even w/out the glass (poor Terry! What our hubbies go through for us :) Beautiful changes, as always.

  27. Hi Kris

    Personally, I wouldn't bother putting new glass in the windows, unless you change your mind about how you're going to use them at some future date (highly likely, I should have thought, lol).

    That issue dealt with, I just have to say that I have turned a VERY ugly shade of green, since reading this post! How come you keep finding beautiful things like those chippy shutters at such incredibly low prices? Here in the UK, things like that go for ridiculous money, and certainly beyond my pocket at the moment. How about taking pity on a poor, deprived friend, and shipping your latest set to the UK for her?? Pretty please, on my knees please! Lol. Seriously though, my husband would go BESERK if I bought them here, with the prices they are. I just picked up two lovely big galvanised florist's buckets for £15 which is a really good price here, and you should have seen his face when he saw them, oh dear! I don't think he quite gets my latest passion yet - give me time, I'll talk him round.

    Take care and speak soon

    Judi in the UK

  28. Oh, I hope your husband will be OK. I can't help you out with replacing the glass or not. Tough decision.
    The little bench is perfect. Just right for putting on lace-up shoes. Good deal on the shutters. But I have to tell you, I got a pair of 8 ft. shutters FREE! I have them behind my headboard. My BIL works with housing repair and brought a whole lot of them home for my sister and I. I got first pick. She is going to sell most of the others. I feel so blessed.

  29. Kris, I am digging these windows. I don't think you need to bother with the glass. They look fantastic the way they are now. I also love those shutters. You always find the best stuff. A we bit jealous.


  30. All I saw was room for rent...I will be right down:) I love the windows too btw.

  31. Hi Kris! Those windows look fantastic as a trio! I can't tell where the glass is missing and it may be safer to leave it in place. I'm so sorry that your husband got cut! I hope he's doing well and healing quickly! The room looks so pretty and inviting! Thank you for always sharing your wonderful inspiration! Hugs, Leena

  32. Absolutely gorgeous. I drooling coz I am re-doing my daughter's room to a guest room, now that she move to her dorm at the University campus.

    TY a bunch for the great idea. I have my plan that this room can be a real Shabby one. The headboard is already ready (an old door) painted with Anne Sloane, direct from the U.S. I can't wait to finish.

    You are my very ideal.

    Happy mid-week.

    Greetings from D´Box,
    /CC girl

  33. Your guest will certainly have a wonderful stay in that room. You have a good eye for nice things! It's like the corner for your vintage collection. I like the fact that you didn't spend too much money on decors like these, as most of them are recycled. They are nice pieces, especially the windows!

    Tisa See @ABC Roofing Inc.

  34. Who would have thought the old windows would make such a lovely décor? About the shattered glass, you can leave it that way and hang them anyway without replacing the glass. It's still stylish and is safer, in case your guests have kids with them. Thank you for sharing this!

    Ronnie Cain @Euclid Roofing

  35. How lovely it would be to stay on your guest bedroom even for a night! Wow! I really love what you did with this very room. Everything about it just spells comfort. And those nice old windows to enliven the walls are truly a great addition to the interior. Such fine eye for crafty things you have there!
    John @ Beach Windows & Siding

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